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How to tell if a woman is interested in you

A few years ago, I went into a diner to buy a coke, the heat burning the sidewalks outside, it felt like a desert. It was dirty, sweaty, tired... I entered and didn’t even look around, so I didn’t realize when a super hot girl held the freezer door for me.
And before you say that this is impossible, I confirm: yes, I didn’t really see her! Then something unexpected happened. She, realizing that I didn’t give a damn about her gentle gesture, smiled at me and joked, "Hey, could you at least thank me?"
That's when I really saw her: she was gorgeous! Curly and very dark hair, to the waist. Large brown eyes, golden skin, an all proportioned body. She seemed to have been carved. Man!!! I was completely out of breath.
I thought of a way to keep up the conversation with her, but I was so exhausted that I couldn’t think of anything... I don’t know if that ever happened to you... Anyway, I summed up a half smile as a thanks. And at the same time, I thought: “No doubt I already lost my chance”.
It was then that I was surprised, for she came after me at the counter and, still laughing, asked, "Was that a thank you?". And she extended her hand sympathetically, introducing herself: "Maybe you don’t talk to strangers. So hi, my name is xxx. "
I know what you're thinking... This girl was all over you!
Well, man... I also thought the same thing as you. But I was very wrong and I lost the chance with the girl for making this mistake that so many guys commit: she was just being nice, she wasn’t hitting on me.
Yeah, I fell into the primary mistake of confusing things and thinking that the girl was all over me, when in fact she was just trying to be nice.
What I didn’t know at the time was that it is possible to find out if a girl likes you or just wants to chat with someone. These are some very subtle clues, but that will help a lot in your strategy, since they hate when we confuse everything.
And since these days everything is done online, it seems that realizing these things has become even more complicated. But trust me and follow these tips so you won’t be fooled anymore!
All men have already realized that there are fundamental differences between men and women, and one of them is the fact that men are more direct than women. For a man a sign is that, a sign; for a woman a sign is a set of possible interpretations within an infinite universe of possibilities. Of course, there are exceptions. If you look like Brad Pitt or has Elon Musk’s money, some signals might be more direct. But if you’re a mere mortal like me, the signals can say anything!
A man has only to know this rule to enter this complex world of women's interpretation. Know that while a woman sends a signal to a man, she is often still deciding what you mean to her. Women send out confused signals because they too are confused.
Well, we already know that I would like to have a women's interpretation manual to find out if the man is ready to fill her measurements or not. A manual like this doesn’t exist, but there are some signs that mean that if you invite her on a date, she’ll say yes. So I’ll try to help my fellow comrades.

What a woman does when she’s into you

When a woman is interested in you, she won’t leave you talking to yourself and don’t think that this is just because she’s a nice person. Most girls don’t bother to be polite just to please a guy that’s hitting on her. And if they're fed up with a guy, she’ll be gone without even blinking. But even if you don’t feel that the weather is favorable to you, if she keeps a conversation, that's a good sign that she even has a chance.
Many women may also be instantly interested in you, but they don’t dare to show it until you try hard to win them. Therefore, you also have to play hard to get, leaving the girl puzzled and, in this way, she will stay less defensive and show more easily more interest in you.
This is part of the seduction game and there are women who take it so seriously that for them wins the game the last man standing (literally). They prefer to have the man exhaust all his tricks of conquest to then show the interest they were hiding and finally surrender to his charms. This can happen both in a club, in college, at work, in a group of friends, in the academy and, of course, online, in relationship sites. And the higher the frequency in which you talk with each other, greater the chances of the girl playing hard to get (figures).
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Wrong thinking: "They want a hero"

There are many men who believe that they can win over any woman by showing themselves as brave and perfect. They put their superman cloak and dramatize a character that may even have nothing to do with them.
Have you already done this? So, don’t do it again!
The truth is, women don’t like superheroes. In most cases, they really like men "with flaws and defects", so they can play their motherly role. Besides, it must be said that today's woman is not the same as she was a few decades ago: she is informed, determined and independent - what will make her, rather, the superwoman of the house.
Show who you truly are - with your qualities and your weaknesses. The worst thing for a woman is to find out lies. Not that it's as small as saying you know how to change the tire of a car, when the most you can do is call the tour assistance. XD

Right thinking: Shyness

If a woman is interested in you, she will be nervous, sending out all the confused signs of interest and disinterest. A more timid woman is going to look hard at the floor or look away from you. This doesn’t mean that she is not interested in you, but simply that she is nervous. Take a quiz to find out: observe how she interacts with others. If she's just half embarrassed with others, it's because she's very interested in you.

Wrong thinking: "She has to like me as I am"

That’s true. Yes, sir. And there we go back to the importance of being true and transparent, showing from the beginning who you really are.
Now, that doesn’t mean she has to like your habit of picking your teeth after every meal. It’s one thing to like your essence, another is to like less pleasant habits. Men like women who take care of themselves and who know how to behave, right? For women is precisely the same thing. Work on those little (but annoying!) rooted habits and you'll be halfway through it so that, after Saturday's dinner, she'll continue to admire you at dawn on Sunday.

Right thinking: Curiosity

A woman who is interested in you will want to know everything about you. This signal is sometimes interpreted as gossip, but it’s one of the biggest signs that a woman can emit demonstrating interest in another person. If a woman is interested in you, she will ask you about your family, past relationships, professional life, musical taste, movies, etc. This inquiry is to verify your compatibilities with her, and the greater the compatibilities, the greater her interest in yourself.

Wrong thinking: "Beautiful women are too much work!"

Are you under 70? So, you’re in tune with the reasoning of the last century and I invite you to consult the current calendar. This is as absurd as thinking that blondes are dumb (don’t say you believe that too!). It’s normal for a woman who feels good on her skin to have more self-esteem and therefore be more determined than, perhaps, people with a lower self-confidence - but does that make her "too much work"? Well, she can even be, but only if you’re not at the same level of trust and determination as her.

Right thinking: She is never too busy

If a woman is interested in a man, she is never too busy to be with him, even for a short time. This also means that she will give you all the possible contacts: her personal number, professional, email, etc. As soon as you send a message, she will respond to you right away. If she can’t be with you at that moment, she will reschedule for another day, or another time, instead of leaving the conversation with a simple "I’m sorry", or "I can’t, I'm busy". But if she doesn’t return your calls or doesn’t answer your messages, in this case forget it, it's not worth insisting.

Wrong thinking: "With the next one I won’t make the same mistakes"

This makes sense if you’re trying to avoid mistakes that you may have made in previous relationships. Now, if you're going to make the next girlfriend the victim of what other women did to you, you better give up on this quest.
You may have suffered a lot, you may feel that you were used or abused, but your next girlfriend is not at fault at all! Just as you obviously don’t want an obsequiously jealous partner at your side just because your previous relationship was marked by infidelity. When you start over, do it effectively! Forget the previous traumas, the pains accumulated, the emotional failures of the past. And if you can’t do it, before you find a girlfriend, find a psychologist. Seriously!

Right thinking: She interacts more than normal with you

Be aware: when you start talking to a girl you just met and she interacts more than normal with you, she probably likes you. She will ask you several questions, some even embarrassing, wanting to know every detail of your life. If she begins to tell more hilarious and strange stories, there is no other hypothesis: this is a clue on how to know if she’s into you!
Take advantage of the willingness she is demonstrating to share confidences, get involved and set off for the attack!

Okay, she’s into me. But what do I do now???

Take it easy. I know the feeling is that you can put everything to waste and never fuck again in your life, but that’s not true. Remember to trust you.
An alpha man knows what to do because he has coldness and tranquility in his actions. The alpha man serves as a model because he doesn’t act on impulse, it gives the brain time to pass the information from the emotional to the rational. Only then, you can do something.
But this happens in a fraction of a second, of course! After all, to be an alpha you also need to be determined.
The internet is great for bridging this gap between her interest and you. Through messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and relationship websites, you will lose the fear of facing the situation. And remember: you already have it, man! You know she likes you.
With that, hardly your approach will fail. My tip is to send a message leaving your intentions clear. Example: "Hi, I have a surprise for you, I'll pick you up at 9:00 PM".
If she asks what it is, you say, "I don’t want to ruin the moment, I'll see you later" and that's it, no more messages.