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Pros and cons of living with your partner

Moving in together is a question that, if it hasn’t appeared yet in your relationship, you two need to start thinking about it, as it will come out at some point. When a couple decides to move in together, there are many factors to be taken into account so that you’re not caught by surprise. 

Pros and cons 

We know that nowadays it is difficult to become independent. Hardly anyone is at its best to afford big expenses with housing, bills, etc... However, there is no doubt that these same expenses, as a couple, are easier to pay. So let's start with the pros of living together as a couple.
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Living together always brings great advantages

Totally true. Despite the potential conflicts that may surface, and whenever possible take that step, coexistence will always bring great things to your relationship.
Since money can be a real problem, we must consider several possibilities.
Today there are many apartments for rent with very reasonable prices, designed especially for young couples.
For expenses, it is best to share and divide them in the best way possible. It is possible that one of you has a higher salary than the other and, therefore, can afford to pay a little extra expense.
Anyway, you have to come to a decision together, thinking as a couple, leaving your potential egos aside.

Coexistence will help to you to share more

It is clear that the best thing of living together is that you will share more moments together. For example, you will have more opportunities to create everyday spaces together, i.e., doing everyday activities together. This can strengthen the relationship.
Also you will spend more time with each other, something that you might have longed for. It is very important to know if your relationship needs to take this step further.
If you have been dating for years but living in separate homes with your parents, it’s likely that you may need to move forward. Your independence as a couple becomes vital at a certain point in the relationship.
But, as always, everything is not just pink...
Sharing your house and your life with your partner also brings some problems that must you know in advance so you can be prepared when they appear. Because they WILL appear.
Spending more time together is beautiful but it can also increase your conflicts. It is logical: the more time you spend together, the more likely you’ll argue. That's when the famous crises of other couples, friends or family appear. They are just small problems, probably new, which you will face so you can clarify things before moving on.
Bottom line is: Focus on the pros and be prepared for the cons!
What’s the best part of living together with your partner? And the worst?