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Mistakes when trying to win over a man

Remember that authenticity, trust and sincerity are the pillars that will structure any relationship. Observe how these pillars are and in time you will be able to even help the man do the same, including helping you to develop yours.
Even if your self-esteem or disappointments tell you otherwise, you can, at any time, come up with a plan of action to catch the guy you want. However, there are some classic mistakes that women make and often don’t even notice. Some mistakes don’t influence if they happen once and if it’s not something serious, but others can put your whole strategic plan to lose.

Destroying what can be an incredible love story isn’t your goal, right?

There is no manual teaching people how to get along in relationships. But know that in small incorrect attitudes everything can be over before it even started. Anxiety is a big villain at such times. Don’ try to please your partner at any cost and be yourself.
Do you want to prevent these mistakes from happening? Follow these tips.
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Get all dressed up

This is the kind of thing the woman does thinking she's helping. Some news for you: it’s not.
Man is a visual animal. He’ll be attracted to what is in front of him. For example, red lipstick is not forbidden, but if you’re going use it, use less eye makeup, and also don’t exaggerate eith the earrings and necklaces.
This all in a first date or any day when you try to win over a man tends to be attracted to the laws of physics: IT FALLS! And just when you least want it!
The hairstyle dismantles, the mascara smudges, the heels break and this always happens when you’re in a small skirt. Take it easy, because Murphy's law is ruthless. The more we need it, the more everything can go wrong.
Sexy x Vulgar
Most women, especially single women, want to attract looks, arouse people's interest, be admired and praised. But let's agree that overdoing the dose is bad for the personal and professional side of anyone.
"Being sexy without being vulgar" isn’t easy. Some women go wrong and end up being seen as "sluts" (sorry about that word) –  a terrible world, unfortunately related to vulgar women, with bad taste.
However, for you not to be seen as a "slut" and to hear nice compliments is necessary to show the natural attributes without losing the class, with much elegance and posture. After all, sexy is one thing, vulgar and rude is another.
The line between sensuality and vulgarity is very tenuous, so knowing how to wear clothes properly, as well as how to behave, is essential.
Try to tame the vulgar impulse that may live inside you. Showing too much skin doesn’t necessarily mean being sexy. Dancing vulgarly is not necessarily sexy. Know how to use the look, wear clothes that look good on you and don’t show everything, leaving space for the imagination, that is what it means to be sexy. If you like to act like that, there may even be men that are attracted to you, but that doesn’t mean that you have conquered them. Being sexy and keeping the mystery, on the other hand, will make you a sphinx that needs to be deciphered constantly.
The secret of being sexy and avoid being styled as a slut is to have good judgment, creating a balance in your look:
  • If you're wearing a tighter skirt, invest in a larger blouse;
  • Is the dress tight? Prefer a low-cut neckline;
  • Does your blouse have a larger neckline? Choose a looser model for the skirt or shorts.

Being too shy or too direct

They are two extremes men like in a woman, but that is not the rule. Spontaneity is everything. Be nice, talk interesting things and act naturally.
A spontaneous woman attracts all the glances wherever she goes. And that is one of the most important parts of how to seduce a man. After all, between a person who seems to be measuring everything she does and another who is simply herself, who will get his attention?
Being spontaneous is valid for everything, not just for affective relationships. Spontaneous people are engaging with their partners, in business and in all departments of life. For this, you will have to relax and act naturally.
Even if you have ideas to set the mood, if everything is very rehearsed, it won’t have the same effect as a good-humored smile at the right time, which had nothing to do with planning, but with the spontaneity that the moment demands.

Don’t talk about past relationships

A very serious mistake is to be next to a man and speak about your ex. It’ the beginning of relationship and he’s not interested in your past lovers, at least not for the moment. If one day he asks, speak about it, but discreetly.
Even if you’re speaking badly about your ex, it’s still inelegant and passes several wrong messages. He may find that you haven’t yet got over your ex (if you are talking about an ex), or he may think that you are interested in several men at once and so you’re not dating material. Why making him jealous? If you want to steady your feet, don’t fidget the ground.

Speak ill of other women

When women call each other names like "slut", "bitch" or "stupid", it doesn’t impress the man they want to win over. Women speak ill of other beautiful women that other men desire, especially when they think their man may be attracted to them. This only makes the man think that you’re trying to hide your insecurity and that you seek validation and attention (and that’s true, right?). It’s not good at all.

Pretending that you liked something that didn’t please you

The hope is that in a relationship both share the same tastes. But each person is unique and they have their differences. Forcing an affinity is a lousy and embarrassing idea. Tell your partner, in sporadic conversations, what you like and how he like it, to let him know your tastes, and don’t feel uncomfortable and sad about telling him something you don’t like.

Being needy

It’s not a problem to be needy, but to demonstrate it excessively is irritating. A clinging woman is not what most men seek. They prefer attitude.
Calling a thousand times a day, sending thousands of messages, leaving several messages on his Facebook wall, all this scares people. It may even be that you are doing it to be cute, but he can interpret this the wrong way and think you are too needy.
Many men don’t deal very well with overly sentimental women, who want kisses all the time and pampering in public places. There are men who simply like to be demurer, not necessarily because they are shy and less able to show what they feel. You’ll have to realize what kind of man you have or want to conquer and where he fits. Usually they don’t like women who are in constant need of attention, who want to be with them at all times, who don’t let them breathe and who want to know everything about their lives. So, pay attention! Knowing how to give space is essential so that the relationship itself can breathe!

Trying to be someone that you’re not

Many women think that to attract and win over a man they need to like everything he likes, do everything he likes to do, dress the way he wants them to dress. No, no and no! Doing this kind of thing is terrible for everyone. First, you won’t be able to pretend to be someone you’re not for a long time and you’ll be frustrated at not being able to do the things you enjoy. Second, he’ll thing he’s with a completely different person. When you’re not able to act anymore, things will start to fall apart and he will no longer want to be with you and may think you have even deceived him.

Exclude his friends

Some women still think men should give up their lives with their friends when they are in a relationship or going into one. Going out with friends on Sundays? No way! Poker game on Wednesdays? Never! Understand that he needs his space with his friends just as you need yours with your friends. Wanting to exclude his friends is wanting to exclude part of who he is.

Focusing on yourself

This is another thing some women don’t realize when trying to attract and win over men. They talk, talk and talk about themselves, their day, their friends, their problems. Did you ever think that he might want to talk too? Besides not having space left for him, the guy may think that you are selfish and that you’re the type of woman who likes to be always in charge, who only accepts going out to the places you suggests etc.

Transpiring bad vibes

You want him to see you, to like you, and maybe even take you home. But how to convince this man that you are worth it? Try keeping the high spirits, be in good terms with life, so he won’t want to leave your side. I know life is hard, but it’s hard for everyone. A woman who keeps complaining about everything, from his cigarettes to the amount of booze he drinks, is too much. You're there to have fun, meet people, so if the TPM knocked on the door, you'd better spend the night at home, accompanied by a nice bar of chocolate.

Appealing only for the sexual side

Many women make the mistake of thinking that men's main motivation is sex... and they think that if they can attract a man sexually, they can also attract him emotionally.
Women offer sex to a man in the hope of developing the relationship that they desire. In reality, a man has the ability to totally separate a sexual relationship from an emotional one. It takes a set of techniques to shape the two things and maintain a long-term relationship.
Men don’t just want sex... and a woman who knows how to satisfy a man emotionally and sexually will be the woman who’ll win his heart... and he’ll do everything for her. Soon I'll teach you how you can do just that.
Yes, sex and sensuality are important, but that's not all that counts. If you want a man just for a night of sex, fine, but if you really want to be with him, you're going to need more than a striptease. Men also need to share problems, they also like to talk about various subjects. Show that you are interested in what he says, in the things he likes. Accept going to the movies to see a movie that interests him. You don’t have to like it or say you liked the movie, but keeping him company is a way of showing that you have an interest in him as a person.

Not everything that shines is gold

Many women decide whether or not to spend their energy to build a relationship based on the attraction they feel for the guy.
Yes, attraction is important. But it can also be dangerous.
When women feel a strong attraction for a man, this can make them forget logic and just go with their instincts... so they forget the unacceptable failures of their potential partner. These failures may create serious problems for the relationship in the future.
If you've ever been in a relationship that was negative for you, it was because of that.
It’s important to know how to look at a man and notice the "warning" signs of a destructive relationship, so you don’t waste time or emotional energy on someone who is not fit for you and who will break your trust and your heart. Luckily, it's easy to identify the bad guys very fast.
With this compiled of the worst mistakes a woman can make in the process of winning over a man, you'll be able to refine your own modus operandi and thus increase the chances of finding the right man for you.