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Online Dating

How to seduce a woman online

Many men are shy and can’t make friends or meet someone as easily as those who are more extroverted. Shyness is a characteristic that often bothers us and prevents us from doing many of the things we want, causing a certain sadness and even damaging our social life. So, that’s how shyness affects the game of seduction.
The story of the man chasing the woman is no longer the story with the happiest ending. Men who succeed with women have long since ceased to believe that they have what it takes to pursue and win their hearts. Imagine your life standing upside down: women are after you instead of you going after them... Does this sound like the perfect world? Well, just read the following tips:

Virtual relationships are fashionable

There are many relationships that, even though they begin on the Internet, end up even resulting in lasting relationships. However, there are also countless online relationships that are no more than that: a virtual relationship without any prospect of the future. Basically, a relationship that started on the Internet can have the same odds of success as any other that started traditionally. It all depends on how the conquest and seduction phase is managed, which may depend on some factors.
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Use the technique of inverted psychology

This technique may seem vulgar, but it has its logic, and the truth is that it works. No woman wants a "needy" man always chasing after her, or "with a glass of water in her hand, before she is thirsty”. If she feels you “don’t care” about her, it's probably the best way for her to start noticing you. If she notices your indifference, she will notice you quickly. But don’t be completely indifferent, ignoring her too much, because this may seem forced and unnatural, and it will soon lose its charm. From time to time give her a little attention, but quickly turn it off. This technique is one of the best techniques to have a woman after you, online or offline.

Collect information

If you met a woman through an online dating site and, after some conversation, you discover that both have friends in common, it can be easy to get information about the person you have your eyes on. Try to find out from these friends who this woman is, what she likes to do, and if there is anything you should know about her. There are many ways to conquer a woman!

Be the opposite from other men

Doing the opposite of what the average man does is what you need to do when you're trying to get a woman to like you, as long as the woman already trusts and sympathizes with you. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you’re nice and loving to conquer her. A good tip is to use a sarcastic comment, opposite to what the woman would like to hear. For example, answering a question she poses with another question, or the opposite of what she expects to hear from you. All this always in a sarcastic tone, that almost seems to be having fun with her, but without exaggeration. She will always be in doubt. When you adopt this attitude, you’ll create an ambiguity that serves as a magnet for a woman who is already watching you.

Good manners must also be virtual

If you want to meet someone, be polite. In a social network, when you add the woman you want to seduce, leave a message greeting her and introducing yourself. Don’t overestimate your qualities, because she’ll know you the more she talks to you. In the introductory phase, the mark will be made by difference, where naturally comes the kindness and good education. You know, there are things men should never tell women!

Be aware

Imagine that she says that a lot of other guys are interested in her. She's just saying this so you know how interesting she is in the eyes of other men. Be bold and say to her, "Okay, so go out with this guy, although I don’t know if I would say yes to the first one...". She will be speechless and will know that she is dealing with a confident man, whom she’ll have to follow to get to him, without silly games, and will give you more value just for it.

Say no to bad pictures

Some people post daily more explicit online photos that should be seen only in private, as if their mural was a true ode to eroticism. If you want to meet a woman with whom you can build a serious relationship, this type of publication is totally inadvisable (unless you look for a person just to have some fun with).

Show power

If there is something that women love above all else, it’s a man with power. Not a power that money allows you to have, but the energy emanated that allows a man to be the center of attention, be respected by his friends, be respected in his workplace. Of course, you shouldn’t simply boast about your power. This may have the opposite effect. She must realize it by her attitudes. Receiving a call in the middle of a meeting where you have to help a friend decide a matter that is too serious, that can’t be resolved without your help, will be a good start. Being popular with many friends is also helpful. Any woman who realizes that a man has "power" will love to "fall" at his feet.

Learn to value yourself

In your profile, have only photos that don’t compromise your credibility. Images of the party where you got drunk or all the partners you had last year won’t do much for your good image. Give preference to photos where your image is favored, that strengthen your personality and makes the woman you want to seduce to meet you!

Don’t explain

Never give a woman the idea that she has ruined something, let alone try to explain it or try to remedy what she said. This will only show that you are nervous and unsure of yourself. Usually follow your conversation or whatever you are doing without looking back. This shows you are sure of what you are saying. More important than words are attitude. You are sure of yourself, so you don’t have to explain anything.
If she continues to insist on what has been said or done, say "Leave it, it was a joke, don’t be like that..." and at this moment change the subject by leading her attention elsewhere. If you try to explain yourself, you already have negative points in your classification chart. You can’t say everything she wants to hear, otherwise you suck in her eyes! A woman will respect more someone who has ideas that are contrary to her own and assume them, than someone who tries to change them or explain himself for her to accept him. Take over and stand your ground!

Ask questions

When you chat with her, ask her questions. The goal is to get to know each other better, in order to find out if there will be interest in bringing a virtual relationship to life. If you don’t ask her questions, the contact will never pass from occasional online chatting to something more.

Be normally different

You are usually special. That is, you’re not a crazy person, an idiot, or anything that women flee and fear. You’re someone special who can hold their interest. Keep this idea straight from the beginning. Be crazy, but talk about your problems at work. Shout on the street, but discuss the news of today's paper. Run to her, but in jeans and a shirt. Show your passions on certain subjects, but listen to her calmly when she speaks of hers. If she calls you, accuse her of not giving you rest, ironically... You're usually different. A normal guy with a dose of irreverence that has that extra spice.

Keep your pride

And this holds true in both real and virtual life. If the other person is more recluse and doesn’t want to deepen the contact, don’t insist. The Internet is a world of opportunities. If it doesn’t work out with one person, there will surely be many other women with whom you can try your luck!

Make yourself a mirror

Usually a woman shows that she’s disinterested, especially when she's really interested. So give her a little of that attitude, making yourself disinterested, thinking and acting with this thought: "I am interesting and har to get, if you want a piece of this, you’ll have to convince me..." or "I'm spoiled and if you want me, I’m not interested anymore". Women love challenges, and when she sees someone at her level, she realizes that she met her equal to play the game of conquest. Believe me that you will enjoy yourself with this type of games. Never forget to confuse her once in a while with an act of interest in her, but soon afterwards become her mirror again.

Beware of compliments

Most techniques for seducing women online are similar to those used on a daily basis, and knowing how to praise is indispensable for success in both physical and online flirting, so avoid commenting on her physical attributes only.

Define what you’re looking for

Keep in mind if what you want to find on the internet is friendship, casual encounters or a serious relationship.

Build your friendship cycle

On the internet, it’s important to learn to have people in your favor, so be always open to new friendships.

Don’t push

Don’t be inconvenient. If the girl doesn’t talk to you, have common sense and leave the scene. Insisting or discussing it will only waste yours and she’ll mark you as an annoying guy.

Have vision

The idea of ​​going to bed with someone is usually more interesting than the act itself. It may seem stupid to think like this, right? Wrong! This philosophy will make a lot of things change in your life, especially the quality of it, thus managing to attract an interesting woman into your life.
A man should only go to bed with someone if he is able to find an interesting woman who is able to keep interested in him and having a quality relationship with her. Many men think that by being able to bring many women into their beds, they will be able to have a quality relationship with a woman… well... they’re wrong!
Having a relationship with an interesting woman and being able to maintain it is the work of a more evolved man. That's why it's so much more interesting for a man to take on the challenge of keeping an interesting woman at his side as opposed to having many women in his bed.
To know how to conquer and to keep her interested in yourself, this is a real challenge! Sleeping around with several women also has its charm (This brings me memories when I was single in this lawless internet...), but this is not synonymous of success. The synonymous of success is to find an interesting woman at all levels, and manage to keep her in your life.