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October 08, 2018

Online Dating

How to seduce women using text messages

You don’t have to score 100% at all points we women evaluate as being good in a man, but realizing the importance of trying and striving to improve is always praiseworthy and probably will be noticed by women.
Many guys believe that just taking photos, filling images with filters and posting on social networks is enough to impress women.
I speak from experience. Before meeting Camila, I talked to a man who seemed to be perfect. Let’s call him John. John had perfect the face and body, and it was easy to see that from the photos he had on his profile. He was even pretty nice to talk to online, and kept me entertained and interested.
Unfortunately, The two long hours we spent in a cafe trying to talk were difficult. Firstly because he wasn’t very similar to the photos he posted and couldn’t keep the conversation flowing the same way he did online. It was clearly not shyness though. If it was, I'd definitely understand and be more patient. I wonder if he was really typing or if it was some friend who was willing to speak for him online.
What I’m trying to say is that, in the end, all this struggle to create an artificial profile will be in vain if you don’t know how to take photos in your seduction approach. Thinking about this, I've separated the main mistakes in using photos to date women and some tips on how to win them all while trying to be a better person.

Low quality photos

With just about any simple cell phone, you can take great photos. However, the quality of the images is not always good enough for them to be viewed in high resolution, either on a computer or on a smartphone screen.
Regardless of the size of the screen, it is essential that the image is as sharp as possible, otherwise women who view your blurry photos will think that you don’t know how to take photos right or that you have no sense of decency.
Another essential care is to ensure the right lighting. A profile without a photo is almost as bad as the one with a dark picture that makes it impossible to recognize the person.
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Lots of filters

After the popularization of image editing softwares (standalone and embedded on social media), it’s hard to find anyone who had never applied filters to images before posting them to websites, apps, and other virtual platforms.
This type of feature can be very useful to ensure an even cooler look to a photo or even to hide one imperfection or another. But it’s not recommended to exaggerate using them, because this could scare your dates away.
If your images display your appearance highly altered due to the uncontrolled use of filters, the result you will get is the opposite of what you want. So use image effects sparingly, for you to not run the risk of creating some kind of misleading propaganda about you.
Remember that, one time or another, you will end up seeing the girl in person. If you have over-exaggerated the effects of your photos, her reaction when seeing you will probably be of disappointment, because of the frustration of finding someone who has lied to her, not through words, but in relation to the images he shown.

Posing in every photo

Photos taken spontaneously cause a greater sense of naturalness, which makes you earn points with a good part of women, no matter if it’s a travel photo, a picture of a sports practice or just a photo of you with friends.
Speaking of which, it's best to avoid filling your profile with photos where you're surrounded by people, as group photos can be confusing, especially when it comes to a photo for a a relationship website profile.
Surely you have to pose to one or another photo, which is no problem. However, your profile will be more valued if you opt for photos in which the moment was registered naturally by a friend who was with you, for example.
Ideally, the picture helps to tell a story, which can be fully revealed by you during conversations with the woman of your interest.
Also, don’t forget to clean out all the embarrassing pictures, like those in which you were drunk at a party or simply the photos in which you don’t look so handsome.
Generally, those kinds of photos are published for everyone to see on some social network or relationship website, through markups. Social networks are so present in our lives that it’s not often to be mentioned in conversations on online dating sites.
If you can’t delete or hide the image, remove the markup or ask someone who posted to do this favor.
Cartoon characters, family, or landscape photos are also discarded. Invest in a good individual photo, preferably the one that gets your best angle. And get away from the temptation to put that ID photo.
Finally, I’ll say that again and I can’t stress this enough, but be careful not to post photos that can repel girls right away. This is true for images where you’re drunk or of photos that you’re messy, smoking or doing anything that might be a reason for disapproval of future suitors.


A photo of you relaxing shows optimism and self-confidence, but nothing of faces and mouths, sticking out your tongue, a sensual or a grumpy face.
A spontaneous smile is enough. Try to look away from the camera, laughing at yourself will also make a big difference in this type of photo. And forget the poses.

Style matters, but take it easy

Glasses with thick frames convey an intellectual air and became a trend in profile photos. This is an interesting approach, but anyone who uses such an accessory really wants to get a cool, clever picture.
Full-body photos usually make the image very small, so choose a close-up on your face as this will bring you closer to whoever is interested in your profile. It’s good a full-body picture, but most of them can generate a mental picture of you without, because the women won’t be able to see your face clearly.
Poses without shirt and showing defined muscles can attract interested people only in this aspect. Using them or not will depend on your goal. Remember that if one day you gain extra pounds, you can be thrown away by those who consider this a determining factor in flirting. Taking this into account, it’s not hard to know about the person's perspective on physical appearance.
If you’re not very tall, never shoot from top to bottom, as this will leave you even less favored. To shoot from bottom to top, you need to be careful with your belly, after all, if it’s out of the ideal, it will be even bigger in the photo.
If you practice any sport, nothing will stop you from putting a picture doing this activity. But if you don’t surf or snowboard, don't you put a picture holding a board beside you. Sooner or later she may discover that you don’t do that activity and you will become a liar.
To be an attractive guy, it's not enough to be handsome. I won’t be a hypocrite and say that beauty doesn’t count, because this is one of the factors that women take into account when they decide to date someone. And we know that we women are quite demanding when we decide to engage in a serious relationship. We have a list in our minds in which we annotate all the features we look for in a man. I assure you that there are not just a few points that we evaluate.
You men are a little more lazy and oblivious to these factors that we take into consideration when evaluating a possible date. When everything works out, women credit this to the universe. "A chemistry" is what they usually say to friends. But things are not like this, my dear.
That's why I say that to attract a woman, it’s the man who usually give the coordinates for the woman to get to him and be completely in love. Sometimes you don’t even notice it, but I'll show you some qualities we enjoy in men.


It’s a word often spoken, but it needs to adhere to your behavior. It’s up to the man to take the initiative to approach the woman in a club, to pay for a drink and start a conversation on dating sites. Don’t expect the woman to do it for you.
But please, don’t confuse attitude with insistence and aggressiveness. It ‘s worth remembering that in all the above situations, a "no" is always a "no".


You may not have done a college, but you can be a smart guy with good content.
Women admire men who are aware of what is happening in the world and who know how to express themselves well.
Just be careful not to think you know about everything and end up talking nonsense and act like a smartass.
Admitting that you don’t have enough information on a topic is also admirable. If the woman knows and wants to explain about it, it's even better.

Be a gentleman

Courting a woman is not out of fashion. Take good care of your girl, be polite and make her feel pampered by you. Pull up a chair so she sits down, open the car door for her and make other small gestures to show that you care. But avoid being courteous in a mechanical way, and especially expecting something in return.


Here just the genetic aspect doesn’t apply. It's not necessary to be born looking like a Disney prince to be a handsome guy.
Beauty often emanates from within. But, of course, taking care of your appearance helps a lot.

Sense of humor

We women love men who can deal with complicated situations smoothly. And they say good humor is an aphrodisiac. That's why we tend to love high-spirited guys.


Although this quality is something she will only know when she’s with you, you can be sure that before she accepts to have something more serious with you she has already done a great deal of research on your past to see if she is in any danger of being cheated.


It’s good to be present next to your woman whenever you can and also give priority to her instead of your friends in the  bar. I'm not talking about stop hanging out with them, but to know how to dose these things properly so as not to give the impression that you are putting her aside.


No matter what your age is, women will always search for a man who is sensible and doesn’t act recklessly.
Taking responsibility for your actions, respecting those next to you, and being committed helps to measure your level of maturity.
Pay attention to the tips on how not to use your photos and and reinforce the features that we cherish. So your chances of finding a woman who will make you happy while being happy with you are even greater.