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a woman Loira
a woman Loira
a woman Loira
a woman Loira
I am Loira, 49 years old.
I am a woman looking for a man.
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
About me:
“ Sou como você me vê. Posso ser leve como uma brisa ou forte como uma ventania, Depende de quando e como você me vê passar... Clarice Lispector. Fiel confidente amiga amante e companheira assim como desejo meu campanheiro amigo para todas as horas . ” [Translate to English ]
About my preferred dating partner:
“ Fiel confidente amante amigo e companheiro para todas as horas . ” [Translate to English ]
I prefer that you are47 - 67 years old.
My favorite ways of spending time are reading books, meeting friends, listening to music, using the internet, spending time outdoors, watching TV and films, spending time at home, travelling and visiting new places, going to cafes and restaurants, cooking and preparing food, going to the beach and spending time with family.
My appearance is: Caucasian (white), my skin color is white, fair. My body type is a little plump, my height is 165 cm and my weight is between 70 and 74 kg. My hair is to shoulders and light blond. My eyes are light brown.
I am single.
My thoughts about relocating or moving are that I am not sure about relocating.
I exercise often.
I havea child.

I do not want to have more children.

I have quit smoking.
My zodiac is Leo.
My religion is christian catholic.
My education level is bachelor or equivalent.
My profession is law.
I understand and speak Portuguese.
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