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Online Dating

Is my online dating real or just virtual?

We can’t live without love and affection. Despite your decision to fall in love in the real or virtual world, you’ll have a fascinating experience. Of course, it’s impossible to predict when you’ll fall in love or plan this in advance, since in most cases it happens suddenly. An online dating can be the first step in that direction.
Today I’m going to talk about situations in relationships or flirting that demonstrate that the person may be or not be into you, even when your mind and heart are saying "yes, he is" or “he’s not”. Or that someone may even have an interest, but he doesn’t have the same expectations as you for a relationship. Who has never created expectations or fantasies about a person or a relationship? This is very common, isn’t it? It’s so common that it can happen almost every time we meet a new person... especially when the need is strong and we’re in a virtual world.
We all seek someone special with whom we can share our love. If we have problems in our private life in reality, we often end up seeking more serious relationships in the virtual world. Everyone knows that online dating sites have gained immense popularity nowadays with people of all ages. And this is because it’s very important for us to know that we have soul mates, which will constitute a large part of our lives. That's why online dating is the perfect solution for people who can’t find their match in our troubled world.
When you have a line of guys or girls waiting to send you a "hello" on your phone, scheduling a date is a breeze. But finding a relationship is a whole different matter. Having smart conversations for two hours and scheduling a date for a few drinks hardly requires effort, but as soon as you actually see each other in person, things can become rather... hum... peculiar. Either he’s not exactly what you expected, or maybe he was late for the date and you don’t like that lack of commitment. The online dating world makes us brutally demanding, which is why we may find it difficult to find something that will last longer than a few weekends.

Everything is very magical at first

Although online dating is fashionable nowadays, some people, however, find it almost impossible to find their soul mates on the internet. Despite this, nothing is impossible, and if you sincerely believe that you have a chance to meet a person who will become close to you then you can really benefit from using online dating services. In fact, there are many people who met their loved ones in the virtual world.
The feeling you have when talking to someone online is unforgettable. When you have just met a person on the internet, you are faced with many things, such as what his personality is, his character, what his preferences are, and what kind of relationship that person is seeking. As time goes by, you’ll find out whether or not you like this person and if you want to meet him in real life.
Online communication has both positive and negative aspects. One of the most common problems encountered by most people searching for a partner is how to differentiate between a real relationship and a virtual affection, which is usually temporary. The point is that when you date someone in real life, you can tell for sure if he or she is taking the relationship seriously. The same can’t be said for sure when you communicate online. But what about you? Are you also using this wonderful online tool in a responsible way?
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We have the option of being selective

How many times have you been sliding your finger on your screen and then accidentally "threw away" a super-cute person because you’re on autopilot? It has happened to us more often than we would like to tell, and each of these people had the potential to be the love of our lives – and now we’ll never know if that’s true
But let me tell you something: now that you can meet people on a small screen – not in person – you can be a lot more demanding because there are a whole range of people waiting to talk to you. If you knew one of them in a bar and he was a “7” instead of a "9”, you could probably still be delighted, because his personality is incredible and he has a killer smile. But in the online world, you would never know that. So maybe the problem is you. Have you thought about that?

Offline issues

In any relationship, the important thing for the future is that the two people get along, like having things in common, and not arguing over silly things. In addition, it’s important that the two have the same expectations for the current relationship. If you’re talking to someone who doesn’t want anything serious, the fact that you met him on the internet or out of it won’t change anything.
Therefore, it’s important, somehow, to extract this information from the person. The internet is usually easier, so get into the subject and subtly figure out what his plans are.
Men who have dated sometimes have a tendency to soon prefer dating, whereas those who always run away from relationships will hardly want anything more serious unless he has resolved to settle down and find someone for a real relationship.

Online flirting raises standards to unfair proportions

Instead of enjoying a first date and being curious about what the person can bring to you, you may find yourself thinking that he didn’t speak enough, didn’t make you laugh while eating dinner or didn’t come close to your standards.
Not that there is anything wrong with standards, but when you meet people in an organic way and go out with them, there seems to be more tolerance in what you accept or don’t accept. That's because one day, in the distant past, changing the status of "strangers" to "friends" during a casual meeting at the bar/ bookstore/ train was an incredible time. Meeting someone on account of an "hey, what’s up?" on the screen of the phone simply doesn’t have the same impact. So you need to look to yourself and see if the problem is your impossible standards.

Be yourself

To lead a relationship that began over the internet, in addition to all these details, it’s necessary that you don’t try to pass a distorted image of yourself.
On the internet, the temptation to show ourselves more perfect than we are can exist, but no relationship resists lies, and with the conviviality, soon the person will realize that you are not exactly the person who you pretended to be.
So accept your faults, your qualities, show yourself true and light. When you don’t try to manipulate the beginning or the duration of a relationship, the good results come naturally and you can take advantage of it in all its essence.

It's very easy to dispense someone

When you don’t like someone, simply stop responding. Or if the suitor is very persistent and you aren’t interested, you can just block him or something and *puff!* the person no longer exists in your life. That’s so simple!
If you have the option of cutting ties securely through a screen, instead of doing it yourself, it’s much easier to dispense someone. And that's how we act, because it makes no sense to keep talking to a person "okay" if you can find someone "great." In theory, at least.
And thus we become more demanding and more needy, and a little blind to all the amazing qualities that a person can bring to the surface if we allow, and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a long-term relationship.
The good news is that if you find yourself doing something like that, you can change everything. How about you start doing that right now?
If you’re worried about the problems mentioned above, it’s expected that you will pay attention to the following signs. Honesty creates strong foundations for the development of a relationship. Consequently, if you don’t hide anything from your online dating partner, then you can expect the same from him. Of course, you must understand that there are no ideal people and that everyone has positive and negative characteristics in each personality. It’s something very natural and you should appreciate the fact that your partner is not afraid to confess them. Obviously you should do the same. It’s perfectly understandable that there are no people looking for dishonest relationships. Remember this.
Another aspect that can help you distinguish an actual online dating from a simple virtual communication is respect and motivation. When you feel that your talk partner respects your opinion and is interested in your lifestyle, then you can assume that he has serious intentions. Remember that if a person is not interested in continuing to talk to you, he won’t ask additional questions about your hobbies, family, previous relationships (if any), etc. If you want to fall in love through the internet, you must be ready to communicate freely. This way you can learn more about your partner and understand what subjects matter most to him.

First of all, be honest with/ love yourself

I read a phrase this week that said:
"If you need to force it, it's because it's not your size! This is for rings, shoes, friends, professions and relationships”.
This phrase defines well what I wanted to pass in today's text.
It’s true that the fear of loneliness often speaks louder when we make certain decisions. But when we understand that it is fleeting, as the mourning of loss, we discover the true freedom that exists in us.
Fear is imprisonment.
Love sets you free.
It’s physical. Evolutionary psychology already recognizes that love is an important mean for the growth of our cells. That is, it helps us grow and doesn’t diminish us to fit in the pocket or in the hands of anyone.
How about you start putting that concept into practice and you love yourself first?