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Types of women to avoid online

Starting a relationship through an online dating app or a relationship site can offer some benefits, one of them is the ease in spotting some negative signs before investing all our time and effort into a new passion. Social networks often show things people try to hide in their real life and we always try to appear our best in relationship sites.
Some examples are when the woman still feels something for her ex, or the woman who loves to go out with other guys, thus easing the the number of women that fit the profile you want to find.
She can be beautiful, wonderful and have the best physical qualities, but it may be that behind all this there are some situations that you’re not prepared to face if you enter into this relationship.
To avoid some headaches, I've put together some types of women that you should avoid contacting on relationship websites and apps.

The dramatic one

It’s that woman who is always seeking the attention of everyone, and often shows herself as a victim to achieve this.
Anything that happens is a reason for a huge outburst with the right to become the suffering victim.
Another clear sign is when she’s always posting that she’s feeling sad, discouraged or any of these possible "down feelings".
Being with someone who has the passive-aggressive personality is having to pay attention at all times, and we know that this is often not possible. Better to avoid this type of woman, since she usually makes the life of her partner a real torment.
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The insecure one

We can recognize this type of woman by the description that she usually uses in her photos and also in the small revelations she expresses about her self-esteem. She can post photos saying she's ugly or share content that says that beauty is not everything. Of course, women have a lot more to show than her beauty to seduce men, but getting involved with a woman who uses social networks to show her unhappiness with her looks is exhausting and unattractive.
Every photo she posts has that caption: "Oops... look how how I’m ugly", or even that phrase "I'm beautiful, am I not?". And what she hopes is that you’re the cool person who will raise her self-esteem and say, "You’re not ugly, you’re hot."
But you know what?
Always awaiting some approval... If she uses some social network or even the relationship site to ask people’s opinion about things like that, it’s a clear sign of insecurity.

The one who has no manners

Being polite is something that will always be a matter of style and quality that everyone should strive to have. However, unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way. If a woman is rude at the beginning of the relationship, we can’t expect a "better behavior" later. It’s no use blaming her later when you allowed such attitudes in the beginning.

The drunken one

Drinking socially is nice and good for a relationship, but getting involved with women who often fill their faces with alcohol isn’t cool.
That woman who lives posting things like "baby, today I’ll drinking until I fall" or virtually all of her posts contain photos with one or several bottles of drinks.
Can you have a serious conversation with someone who doesn’t seem to have a moment of sobriety? It’s clearly impossible, man!
So be aware of the signs she can give in her social networks and relationship sites’ profiles, such as: "Today I'm going to drink until I fall", "Better with a bottle of booze than alone". These are some indications that this woman is a real problem.

The psychotic one

This is the worst kind of all, the only one who can really drive you insane. Women who fall into this category have a crazy tendency to want know all your steps. Usually, they’re full definition of a "jealous girlfriend". Some men like to have a relationship in these terms, and I think this happens for several reasons, among them despair or lack of choice.
Of course, every man wants a dedicated, caring woman who cares about what he does and who gives support when he needs it the most.
However, some of them forget to dedicate and worry and start to control the partner to the point of preventing him from doing the things he wants to do.
They are the ones who call every 10 minutes to find out where the guy is and what he’s doing. If you've ever been through this, you must understand how this sucks! Every time you have to tell what you’re doing.
And if you’re a man who has the habit of drinking with your friends or isn’t very keen on monogamy, you’ll have serious problems here. So, for obvious reasons, I won’t describe the countless setbacks you can get in your life if you choose to have a relationship with "the psychotic woman”. The only thing to do is to get out of any relationship with this type of woman as fast as possible, especially if you're a man who likes to to have a little bit of freedom.

The gold digger

Of all the worst kinds of women, none compare to the gold diggers.
These are the women who lead the list of women you should avoid and run away from simply because they value your possessions more than who you are.
Of course, every woman looks for a man who is hardworking and who has the money to take her out during the weekends and on some occasions during the week.
However, choosing the person with whom you will spend the best moments of your life based on money is really a despicable attitude. The biggest problem of a gold digger is that she demonstrates she has no courage to run after her own goals, pay her own bills and thrive, so she needs a man to pay these things for her. Believe me, you’ll never be happy next to a woman like that, because she won’t be with you, but with your credit card.
Gold diggers are evil women, without a doubt.
Usually they try to explore a man's pocket until there’s nothing left. Soon after she finishes with everything he owns, she’s the first one to leave.

The always happy one

Being a happy person is wonderful, but when that is too much, it becomes annoying and false. Everything she does involves extreme happiness. All her posts say that everything is beautiful and wonderful.
Even a simple things as going to the market or even the fact of having been robbed are motives for these strange happy posts.
We know it’s not quite like that. There are days when things are not going well and we should not camouflage it. Now a person trying to give the impression of a happiness that doesn’t exist, is something really worrisome.
Enthusiasm is cool, seeing things on the bright side too, but everything has its limits, of course.
Finding everything beautiful and wonderful always, soon it will start to be annoying.

The always hurt one

The extremes are always bad. As well as someone who is happy the whole time, those who are always gnawing heartaches and sorrows are also very complicated to deal with.
Some women can’t forget past hurts and turn the page of their lives. A woman who is eternally hurt will hardly be able to maintain a relationship. You’ll always serve only to occupy the vacant place left by another man.
If you take a minute to realize that you’re not just a substitute, you’ll be able to see that maybe this type of relationship is not for you.

The whiny one

Standing next to a person who complains about everything is extremely unpleasant. This type of person can spoil anyone's day, because normally, everything you do for her will have some kind of problem and will never be good enough.
If the woman shows this side of her on her social networks or profiles in relationship sites, this is already a warning, because in real life it can be even worse.

The religious one

Nothing against religion, but if her profile only has posts about religion and how good God is, you can be sure there's no room in her life for a relationship. Unless you also have these characteristics.
Of course, it’s good to be with someone who has some type of faith, but a woman who posts a number of religious messages a day and, if necessary, enters into discussions about opinions contrary to hers on religion, it’s better to avoid, for she is showing that in life, she has no place for a healthy relationship, especially when her faith is not the same as yours. You can’t compete with God, right?

The inconstant one

This is the type of woman who usually comes with heavy weaponry and makes every man look silly. And usually girls who don’t have a consistency about their life goals and what they want are extremely sweet. Something tells me that life has taught them to make up for the lack of decision and logic with a soft, helpless look.
So, when you get to know better the woman who falls into this category, it’s noticeable the lack of logic in several of her actions. Also, you’ll be faced with her constant indecision about things, which will make you lose your patience or, in the worst case scenario, think about the girl all the time. So, however sweet an inconstant woman may be, know that you’ll have trouble if you want to invest in something more solid with her. So, just do the basics and get out of any possible relationship you might have with such a woman.

The one who’s just playing games

As soon as you notice that a woman is just playing games, it’s better for you to turn around and distance yourself. You may be wasting your time. Games are for kids. As an adult, the woman should be honest and say bluntly that she’s liking you. And if she doesn’t like you, she must do the same thing, because everyone deserves honesty and good communication.
Yes, there are the initial games of seduction, but after that stage passes, this behavior gets uncomfortable. The basis of all relationships is clear and sincere communication.

Also, let’s look at ourselves, please

We often run away from defects that we can’t live with, and this may be related to our identification with these defects.
These relatable characteristics can be:
  1. Auto-repression of that characteristic, that is, you have that defect and tries to bury it in your mind without understanding it properly;
  2. A recognition of that characteristic in yourself. You know you have that defect and accept it as an immutable part of your personality.
So try to look at yourself and see if you don’t have these same defects and what you can do to improve them.
I emphasize that these were just suggestions and that, depending on your disposition, the woman of your life may have one or more of the characteristics listed above. No one is perfect and the most successful couples are those who recognize this and know how to handle their own defects and those of their partners in a harmonious way.