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Online Dating

How to drive a woman crazy on your first time

When we seduce someone online, we are the perfect Don Juan! We say the right things at the right time and we seem to be extremely outgoing. But when the opportunity comes to meet the person face to face, we almost die of fear. What if she doesn’t like me? And if there’s the possibility of sex right on the first date, it looks like the pressure is even worse.
It looks like we need to be great on our first date because we've been talking to the person for a long time. The first date becomes full of expectations, especially if there’s sex involved.
That's why I decided to gather some tips for you to be a beast in bed and have the most incredible first date ever!

Start the foreplay online

For a woman, sex is 95% imagination and 5% physical, and this foreplay can happen online. One of the best ways to seduce a woman online is by using sexting, the word used to define erotic messages exchanged through chat apps. Saying spicy things will leave her thinking about you the whole time, and wondering what it would be like to put into practice everything you are planning to do to her.
Try sending these messages at unexpected times, such as during work or on a day you won’t talk to each other, because the element of surprise is always something that seduces and sets you apart from other men.
Another allied tool of men who want to seduce a woman over the internet are apps that use camera for online chat, such as Skype. It’s worth talking to her without your shirt on, or wearing a shirt that shows your biceps, or with you hair wet, with just a towel on your shoulders, like you just came out of bath, for example, to instigate her curiosity.
It’s important to say that during both sexting and Skype conversations you have to be careful about your image, because there are numerous cases of people who "leak" the picture of naked people on the internet after the relationship ends. So before sending nudes, be sure that she deserves your trust, and avoid sending nudes that show your face or any personal mark, such as a tattoo that allows you to be identified.
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If you’re going to have sex on your first date, she MUST have an orgasm. And if she has multiple orgasms, even better!

Nowadays, one of the most talked conversations are multiple orgasms...
The pressure on men who wish to satisfy their partners is huge, and of course they want to see the face of their partners writhing with pleasure by making them come again, again and again… That’s great and I’m here to help.
For many women multiple orgasms are synonymous of multiple pleasure and is simply addictive. Multiple orgasms are orgasms that occur one after another with intervals of minutes or a few seconds between them.
There is not a single type of female orgasm. Every woman has her own orgasm. She learns with age and experience to experience more and more intensely the pleasure. Some women cannot even tell if they have an orgasm from the myth that they should “see stars”, “hear bells” or something like that. Women who have multiple orgasms are rare. This is kind of part of an apprenticeship.
All forms of orgasm are attainable for all women and they depend on the biology of each women, as well as their preferences. Multiple orgasms don’t have to exist every day! It’s highly important to speak and discuss their desires before you simply assume that something is taken for granted. Talk to your partner, listen to her and let her know that you want to satisfy her pleasure fantasies in any way she wants.
Women who have the sensation of multiple orgasm don’t necessarily have more pleasure than women who have a single orgasm. There are no standards. Intimacy, respect, affection, warmth, dialogue, and self-knowledge will form the recipe for the woman to "get there”.

Be intimately intimate

During sex, the woman's stimulation happens at a slow pace. For a woman, the greater the trust in her partner, the greater the intimacy and better the sex. A woman needs to feel intimate with her partner in order to feel comfortable and have pleasure. Above all, first be intimate with a woman mentally, and then concentrate on her body. Online chatting helps a lot. The distance makes you know each other well before you go to bed.
It’s easier to have an orgasm when you have a relationship with the same partner. One-night stands are exciting, but they can be very frustrating. When you have a regular partner, it’s much easier to say, for example, that the person must improve on the oral, or be honest with what you want and how you want it. In other words, there is intimacy. And you will have a better knowledge of how to give and enhance her orgasm, in addition to developing a more intense sexual intimacy.

What is sexual intimacy?

Is it being naked in front of someone, doing this for years or knowing exactly where each partner's body hair is? It’s more than that. To be sexually intimate with someone means to share all the secrets that involve your sexuality, and for this, it’s necessary to maintain a dialogue without taboos.
It's no use denying it. Sex is a fundamental part in a pleasurable relationship and cannot be overlooked. So that the situation doesn’t cause loss of sexual interest or the search for more enjoyable activities outside the relationship, bet on the dialogue.
To tell exactly where you like to be touched or what excites you, it’s necessary for you to know yourself. And this is not only for women, but for men as well. Self-knowledge is fundamental so that the orgasm of both is not harmed.
Sex with intimacy is the one that makes the world go away. It’s to feel that you are not just undressed, but you have undressed your fears, the shame, the fantasies, the weight in your consciousness. It’s connection with the other person, with your body and your mind. Sex with intimacy is different from routine sex.

Building intimacy online

So, the first step in developing this intimacy that will aid you in your quest for the vibrant satisfaction of your partner is the dialogue. You can start to introduce the subject slowly and break down some barriers while chatting online. This will depend on the openness of your partner for chatting around this topic. It may only be possible after a casual first encounter that doesn’t end in sex, so that you can make room for it.
Learn to create and maintain your partner's expectations.
For example:
Once you realize that a date is worthwhile, meet in a public place based on each other’s preferences and feel the exchange of energies, the flow of the chat.
Try to finish the date with at least one kiss. From that kiss, you can speak things from a distance like "I imagine what it would be like after more kisses like that... Imagine what it would be like if I caressed your whole body slowly”.
It would be good to ask your partner if you can be honest with her and tell her what you are feeling, which includes these more mature lines. If yes, continue developing according to the example I have described.

The sexual date

Depending on the dynamics of you and your partner, this may be up to the first date. If you notice this in the online conversation, start creating the expectation by stimulating her imagination occasionally. Depending on your performance, she will take the initiative to suggest an exchange of nudes.
However, there are women who prefer to wait longer for this moment. If it’s possible to be in your house or hers, it helps in this event. If not, talk about the possibility of a hotel.

Environment and mindset

The place is the foundation of a good sex experience. She will have to feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed to enjoy the experience. Start by setting the mood for sex, transforming the room into a warm and sensual atmosphere with candles, flowers, music and lights. Also bet on massages: if your partner is relaxed, this increases your chances of ensuring prolonged pleasure.
Take a hot bath with your partner, soak and praise her naked body. This practice decreases anxiety and insecurity and favors greater delivery and pleasure in sex. This step will help align your mindset from intimacy to pleasure with hers.

Slowly, steadily and onwards

First of all, pamper her. Don’t go running for either the clitoris or her tits! A woman a lot of skin, so enjoy it, savor it and make her want it with every intimate touch she feels in her body.
After you have covered all of her spine, and the front of her thighs and elbows, you can go for the more intimate places.
Learn to encourage your partner and avoid hustle and bustle. If you realize that she likes receiving oral sex, for example, instead of going straight to the point, start kissing her belly, go down her thighs, and then slowly stimulate her desire to receive her most intimate touches. Alternate movements, intensity and speed to maximize pleasure.
Now is the time... focus on the outermost part of her vagina: on the part of the entrance of the penis. This area has a large concentration of nerve terminals. A semi-penetration sometimes gives much more pleasure than a full penetration. Penetrate only 1/3 of the vagina. She’ll love that!

Touch her in the right place

Place half of two fingers of one hand inside your partner's vagina while stimulating the clitoris with the fingers of the other hand. When she reaches orgasm, and with your two fingers still inside the vagina, place your fingers a little further into the vaginal muscles, and you will feel the contractions of orgasm, enhancing your partner's sense of pleasure. After her genitals, the best place to stimulate a woman is her breasts, touch them and feel them gently, as if you had feathers in your hands and not footballs. The halo of the nipple is the most sensitive area of the breast. It’s more sensitive than the nipple! Another sensitive place is the upper quadrant of the chest, between 10 and 2 o'clock. Some women can achieve orgasm only by the right manipulation of their breasts.
When women are close to orgasm, the clitoris becomes more sensitive and, at that moment, use it to stimulate it more gently to prolong the climax even more. If she prefers a lighter touch, simply relieve the pressure.


Get to know her. Find out what type of stimulation she prefers: clitoral, vaginal, G-spot. It’s advisable to stimulate her in the way that she likes best. If your partner reaches orgasm more easily through clitoral stimulation, after the first orgasm, continue to insist on this stimulation, but you may vary in intensity or angle. But keep in mind that the clitoris, after an orgasm, may become too sensitive, thus having to change the type of stimulation, or simply wait a few moments.
Know that:
• Anticipation is everything for a woman;
• She masturbates on average once a week;
• An orgasm for a woman varies every time she has sex;
• The favorite erogenous zones for women are:
1. Clitoris
2. Breasts
3. Neck
4. G-spot
5. Inner thighs
6. Ears
7. Navel
8. Feet

Get rid of all decency

Not having decency at the time of sex is crucial to make her excited. You can speak the dirtiest and filthiest things in her ear, everything that is going through your head. If she likes it, you can use profanity.
But pay attention not to do it always in the same way, this makes the sex boring and repetitive and for sure she won’t be as excited as the first time. What matters is that you make use of your creativity to be an alpha in bed in every way, especially during foreplay.
Surprise her and show her a side of you that she has never met before.

Focus on her

Your partner has to feel that she is the focus and the whole attention must be directed to her. Turn off the phone and keep the time just for yourselves! If your partner feels pressured, the likelihood of achieving an orgasm decreases drastically, as opposed to feeling relaxed and comfortable and without time limits. One way to demonstrate that she is the focus of attention, and that you really care about her, is to have her first orgasm before penetration, to pass your satisfaction to the background. After she feels satisfied, is your turn!
The goal is the satisfaction of your partner, not the satisfaction of your ego. Listen to your partner, or talk to her. Don’t assume you know everything.

Do your best to give her multiple orgasms

You know what makes a woman crazier than a simple orgasm? A multiple orgasm. That's right, if you can hold out a little longer, it will be very good. What a woman most wants to feel is the pleasure of multiple orgasms.
And if you can do that for a woman, I say for sure, my friend, you will be unforgettable for her! She will always remember that day.
Get inspired with the tips I gave you in this article and start your quest to give the best possible pleasure to your partner. As each woman is different, this journey will also be different. Be like a cartographer and discover the most exuberant points of her body and the treasure of her rewarding pleasure.
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This was a really good advice thank you for that but I also wanna know everything about men just the exact way you wrote about women. Would you please tell me a few things that I think I should know about pleasuring my man