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How to create a profile to attract women

Is your online dating profile dusty? If you’re single, if you’re not dating anyone and haven’t yet created your profile, it’s better to start doing it because it greatly increases the chances of you meeting a great person, having more fun and, of course, getting rid of the bachelorhood spell.
Jokes aside, I managed to get out of this situation myself. The funniest thing was that I didn’t have to do crazy things or anything to achieve this.
Anyone who has ventured into online dating services knows how hard it is to get women's attention. Even the most experienced guys run the risk of not getting anyone. After all, it's no use having a good chat if the profile is not attractive enough to start the first conversation.
So if your account hasn’t attracted a lot of girls, this is no reason think that you have no skill in the art of seduction. Everything may just be a matter of how to present yourself.
All I did to improve my chances was to stop and look at the profile of my friends who had more success in online dating than I, and when I observed their profile, I noticed a pattern that repeated itself. Now I’m going to share my conclusions and tips with you.

Everyone had interesting photos!

It was basically in a continuous sequence. Also, everyone had a funny and curious description. That alone made all the difference for them to get more interactions.
And here are some suggestions I've came up with for rebuilding your profile so you can manage to do the same thing on yours and test to see if this will work for you as it worked for me.
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Profile Photos

You may have noticed that when you don’t see the woman's face in the first photo of her profile, you ignore her and go to another one, right? I, at least, always do this, so that's the first lesson you need to master.

The first photo

Take or upload a picture of you smiling without dark glasses or anything that covers or conceals you as you are!
Smile, you're being evaluated!
Needless to say, smiling is a way of showing you’re a nice person, right? Take photos smiling, because people who smile are considered more gentle and accessible.
“Diamond, but I'm ugly and I don’t even know how to take a good quality  photo... how do I do it?”
Give importance to the place that you will take the picture. Don’t take it, for example, in the bathroom, you know?
Take this photo in a cool place that shows some status (even if you're not rich or anything like that).
PS: Smile and your eyes will show sincerity and generate automatic empathy. So it’s extremely important for this photo to be like that. And it's not cool to upload a picture you took with your friends as the first picture one, because the woman simply won’t know who you are in the photo, after all, she's never seen you!
You must really work hard, man!
In this photo, you can get it right by asking someone to take it for you. You should  put on your best clothes, get you haircut and all related grooming done for the best result possible of your first pic.
I'm sure it won’t look that bad and you'll soon find a cool angle to take this picture.

The second photo

It's time to generate some social proof!
You will be able to generate social proof with nice pictures with your friends (but for the love of God, man, when I say nice, is a well-taken photo okay? With a nice light and everyone tidy. As the old saying, “a man is known by the company he keeps”).
And friends are for these things. Have pictures of you having fun with your friends. This creates the idea that you are a desired man.
You can also put a picture with female friends (yes, you read it right: WOMEN).
This shows that you are a guy who has contact with women and not a crazy pervert looking for a woman to send nudes, and that is a very positive point.
Photos with women smiling at you can also be a trick up your sleeve, since women find men more attractive when another woman smiles at them.
PS: Try to take pictures when you go out with your friends. The social proof comes from the people and from the places that you go, so be aware of this. I'm sure you have a photo in your smartphone gallery that you can put there. Come on, bring it!

The third photo

Life style is a woman's magnet, believe me!
In this photo the tip I give is: upload a picture of a trip that you made.
Do you know that epic trip you did that has stories that you’ll never forget? Go on and put that photo there right away!
Show that you have an interesting life and, at the same time, is an interesting guy in this photo.
Think with me…
An ugly guy at home is just an ugly guy. Now if you’re an ugly guy in some tourist hotspots, be sure that women will see you differently.

The fourth photo

Putting an end to any of her doubts!
The men’s best friend (and no, it’s NOT your penis!). Take a photo with a pet of yours or of someone you know.
Use your pet as an ally. Take him to the park, stand next to him and prepare the photo for your profile. According to surveys, having photos in the park with trees in the background and next to a dog is a great way to impress women. This kind of photo gives the impression of being a friendly guy, who cares about others.
Or even better, take the photo with a baby or child that is close to you. Simple, right?
This has an immense value when we speak of bringing a sense of security and confidence in a person.
Think about it. Have you ever suspected a woman carrying a baby in her arms at the mall, thinking she was a thief or a murderer or a maniac?
If yes, disregard my example... but it is basically that.
This photo will take away any mistrust on you and you will be seen as a trustworthy man.

The fifth photo

Was it a huge challenge to make the first photo?
If that was the case, stop right now and stay with just the four tips I gave earlier.
But if it wasn’t and you have another nice photo of you on your phone, you can put it as the fifth and last photo! And just like that, we finished all the most important photos!
Now let's sit for a funny, creative, and curious story about women. You have to show the reason you are there, in this relationship website.
Talk about yourself in the space for self-description, but also take some time to say what you are looking for. The ideal would be to leave 70% of the space to talk about yourself and 30% to describe what you want.
Be humorous, sincere and unique. A competitive profile should have in the description attributes that distinguish you from the others. Bravery and courage can be some advantages, but don’t start making things up. Dishonest profiles make things harder. Doses of humor are well accepted.

The icing on the cake

You should take advantage of new ways of showing and expressing yourself in the online dating world. If this is supported in your relationship website, make sure that you upload a video of you. This video can be a simple introduction. You can summarize your qualities and speak directly to the women who are watching you. The best part is that you can rehearse as many times as you want before uploading the final cut of your video. So, you certainly will be expressing yourself with confidence.

Extra tips:

The color of sensuality

The color red is capable of making people crazy, not just us men. In one study it was discovered that women find men more attractive and desirable when they are photographed using something red. Take off the red T-shirt from the bottom of your closet and bring it on!
I will include in this text a review of some seduction techniques, because it’s no use having a very attractive profile and, when it is time to go to the active stage of the process, you end up struggling without knowing what to do.


Approaching is the initial step to begin an interaction. Be it a cold approach or a warm approach.
Cold approach: when you don’t know the woman and approach her to start a conversation. This is generally the initial contact with the woman online.
Hot approach: when you know the woman and you approach her to try something more. This happens when you already have at least a minimum bond with her. You may generate emotional or intellectual bonds through conversation, focusing on exhaling empathy.


 Pre-selection is when you show up as a potential partner for the woman. Also known as a mental trigger, it’s a strategy that works great and helps mainly to get the most beautiful women.
If you post pictures hugging beautiful women on your social networks, where you are smiling and having fun, this activates a mental trigger and creates a high perception of value in you.
Another situation is when you are having fun in a nightclub or at a bar table with other beautiful women.
Women will find you much more attractive than if they had seen you in a men-only environment. So you can use this to your advantage.
Design your social circle so you have more beautiful women around you. Take photos with them and post on your social media end on your profile in relationship websites.
Also walk with other high status guys to help you boost your status. Many women will find you more attractive (even without them knowing why).

Direct opening

This opening is best suited for guys who are more confident.
By taking a direct approach you convey self-confidence. This shows that you are a dominant male and that you know what you want.
Even though many women still deny it, most of them find this extremely attractive.

Indirect opening

Indirect opening is great for use by those who are shy or more cautious in their approach.
If you don’t want to use the direct opening, you can use the indirect strategy to start interacting with a woman.
Depending on the situation, the indirect opening may be a little less efficient than the direct one, but it is less risky and is great for breaking the ice and starting the conversation.

Irresistible chat

Create a conversation that goes beyond the superficial and the trivial.
No job interviews types of conversations, like:
What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
Where do you work ?
Do you always come here? (please stay away from this line! If you’re out of ideas, talk about the coffee you’re drinking or something like that.)
Try to engage in a deeper, more intimate conversation until you reach a more intense level of conversation.
When you're meeting a girl, try to talk less about yourself and keep the conversation focused on knowing more about her: her hopes, her dreams, her past experiences, what she wants for her future. Ask, for example, WHY she moved to a new city, if that’s the case, and WHAT her expectations in this new place are... Or ask if she could choose anywhere in the world to live, where it would be and why.


Many call this skill a technique. It’s not a term that I would choose to use, but practice is what matters.
The qualification serves to show that you’re not there just to please her or to be her friend. And it shows that you’re a man of your own opinions, who has personality and is unpredictable.
To qualify, you just have to disagree with her at some points in the conversation and continue to stick with the contrary opinion. If you agree with everything she says, it may seem very predictable and boring. Women like men who show themselves as challenging, unpredictable, and have personality.
Those seduction tips might not be brand new for many of you, but it is always nice to reinforce some of the techniques. Along with a nice profile, carefully selected photos and a video, you will definitely be more noticeable in online dating world and have a plentiful love life.