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Online Dating

From the computer screen to reality

Today I decided to share with you a story. A personal story. You can say that this is a successful story in the world of online dating. A story in which a flirt on the internet has become a real date. A wonderful and unforgettable date.

Let’s be honest

We often read or hear terrible stories of online datings. These are stories of disappointments, where the person you meet is completely different from the one you talked online. People tend to exaggerate facts or lie about themselves when they are in front of a computer. It seems that the protection of the internet gives them the power to be whomever they want.
Don’t get me wrong. I'm all in favor of using the internet to get more courage. Use and abuse of this tool to talk to a girl you normally wouldn’t have a chance with. I'm just not in favor of lies. Be always yourself... but with more coolness.
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But let's go to my story

I had been talking to this girl on the internet for a while. I met her on a dating site. The conversation was pleasant. She was fun and very beautiful. A wonderful Brazilian that lived in Rio de Janeiro. Problem is I live in the UK. But the opportunity to meet her came at the time of the World Cup. This year Brazil hosted the World Cup and I had already scheduled to spend fifteen days in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro.
At first I was a bit afraid to contact her, because we never even considered the possibility of meeting. Our conversations were nothing more than a flirtation. But remember what I said about courage before? Such courage must also exist when we don’t have the protection of our computer screen. We need courage in every aspect of life.
I got in touch with her and told her about my visit. At first, she was very surprised, but agreed to meet. To reassure her, I suggested a public place (remember that, guys. Women need to feel safe). She suggested a tourist spot. At the entrance of the tour to the Christ the Redeemer.
I went to meet her. I was very nervous. As for seeing her, she was everything I had seen in the photos and more. I think you must be imagining a brunette beauty like the ones that appear in Carnival. Far from it. But she was beautiful to me. We visited the Christ the Redeemer together and then went for a lunch on the beach. She told me about her life. She shared an apartment with two friends to go to college. She said her hometown was in another state. She also said that her friends went home to visit their family and only she was there because she needed to study.
Conversation goes, when I realized it, I was already in her house, making out hard. And before you say that she was too "easy" to let that happen, I say that you are stupid to think this. She was wonderful. She opened herself to me like a flower and I could taste all her wonderful perfume and taste. I loved and respected her more for that.
Long story short, I canceled my reservation at the hotel where I was going to stay and spent fifteen days of a lot of sex, talk and companionship. I confess that I fell in love with her. She was wonderful! Every time I remember of her, I shudder.

Eternal memories

By the time I had to return to the UK, I proposed to her that we continued our relationship online. To my unhappiness, she told me that, although she had really liked me, she was not ready for a long distance relationship. I was sad because I really liked her, but we are still friends online. I will never forget the days I spent with her and I will always keep them in my heart. They are the proof that a little courage (and the help of the internet) can change your life for the better.