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April 23, 2017

Online Dating

Let's spice things up

Who said you can't spice things up in a long distance relationship? Virtual sex can help a lot regarding creating intimacy, and you should try it with your partner.
Dating from a distance is common among lesbians, after the internet, it has been much easier to find the perfect girl who lives in another city or on the other side of the world. Despite the fact that me and Camila can see each other from time to time, since we met through the internet, we often use the internet to communicate and to other things. We do that because she’s really busy studying and attending to college, so we don’t see each other that much.
People say that love is blind, and for women who love women love seems blind and seems to love distances as well. Cast the first stone who has never fallen in love with a girl who lives miles away.
Tens, hundreds, thousands of miles are between you and your girlfriend. You feel a need for daily physical contact. And when you speak via webcam, you can even feel a warmth. The tone of voice changes only from seeing that face on the other side of the camera.
Also known as cybersex, virtual sex is a delightful way to feel pleasure by exploring your sensory system. Through sexual stimulation and masturbation, you can experience pleasure and even achieve orgasm.
I’m talking about the sensory system, because there is no way to have virtual sex without exploring touch with sexual caresses and games, or without being dazzled by the spicy images of your partner. Whispers and moans are great allies of long distance sex, because they make things sexiest.
Virtual sex may not be as satisfying as feeling the touch of another's skin rubbing against yours, the texture of her fluids, the grip of her hand. But if these sensations are not experienced remotely, at least one can forge, imagine all this, before a realistic performance in front of the camera.
And don’t be shy. This is the moment to let go. Show yourself sensual to the delight of anyone who is watching. If you are good at it, you can arouse voyeurism, the pleasure of looking and contemplating. Stir your partner’s imagination. Here are some tips if you want to spice things up with your partner.

Be careful

Think carefully about whether you really trust who will watch your intimacy. Otherwise, if you want to show yourself to strangers, don’t show your face or tattoos they can identify. You never know where those scenes might end up, so you'd better guard yourself.
Remember: it is your image that is at stake.
People of trust are those we have known for some time, and from whom we have proof of good nature. Don’t go out trusting anyone, or else you’ll be in trouble.
The fear of exposure is common, especially among us women. Since just like in the real world, in the virtual space there are people with bad intentions who seek virtual sex as a means of pleasure and making money by selling sensual images.
You don’t need to be afraid to enter this exciting adventure, nor be afraid to be discovered by friends and family. Just preserve your image, regardless of who's on the other side.
It is perfectly possible to feel pleasure and, at the same time, preserve your image in the virtual world.


It is natural to feel a certain embarrassment when visualizing all your gestures filmed live. The ideal is to also enjoy your own image on the screen, to delight with it, as in a narcissistic experience.
For this, it is necessary to know how to show the better of you, to use the angles in you favor. The more you rehearse, the more you'll be able to show yourself to someone on the other side.
Learn to value your biotype and explore what's best about you. Each person is unique and has a thing that no other person will have. What's your differential? Explore this! Learn to like your body. Nothing is sexier than a confident person.

Get ready for this special moment

It's not because you're going to have virtual sex that you should wear any outfit. As I have said before, virtual sex involves many senses.
Make a beautiful visual production and take care of everything that elevates your self-esteem. Looking beautiful on the camera will help you feel more prepared. Even because it is really sexy to watch a woman comfortable with her own body.
Wear your best lingerie and opt for colors that your partner likes or even colors with more contrast. Red is always a great choice. Wear your best makeup, looking to enhance your eyes and mouth, and leave your hair very natural.
And the more relaxed you are, the more pleasure you'll get.
A sample of self-confidence is a great appeal to the viewer on the other side of the camera. It is important that you enjoy what you see on the screen, which increases the chances that the person on the other side will also appreciate it.
Creating a mood will help you feel at ease. Choose a musical repertoire that makes you wiggle. Good music helps you relax, drive the movements and define the attitude. If it is at night or indoors, it’s interesting to get a light directed at your body, which can be a lamp or something similar.


It's time to put shame aside and be provocative. Work on the expressiveness of your eyes and mouth. Stir your hair well, make libidinous movements. Show the tongue, the teeth. Move slowly. Display one part after the other. Take your time to undress. Move your hips.
We mustn’t forget that the great ally is the vision, so remember the importance of the movements, of course. Her gaze will be mostly guided by your hands. Traverse through your body with them. Take them to the parts you want to highlight and take a close look at those parts. Turn on your back,. If you feel like it, dance. You can even pat yourself. Those who aren’t comfortable with this should gesticulate slowly, trying to seduce with the movements. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t feel shy. Loose yourself!

Arousal and the mind

Mental stimulation can be a good way to increase your arousal. Try to make sexual innuendos in the middle of the conversation when she least expects it. It doesn’t have to be direct. Start with small words to gradually grow your sexual appetite. Whisper provocative things, anticipating what you intend to do for her.

The sounds

Listening to the sound of sex also excites. You can moan at will. Talk naughty things. Narrate what you are doing and anticipate what will come next, to create expectation.
Use all the devices you can to incite the imagination. Express what you feel, what you want, fantasize. Use a lot of "dirty" language. In these moments, the dirtier the better.
Reveal fantasies you have with her. Confess fetishes with your body parts, clothing, places. Tell a plausible erotic situation between you.
Speak without shame. Be dirty. Clean sex is not so fun. This is the best way to give her freedom to indulge in whatever she wants.
Ask her to show off too. Say you want to see her. This should help increase arousal.
Often the girl doesn’t know how to behave in the face of a situation like this and is lost without knowing what to show. When it is in the interest of someone to excite the other, the will is usually to please. Therefore, the more you verbalize your wills, the more you have to awaken her commitment to doing so.
Of course, the effect will be the opposite if she feels pressured. Don’t even dream of blackmailing her like she needs to prove something to you. The more spontaneous your gestures are, the more enjoyable it will be for both of you.

Seek also your pleasure

Just feeling wanted is already very exciting. But the moment will be even more fruitful if you can truly enjoy yourself. Strive to reach orgasm during virtual sex.
Your beloved will feel more pleasure as she sees on the screen your giggling of satisfaction and the spasms of your body.


When sex at a distance makes your aroused, it is best to start masturbating. For this reason, be sure that your bedroom door is locked and that there is no danger of being caught. Begin your masturbation, preferably along with the partner on the other side of the line. Don’t be ashamed to moan loud and to enjoy that moment.
As sensations intensify, do whatever comes into your head to test how your body responds to different stimuli.
Encourage her to do the same at some point. The visual stimulation and masturbation of the two of you will have a synergy of awesome pleasure and will bring your closer to each other.

Erotic toys

For the distance relationship to thrive, it is necessary to learn to expand its definition of sex, which requires a bit of creativity from both parties. Fortunately, with technological advances, it has been increasingly easy to keep love and desire alive.
The bets on virtual reality-related products we live in are increasing at the same rate as online relationships, exploring unimaginable fields. Even sex toys have been hit by high technology, making it possible for couples who have long-distance relationships to connect sexually.
There are many erotic toys used in this approach to distance sex. Overall, they allow for more intense interaction between the two people. Vibrations controlled by the smartphone, according to the geographic distance, besides the synchronicity between two toys are some of the functions of these indispensable utensils for the virtual sex.
The key to this special and unforgettable moment is trusting your partner and letting go. Don’t feel shy and be ready to intensify your intimate moments.


  • Be careful before showing your intimacy to someone else. Make sure that person is trustworthy;
  • It is important to rehearse before, so that you feel comfortable with your own body;
  • Wear special clothes and prepare the environment where everything will happen;
  • Try to seduce your partner;
  • Create mental stimulation in your partner;
  • Don’t forget that sound stimuli are also very important;
  • Also look for your pleasure. Have fun;
  • Try to masturbate at the same time. In addition to greater intensity, this will create more intimacy between you two;
There are several erotic toys on the market that seek to intensify the sensations of virtual sex. Use and abuse of them.