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Online Dating

She may be into you, but you don't realize it

In most cases, if a woman is really disinterested in you, she will have no problem getting out of the conversation or leaving your messages without any response.
When it’s regarding flirting, it's not always easy to tell if the girl is really into something or if she's just being polite to you, right? Women show interest in a guy in a very subtle way and different from us, men.
Even when the woman thinks that it is obvious that they are playing easy to get, for some men this is imperceptible. The guy doesn’t even realize that she is trying to get his attention.
But women usually send some signs to show they're in for something, so the guy can make things go faster. That is, it is as if they are sending a warning with these signs, so that you can try something.
Understanding these signs is a very important skill for you to know if you’re on the right track to win the girl, because it will allow you to move forward more safely and realize that you are taking the right actions, in rhythm and at the right time.
To improve the momentum of flirting and maximize the chances of doing the right thing, I separated some signs that show that she really is into you. By realizing these signs you may already have more confidence in trying something more.
In the context of online dating, as soon as you notice any of these signs, you will already have a green flag and you can continue developing the conversation and looking for other signs until you schedule a date or even take the next step towards a steady long distance relationship between you two.


When the woman is interested in you, she’s usually the one who takes the initiative to start the interactions. She starts off out of nothing, for example, with a “hello, how are you?”. When the woman has no interest in you, she will hardly begin the conversation.
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Any and every woman, when she’s into a guy, has to invest a lot in the conversation so that the chat never ends. So summarizing, if the woman has an interest in you, she will actively participate in the conversation and will always be asking you many questions, for example, like “How was your day today?”, thus knowing more about you and your life.


Another pretty important sign is that the woman, when she is interested in you, likes to write big  texts, and this happens with an attempt to keep the man totally focused and attentive to the conversation.
And another point worth highlighting is also, if the woman talks to you via audio/video, this can also be considered as a sign of female interest. Remember that when the woman is not interested, she doesn’t usually answer or answers monosyllabically? That it is a serious problem. But when she even talks to you by audio/video, that’s a good sign.
If the woman is even interested in you, another classic sign that she can send is to start laughing at pretty much everything you say, even your most unappreciated jokes, so stay tuned if you notice the girl you're hitting on dropping laughing too much. This may mean that she’s into you.

Use of emotions

Another sign to see if she is really into you is to analyze if the girl is sending many emoticons during the conversation with you, because the woman, when she is angry or is not into the guy, hardly keeps any conversation. She will keep sending messages with emoticons.
Another important tip is that, if you notice that the woman during the conversation or at the end, is sending you some heart emoticons, this is a great sign that things are going very well, since women only send emoticons of this type to men that they really have some kind of interest in.


When a woman is interested in a man,  she cares about the guy a lot. So if you went out with a girl and after your date she showed some kind of concern for you, also consider this as a good sign of interest, because we only care about something or someone that really matters (it means that you’re important to her). For example, right before you leave, she turns and says for you to call her or send her a message when you get home.

She has a lot of interest in your routine

Girl friends will be interested in your life and ask what you’re going to do on the weekend, for example. But girls who want more than their friendship will probably insist on details and also demonstrate a different interest.
If you still don’t have a strong bond of friendship with a girl and she calls you to go to the movies without any other people, this may be a sign that she is interested. On the other hand, if you are already friends with girl and she calls you to see a movie, maybe she's just interested in hanging out with you as a friend. That’s why it’s important to emphasize: understand the context and have your feet on the ground when analyzing your relationship.

She wants to please you

Friends will like your social media photos, of course they will. Girls who like your friendship can even react with "love" in the photos you publish, and enjoy all the things you share, but the girl who is interested in you will remember the details and will want to please you.
For example: a friend of yours saw that you shared a comment about a particular movie. Since she is your friend, she can bring up the subject with you about the movie and may even make you recommendations for movies similar to this one. However, a girl who is interested in you will want to please you all the time. Doing what, you ask? She's going to want you to be "proud" of her somehow, so she’ll probably try to show you all the time how much she likes the same things you like, how much she remembered you in various situations, and how much she paid attention to the things you said.
But remember: you need to have common sense. If you already have a good friendship, it’s very likely these things will happen naturally, not because of she needs to be noticed, but because of the friendship you have and the willingness she has to present you with cool things, for example.

Show your interest

If you want to gain time and increase your success quickly with women, then it’s important to convert these signals into results. For this, you must understand these signs of interest and take a step forward without wasting time. Make a habit of responding to these openings she gives. The woman can only show interest once or maybe twice. Probably if it's a hot girl, she won’t  give you a second chance, for she may feel rejected and close herself to protect her feelings, her pride, and especially her reputation.

She uses the word "we" a lot

When you’re not sure if she really likes you, even when you’ve gone out on dates a few times, it’s interesting to pay attention to the words she uses during the conversations.
If she’s comfortable with you and is thinking of having a future with you, she can demonstrate that even without realizing it. That is, she begins to include you in her dialogues, especially when it involves the future.
She can say, for example, things you should do together, how much you have in common, and so on. She ends up making it clear that she wants a "we" between you two.

She doesn’t want to seem "easy to get”

So the signs she gives to you seem to be interested, and may be mixed with signs that she’s not interested or is indifferent.
A woman can tell a guy "Wow, I like meeting you, we think alike!" and then turn to the side and stop talking to him.
Probably the guy will be confused not knowing if she’s interested in him or not.
Believe it or not, this is a very common way for a woman to show interest.
But what to do in this type of situation and how to know exactly if she likes you or not?
If you find that the woman is showing signs of interest and, at the same time, is trying to disguise them, or if she’s interested and, at the same time, indifferent, simply consider that it is related to you and understand that she’s doing it so she doesn’t seem too easy. This is just a sort of "defense mechanism" so she doesn’t burn her reputation. Got it?

Her voice is "more feminine"

One of the best ways to determine if a girl is teasing you is by observing the tone she uses when talking to you.
When you’re in a group with the woman you like, listen to how she talks to her friends and the other guys in the group. Girls usually don’t talk to their friends in a sharp tone. The most common is that the timbre is a bit more serious and accelerated.
On the other hand…
If a girl talks to a guy she finds attractive, she unknowingly uses a more childish, sweet tone. It’s an involuntary attempt by her to look more feminine.
Does her voice get louder when she talks to you? If so, it’s a good sign!

She changes her behavior when you're around

If you notice that her behavior changes only because you’re present, this may be a good sign. After all, she starts policing herself to try to impress you.
This change in behavior also has to do with how she treats you. That is, if she gives you more attention than she gives to others, struggling to make you more comfortable or trying to please you more often, she may be demonstrating that she has some interest in staying with you.

The contact

Contact is about touch. If, by talking to her, she touches you too often, it means that she’s trying to get closer to you and create a greater intimacy.
This is a classic sign that she’s giving you a greater opening. She's trying to make it clear that she likes you. You can even reciprocate with a few touches to demonstrate that you’re getting the message.

She "mirrors" your body language

This is a phenomenon that happens without the woman realizing it. People tend to copy the behavior of the subjects by whom they are attracted. It’s a social evolutionary tactic to "get involved".
One simple way to tell if she’s flirting with you is to subtly shift your position. Cross your legs or arms, scratch your belly, take a sip on your drink. If she imitates your movements, she’s unconsciously showing interest. If she doesn’t notice your cues, attention may be somewhere else.

She won’t stop talking

Now, given the above tips ...
Make sure you don’t pay too much attention to facial cues and body language that you forget to notice her interest in the conversation. When a woman is  into a guy, she speaks more than a lot. Even the most timid one!
If the conversation between you flows quickly and effortlessly, this is a strong signal that she likes you.
On the other hand:
If you're the one who talks the most and she doesn’t  give you many answers, the woman may not be so interested.
IMPORTANT: she can even play with her hair and laugh at your jokes. But if she looks at you and says "I have a boyfriend," that doesn’t mean "please continue to flirt with me because I'm playing with my hair”. Please, don’t be stupid! Respect her wishes. When she says “no”, it’s “no”. This is NOT a game.

She's still talking to you

It seems obvious... But many guys don’t know this.
Regardless if you just met the girl or if you’re talking for some time, whether she’s still talking to you or answering your messages, she’s obviously still interested.
Many men give up too soon or worry too much and convince themselves that the girl isn’t interested. But if she's still talking to you, it means she's investing her time to focus on you.
It's basic rule: assume she's interested!

You happen to be interesting

Anyway, you happen to be a pretty interesting guy. In this way, you’re frequently questioned about the most diverse, bizarre and intimate issues of your daily life and your life in general. From your performance over the weekend to the color of your underwear. And so it goes!
If after all these tips you don’t realize or even don’t suspect that she’s into you, my friend, you can retire from this life of trying to find love.
Obviously, she won’t give all these signs simultaneously, but depending on the woman, more than one or two can be noticed.
Now it's up to you!