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November 06, 2018

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The right picture is better than a nude

I want to say one thing right now: Never halt the idea of taking a sensual photo for fear of being judged by others. The only person who can judge you is yourself and nobody else! After all, if there are consequences, whoever is going to take care of them is you! Always be aware of the difference between being sensual and being vulgar.
Every woman likes to take some sexy pictures, right? Or to send them to someone. Be it for self-esteem or whatever she wants with these photos, not all of them have that notion of pose, space and scenery or, especially, money to pay for a professional photographer or a studio.
So here are some tips for you to make cool photos even with your phone.
Let's go to the tips:
  1. First and most essential: BE NATURAL!
  2. If you're shooting at home, choose simple poses and DON’T take photos in the mirror, for God's sake!
  3. Before taking the picture (even if it’s not a sensual one), stand in front of the mirror, train faces, mouths, poses, angles and find out what you like most. We always have one side that is more photogenic than the other (My right side is better for photos than the left side).
    Do you have any body parts that you value more? So focus on that point! Don’t know which is your stronger feature? It’s in the mirror that we will discover which features we can value most. Some have more beautiful breasts, others have more beautiful legs, etc.
  4. Clothes and accessories are essential to value the photo. But be careful not to use too many accessories, because that's a lot of information, okay?
  5. Makeup is great for covering some kind of imperfection like pimples, unwanted stains and such, but... be careful not to overdo it! Choose a mascara, pencil and gloss if you don’t know how to use makeup very well. Youtube has many simple makeup tutorials, so take a peek!

    Be confident! Leave the shame aside! Remember: it's your moment!
  6. Always keep your posture: shoulders raised, belly in, chest out and never leave your arms stuck to your body.
  7. Watch your armpits! "Oh but there's a lot of models that show them and they look great!". Photoshop is also beautiful!
  8. Always smile. Invest in a photo where you are relaxed as it shows optimism and self-confidence. A spontaneous smile is best demanded. Try to look away from the camera, laugh at yourself and forget the poses. Put your tongue behind your teeth as this makes your face relaxed and the smile will not come out so forced.
  9. When looking at the camera, bring your face forward slightly, chin down and focus your eyes slightly below the camera lens.
  10. Prefer a close-up of the face, as this will attract people that are interested in you and no one will have doubts that the profile even belongs to whoever he is looking for. Avoid cliched photos like those in front of the mirror showing your belly. If you practice any sport, no problem in putting a photo in this activity. But, for example, if you don’t surf or snowboard, don’t put a photo on the side of a board. Your crush will end up asking for more details about your sporting talents and you will be embarrassed.
  11. Invest in image quality. Avoid posting blurry, distorted, or low-resolution photos. Editing the photo is allowed as long as you don’t change something in the image that is permanent and visible in your body. Removing pimples or dark circles is all right, but more than that is not advisable. It’s interesting to work with the image because it shows that you care about it, but don’t abuse the visual effects or you’ll get embarrassed. Another essential care is to ensure the right lighting. Worse than a profile without a photo is a dark photo where it’s impossible to recognize the person.

Elements of a good photo

The Journal of  Psychological Science has released a study that highlights the importance of the profile image and the feeling that the photo transmits. Different elements like the look, the clothes and the photos in social networks and relationship websites were studied and analyzed.
The researchers came to the conclusion that seven elements bring an overview of the perfect click:
  1. Show your teeth when smiling;
  2. Wear dark suit/coats with light shirt;
  3. Let your jaw project some shadow around your neck;
  4. Make a photo that shows shoulders and face or from the waist up to the face;
  5. Use the "Squinch" technique. A frontal portrait becomes more photogenic by projecting the head forward and closing the eyes a little;
  6. Make an asymmetrical composition;
  7. Avoid wearing glasses or accessories that cover your eyes;
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The sexy selfie

So you want to make a sexy selfie. That's great! It will be a great gift for your man. This can also help boost your self-confidence. But the idea of taking a sexy photo can be a bit scary, especially if you haven’t done it before. Here are some tips to help you achieve success when doing a sexy selfie. And don’t feel bad about sending sexy pictures to your man. You're not the only one, believe me. And you may even learn that you are more photogenic than you thought!

The clothes

You can absolutely draw a sexy selfie when you are wearing everyday clothes. In fact, if you give your man just a glimpse of your bra or panties, it can be super effective. Leave some buttons open in the pantsuit or slide over your skirt. However, it can be difficult to feel sexy enough to want to take a picture if you are still wearing the same clothes you wore at work. You have tons of options to work with. Maybe there’s a dress you own that shows your curves. Your favorite bra can provide the perfect boost too. Heels and flat boots on your legs will be perfect if you or your man have a fetish for feet. You can wear it perfectly with socks, too. Who doesn’t love the sewing running around the back of a woman's feet?
You don’t need to spend a fortune on a wardrobe just to take a selfie. You may be surprised at how things in your wardrobe can be sexy. A shirt button that is partially open or a t-shirt can be incredibly flattering, and it will definitely turn you into a sexy woman if your attitude is sexy!

Choose the right lighting

Professional photographers often bring a moving light source with them, even when the sun is bright. It’s a milestone in the industry. While you probably don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in photo equipment at your disposal - although you should use it to take a selfie if you have it - you can still do your best with the light you have. There are a number of ways you can play with light when you pull out a sexy selfie. Try to take your photo at different times of the day. Natural light is almost always important when it comes to a photo! Lean against a window or sit on a chair or bench while the rays of light are around you. See how your look changes at photos in different environments, which will have different types of light and brightness. Move so that your light source is in front of you or behind you.

Choose your pose

Now, one thing you cannot do is choose a pose whether it seems forced. This will appear through your photo. You know exactly what we mean if your "smile photo" looks strange compared to your natural smile, so don’t try the positions that are uncomfortable. That's just not sexy!
Tip: Think of something funny when you press the button.
If you prefer lying on your back, lean your heels against the wall to lengthen your legs. Your hair can taper out around you, or you can bend your neck over the edge of a piece of furniture and smile at the camera in a pose of you upside down!
Posture also helps when you take a selfie. To improve posture, imagine that you are squeezing a lemon between your armpits. This pulls the shoulders back while simultaneously pushing your chest out.
For a more boudoir photo, form a half arch with your seductive shape. Bend your leg slightly to hide your knee if you're worried about it. You can also show off shoes or boots with a similar pose. Pull your knees up to your chest to make your footwear the focus of your photo. Tilt your shoulders to give your hands something to do when standing in the photos. You can also play with your hair.

Suggestions of provocative photos that are better than nudes

For those who don’t feel comfortable or secure with sending nudes, I will suggest some ways to make the click very sexy, even without revealing everything.


The game between lights and shadows will make the photo less explicit, but very sensual. You can use the camera timer on your phone or ask your lover to help you with the photo. Have you thought about your lover’s reaction when he/she receives the photo that he or she took?

Revealing details

While not exposing your private parts, displaying hidden tattoos can take the imagination of the other beyond: he will understand well that you want to show a little more - and in private.

In the bath

You don’t have to show too much for the other to notice that you are in the shower. The wet hair is enough for him to imagine what makes up the rest of the scene and wasn’t photographed: you, naked and wet.

Wearing lingerie

It's a different and very provocative way of telling him that you bought new lingerie and that you want to wear it soon enough. You can also wear pieces that he already knows and tell him that you’re  waiting for him like this, without any clothes.

Switched clothes

Dressed in the his clothing, you can make faces and mouths without worrying about having any compromising part of your body exposed. Send the image after a long day at work and make sure that he won’t resist running to you.

Make your profile more dynamic with a video

Take time to refresh your profile photos by following the tips I told you and also experiment with making small videos and uploading them to a relationship site that supports videos, like this one.
As you'll be experimenting with multiple angles, be sure to create a brief presentation script and memorize it, or even improvise yourself. So, with each change of angles, you can shoot a video of yourself speaking the text. The video will become even more dynamic if you use more than one shooting angle and different clothes, making short cuts and simple edits.
It doesn’t have to be something elaborate, like you're creating content professionally, but I'm sure using that functionality will attract more interesting people to meet you.