a woman Giorgiobello92
a woman Giorgiobello92
I am Giorgiobello92, 28 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Anaheim, United States.
About me:
Giving this a try
“ I can already speak Portuguese, I want to practice with some people and for them to correct me if I make any mistakes. Feel free to talk to me in English, Spanish or Portuguese. I really don't know what to expect on here but I am hoping it is not like other dating sites where there are alot of fake people. Please do not mistake my seriousness for disinterest, I have been hurt before and I am only protecting myself ”
About my preferred dating partner:
“ If we match, if we connect we can move to the next step, everyone has their imperfections. I do not create expectations because I have been hurt before ”
I prefer that you are18 - 30 years old.
I am here to try online dating, start a friendship, start a relationship, look for a possible partner for marriage and have fun.
My appearance is: Mixed, my skin color is olive, moderate brown. My hair is short and black. My eyes are brown.
My zodiac is Libra.
My profession is health or medicine.
I understand and speak English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.