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The unofficial guide to long distance relationship

Throughout my life I’ve lived in three different countries and that helped me mastering the complicated art of long distance relationships. Every time I share my stories with a friend, the first question they always ask me is: can long distance relationships work?
Unfortunately, the answer is ambiguous: they do work, but it takes a lot of effort from both sides and a whole lot of communication (no pun intended). I had long distance relationships that were really hard, but we managed to get through it, while some others became impossible. 
Love and distance are two concepts that rarely go hand in hand. And, when you’re engaged in a long distance relationship, you must understand that one way or another your relationship will be different and you must adapt yourself to new circumstances. Here are some tips that might help you to keep your relationship alive despite the distance.

There must be a deadline for the distance

Long distance relationships are quite normal nowadays. However, the game must have an "expiration date". It doesn’t matter if it’s a month or a year, but the couple needs a deadline to meet again. This way, you can start dreaming about the next time you’ll meet and once it happens, you can regain the passion and make up for lost time.
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Do not let sadness or abandonment take you

Ok, you have already decided that you will continue with your relationship despite the distance. Therefore, you two have no choice but to accept the situation. So, when separated, try as hard as possible to dedicate yourself to socialize with other people other than your partner and spend time doing more time things that for one reason or another you couldn’t do with your partner.
This way, you won’t become an emotionally dependent person, and when you two meet again, you will enjoy it in a healthier and more intense way.

Despite the distance, there must be (a lot!) of communication

Being apart doesn’t mean you can’t speak everyday. In a long distance relationship, it is normal to have less contact than usual, but you two must create a routine of communication (during the nights, for example) so you can share your concerns and feelings. This way you can strengthen your bond and keep the fire alive. 
You also need to be really clear about any concerns related to you two since distance can turn a silly problem into a war. With the rise of the Internet, social networking and video-conferencing, there’s no excuse for not talking to each other.
But above all of that, you must try to see the good side of it. Maybe the long distance is just a test for you to see how much you really want to be together. And if you really love each other, then the distance is nothing but a detail.
Are you in a long distance relationship? If so - what are your tips and tricks to make it work?