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Creative games to keep your relationship alive

Human beings tend to quickly get used to good and bad things in life. It’s a very adaptive capacity that allows us to adapt ourselves to the environment, but also brings negative repercussions: what we liked before does not make us fell the same way.
That's why people constantly need new stimuli: the novelty is what makes us feel alive. Of course, not forgetting interpersonal differences: some people are genuine seekers of sensations and experiences, while others prefer the stability afforded by their routines.

When a couple falls into boredom

When we repeat every day the same routines as if we were automatons, we don’t learn anything, neither create new connections. Our brain, under stimulated, gets used to work on a minimum level trapped in a comfort zone. This also happens with love. After the initial passion things get calmer and couples seem to get stuck. They spend years and years together, and the relationship remains at the same spot. This situation ends up wearing both members of the couple, plunging them into boredom and monotony. To escape this boring and gray comfort zone, I suggest some creative games to spark the love between you two!
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Any easy cure? Sure there is!

1. Make surprises. Every day for a week, try preparing one little surprise to your partner at any time of the day: it can be breakfast in bed, a home cooked dinner, a good massage, an intense sex session in her favorite position...
2. Make a 'coupon book of love "to give to your partner. Each coupon can be redeemed for things you decide (preferably experiences). Don’t forget to put a deadline to exchange coupons or they’ll end up in the bottom of a drawer!
3. Prepare a gymkhana. A gymkhana is a game in which participants must go through many trials and obstacles before reaching the goal. Such tests are successive: test 1 leads to test 2 and so on. What if you hide photos of you in the house and start from there?
4. Pick a nice memory from long ago and come back to that place I’m sure that wonderful sensations will arise.
5. To-do together list. Make a list of things you would like to do together. Why not start planning and setting dates for some of them? Having a special short or medium term plan is something that generates enthusiasm and enjoyment. Expectation releases the same chemicals that pleasurable time itself.
And you, - do you dare to test your creativity? How are you going to start doing it?
Tell about new games you can think of, what you have applied at home…