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a woman Lheonardo
a woman Lheonardo
a woman Lheonardo
a woman Lheonardo
I am Lheonardo, 23 years old.
I am a man looking for a woman.
I live in Johannesburgo, South Africa.
About me:
Humble and Extroverted
“ It will take a lifetime to know me unless you can handle the virtue of patience getting to know each other, besides ..... tell me though, por alguma razão, eu estava me sentindo um pouco de folga hoje. Mas quando você apareceu, você definitivamente me excitou, então eu acho que você deve estar exausta porque passou pela minha mente o dia todo... anyways let’s cut the jokes. Well....atualmente, estou estudando Direito na África do Sul. Sou originalmente de Portugal na Madeira e a razão pela qual escolhi estudar na África do Sul é estar longe de casa e viajar pelo mundo. ”
About my preferred dating partner:
“ Down to earth and practical about things like bills but can do childish things like having races skidding across a laminate floor. Should be open and honest even and really sarcastic and minha garota ideal deve ser realista e ter objetivos na vida, e eu pessoalmente acho que ela deve ser independente e não depender muito de seus pais. Se ela está disposta a ficar comigo, ainda deve ser capaz de estabelecer metas para si mesma que deseja alcançar, além de focar em nosso relacionamento, porque no final a idéia é ser estável e solidária, concentrando-se em nossos objetivos e no que queremos. alcançar. ”
I prefer that you are18 - 25 years old.
I am here to start a relationship, have fun and look for whatever.
My favorite ways of spending time are reading books, going to bar and clubs, meeting friends, listening to music, using the internet, spending time outdoors, playing sports, travelling and visiting new places, going to cafes and restaurants and cooking and preparing food.
My appearance is: Mixed, my skin color is white to light brown. My body type is athletic, my height is 177 cm and my weight is between 80 and 84 kg. My hair is short and black. My eyes are hazel.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am willing to relocate to another country.
I exercise a lot.
I haveno children.

I wish to have one more child.
My zodiac is Virgo.
My religion is christian catholic.
My education level is bachelor or equivalent.
My profession is law.
I understand and speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Estonian, Lithuanian.
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