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December 25, 2016

Online Dating

The Brazilian girls are really beautiful

In my previous post I talked about Camila, the Brazilian who came to talk to me and sent me a super cute message. She felt touched by my history of betrayal in my past and came to comfort me through a message.
We began to talk about various things. I even thought about creating a future post on cultural differences. She is funny and beautiful. I caught myself admiring her, both in her personality and in her physical beauty. She is a brunette (do you know that eternal tan that we all wish for?), has long, wavy, brown hair (it seems that most Brazilians love to leave their hair long) and a very beautiful body. She likes to play volleyball, so I think she has a more athletic type of body.
By coincidence, she said she lives in my city. We are thinking of a day for us to meet. Let's see if we can do this before the holidays. She said she was looking for people to meet in the city where she lives, so she saw my profile and started reading my posts. Even though I have entered this relationship site with the intention of finding a partner, making friends doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.
But let's get down to business. This post is to say that I realized that I would like to be like her, simply because she is Brazilian. After all, Brazilians are considered the most beautiful women in the world. I agree with this statement. But the beauty of the Brazilians is not just physical beauty. To confirm this, I asked her a few questions and let’s see the answers:

Brazilian women like to dress in sexy fashion, with tight clothes

In almost every country there is that group of women who believes that the less clothes and the more tight, the more sexy and stylish she thinks she is. But she’s just being vulgar. Except for these, in Brazil women tend to dress in the same style than here.

Brazilians are affectionate women

It seems so. Caresses on the nape of the neck, affection in the hand, unpretentious kisses on the neck and other demonstrations of affection that are uncommon in regions outside of South America / Iberian Peninsula.

Brazilians live a more intense and express love

They say that Brazilians love with more intensity and fall in love more easily. But this also depends on the person. It is not a matter of nationality, but of personality. But many women like "summer loves".

Controversial point: They say that Brazilian women are more fiery in bed and love sex

Maybe this is the biggest myth of all, that the Brazilian woman is the hottest in the world. Someone preference for sex is not related to nationality (except Asian, I think), but more to a personal taste.

And the famous bikini? Do Brazilians wear those tiny little bikinis?

This is true. And that seems to be the best way to recognize a Brazilian on the beach out there. But the Brazilian bikini is famous not only for its size, but for the design itself. The Brazilian bikini is stylish and beautiful and really is worn by women of all ages and all body types.

The Brazilian kiss is better

I never kissed a Brazilian person, so I can’t say, but she said kissing in Brazil is a very common thing. Maybe that's why the Brazilians have perfected this "art" so well and the foreigners think the Brazilian kiss is so incredible. After all, they give kisses on the cheek to greet strangers.
After talking to her, I came to the conclusion that the Brazilians are really the most beautiful women in the world.