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a woman Oociara
a woman Oociara
a woman Oociara
I am Oociara, 53 years old.
I am a woman looking for a man.
I live in São Gonçalo, Brazil.
About me: [view original text]
Sincere love
“ My name was. I am a simple woman, I am 53 years old I am single. I have 3 daughters girls are married. And now I find myself alone at 4 years of dating did not separate. But now I want to open my heart. Pir a sincere love. I like to stroll; to travel listen to music the romantic ripy hop contry. I am comprehensive I do not like yelling words. I hope to find a relationship. We are at an age of loving to be loved. ”
About my preferred dating partner: [view original text]
“ I would find a boyfriend who does not play with feelings wanted to have an appointment. And who likes to travel traveling cinema ect that is faithful in the relationship .. That has to be less in honesty character. After my ex-husband betrayed me .. I was very sad. And I lost confidence. And I separated. Pos to infidelidafe. It´s very bad of anna´s the part. But resolve to try happy set and make you see my profile happy. ”
I prefer that you are54 - 60 years old.
I am here to start a relationship.
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