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How to win a woman's heart

You have only one chance to make a first impression, that’s true. To make a girl have desire for you from the first conversation! So avoid uncomfortable, "nothing-to-say" techniques. Show her that they are the best! She'll enjoy her time with you!

What are the secrets of seduction?

A great part of men don’t know how to win over a woman. One part blames the shyness. Romanticism sounds like something far away.
Most guys have no idea why women don’t want to go out with them. They wonder why the rejection and why they want to "just be friends".
They assume that this happens because they’re not good-looking, charming or rich. But things are simpler than that: it's because they do and say all the wrong things.
Regardless of status or appearance, it’s a fact that women think different from men. They act more with emotion. You can know exactly everything you need to say and do – and eliminate your sexual frustration forever and reach the heart of the most beautiful women you've ever dreamed of!
It’s not enough just to "be yourself", as all the other techniques say you need to do! Being yourself is not enough anymore. You have to bring out your best and most attractive qualities for a woman to notice you!
Have more self-confidence, get over shyness stay up to date with issues of the day and this will give you new subjects to talk to them.
Here in this article I’ll give some tips on how to stand out and win a woman’s heart.

Take care of your looks

You will not be any metrosexual if your hair is trimmed, beard trimmed and perfumed. This business of a man who is a man does not care about these things is true, but women worry. Do you want to please whom? Women like a man who cares, just as men like a well-groomed and fragrant woman.

Listen to what she has to say

Even if the subject is not very interesting to you, you should always pay attention to what she has to say. Ask, if you are interested in the subject. Besides a companion, the women look for a friend with whom they can exchange confidences, talk about her day at work, know the male opinion on the subject. Be sure that you spend most of your time together talking. No one likes a guy who only speaks of himself, and that everything in his life is more important or interesting than in her life. If the conversation is not good for both of you, the chances of the relationship going down will certainly be great.

Be romantic, even if it's not important to you

You may not be the type that gives special importance to special dates like Valentine's Day or the relationship anniversary. Even if she does not say it, she thinks it important yes. Every woman likes flowers and being surprised. Especially if it's no special date, just because you wanted to make a surprise. Write a note and leave it in the book she is reading. You will be amazed at the results. Opening the car door or a call in the middle of the day just to say I was thinking about her does not make you less of a man or a sticky guy, it shows that you care about her.

She is not your maid or your mother

If you are one of those who thinks the woman has an obligation to make dinner and keep your clothes clean, I'm sorry, but you're completely wrong. Doing the dishes or helping her out doesn’t make you less of a man.

Be funny, but don’t overdo it

Make her laugh. Most women like a smart guy with interesting conversations, who knows how to be serious when they need it, and is easygoing, playful when it comes to it. You must know the time of each of these things. No one wants a buck when it comes to being serious and making her feel embarrassed. And always remember one thing: know how far her limits go. Playing and being fun is completely different from humiliation and disrespect.

No one owns anyone

Keep this in mind. For her to continue to think that you are the man of her life, you must respect her, treat her with affection and do her merit. No one lives only on passion or sex. A relationship only goes on with fellowship, partnership, affection and respect. If you aren’t willing or aren’t able to offer at least these things to her, just jive up. You will remain single.
When we’re talking about conquest, few can say exactly what a woman really expects and what she seeks in a man.
Many men still believe that beauty and money are still the most important points in attracting and winning over a girl, but what they don’t understand that the secret is not beauty, but security and confidence. And anyone can offer this (and many other things) without having to have money.
So I'm going to list what a woman actually looks for in a man, proving that any man can win the woman he desires without being rich and handsome.

Confidence and security

I consider these the greatest factors of attraction. If you can be confident and sure about yourself, you will be able to have virtually every other attribute below that a woman looks for in a man.

Charisma and good humor

Women are emotional beings, so they are attracted to those who can bring good emotions to them. With charisma and good humor, this is possible.

Attitude and spontaneity

The world is full of people who look the same. If you are spontaneous and have attitude, you will be a different man and stand out from the others in the feminine point of view.

Eye contact and smiles

A recent study by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland has shown that eye contact and smiles are the main factors that attract a woman. They are also linked to charisma and good humor.

Personality and honesty

Women love men who have very clear their purpose of life and their values. Especially when these values ​​permeate honesty. Always be determined in your attitudes and values. Defend what you believe even if she thinks differently. She will like to know that you are a man of principles.

Maturity and Sensitivity

Women love men older than themselves, for they are mature, know what to say, how to speak, how to act and also know how to be tough and sensitive when necessary. So you can be younger than her, but keep in mind this kind of attitude.


This is the least important factor, but it can be a good differential, as long as it’s not confused with beauty. Appearance involves your personal hygiene, your way of dress and style, i.e. your identity and personal image. Have your own identity consistent with your personality and be congruent with it.

But what about the internet?

Online dating has become an increasingly common practice among men, but many of them commit fatal errors. Seducing women on the internet is an indispensable practice for those who are starting on the paths of seduction and conquest, as it’s an opportunity to practice flirtation, develop a conversation, and test new techniques.

Beware of compliments

Most techniques for seducing women online are similar to those used on a daily basis and knowing how to praise is a must for success in both physical and online flirting, so avoid commenting on the physical attributes of your flirt. Prefer compliments on her preferences or lifestyle.

Demonstrate personality in your profile

Your profile is the first impression that women will have on you, so it is important to demonstrate being a man of attitude, spontaneous and who has no problem to talk about himself.

Define what you are looking for

Keep in mind that what you want to find on the internet is friendship, casual encounters or a serious relationship.

Build your friendship cycle

On the internet it’s important to learn to have people in your favor, so be always open to new friendships.

Don’t force yourself

Don’t be inconvenient, and if the girl doesn’t want to talk to you, have common sense and leave the scene. Insisting or discussing will only make you lose time and sound like a stalker.

Virtual relationships are fashionable

There are many relationships that, even though they begin on the Internet, end up even resulting in lasting relationships. However, there are also countless online relationships that are no more than that: a virtual relationship without any prospect of the future. Basically, a relationship that started on the Internet can have the same odds of success any other one. It all depends on how the conquest and seduction phase is managed.

Collect information

If you met a woman and you both have friends in common, it can be easy to get information about the person you want to know about. Try to find out from these friends who this woman is, what she likes to do, and if there is anything you should know about her. There are many ways to conquer a woman!

Being polite is also important in the virtual world

If you want to meet someone, be polite. In a social network or in a relationship website, when you add the woman you want to seduce, leave a message greeting her and introducing yourself. Don’t overestimate your qualities, because this will appear while you spend more time together. In this introductory phase, you’ll leave your mark by making a difference, where kindness and good education comes naturally. You know, there are things men should never tell women!

Say no to bad pictures

Some people post daily explicit photos that should be seen only in private, as if their mural was a true ode to eroticism. If you want to meet a woman with whom you can build a serious relationship, this type of publication is totally inadvisable (unless you look for a person just to "have fun"...).

Learn to value yourself

In your profile, have only photos that don’t compromise your credibility. Images of the party where you got drunk or all the partners you had last year won’t do much for your good image. Give preference to photographs where your image is favored, strengthen your personality and give the woman you want to seduce more desire to meet you!

Ask questions

When you chat with the other person, ask questions. The goal is to get to know each other better, in order to find out if there will be interest in bringing a virtual relationship to life. If you don’t ask questions, the contact will never pass from occasional online chatting.

Keep your pride

And this holds true in both real and virtual life relationships. If the other person is kept apart and doesn’t want to deepen the contact, don’ insist. The Internet is a world of opportunities - if it didn’t work with one person, there will surely be many other women with whom you can try your luck!