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Don't be ashamed to show your charms

I have received many messages from women who say they are too shy to win a man, especially online. What they don’t know is that they already possess all the necessary "weapons" of seduction, and that most men don’t need very effusive displays of affection to be seduced. You can conquer anyone you want, even discreetly.
If you are a more shy woman or don’t have a strong self-confidence, perhaps making use of some indirect approach to men may be the best way for you to express yourself and win the heart of a man with subtlety.
If you are not one of those who like to talk about what you think or about your likes and dislikes right away, the best tactic to approach a guy may be through hints. Most of them love it, because it’s interesting for them to feel courted or to participate in a game of seduction.
But, do you know how to use or make hints for men at the right time? I’ll give you the best tips here, so you can apply them in your daily life.
This tactic catches the attention of the man to make him realize that you have ulterior motives for him. Moreover, it’s a more subtle way of saying what you are thinking, without using all the words, which also contributes to the game of seduction, which must rely on this atmosphere of mystery that make conquering a man make possible.
The indirect approaches are great allies too when you intend to evaluate how the guy’s interest is for you. They can be said at different times and circumstances, regardless if the man you want is your co-worker, college friend, best friend, acquaintance, etc., although each situation requires some an specific care, including whether you will use the hints to conquer him or not.
Not only in the workplace, but on many occasions, it’s best that you give him hints when you are only in his presence alone. Avoid giving hints to conquer a man when he is with friends, or even when you are with a group of acquaintances. As far as the ease of understanding the indirect things you say, it may be clear to everyone else, and the conquest must take place between the two of you only.
In addition to the care you must take when making use of hints to conquer a man, you need to be sensitive enough to say something that the man in question understands. No matter how indirect, the man must understand what you're trying to say to him, so beyond your speech, a deeper look and a crooked smile can reinforce what you want to say.

Give subtle suggestions

Suggesting it may be easier than actually making an invitation. For example, if you're liking a guy and want to see him, you can say something like, "How long! We have to catch up. We can set one day out to talk, don’t you think?"
This type of suggestion usually works well, because if he’s minimally interested, he’ll accept your idea and, who knows, even propose something more solid. So the invitation will be his, not yours. Then just take the cue and accept it. In this case, it’s best to accept it upfront, since to suggest something and then refuse an offer may seem that you have spoken without meaning and that you’re not really interested. Accept it and mark it in your calendar!
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Allow your senses to arouse him

Listen, but also speak and let him hear the timbre of your voice, sweet and at the same time sensual. Don’t touch him too much, but when you do, do it with delicacy and seduction. Use a good perfume and allow him to smell you from afar and near.

Always be prepared

Dress well for all occasions and never let it show too much that you are looking for someone. When you act naturally, good things come to you. Don’t be rude or tough with guys that come close to you even if you’re not interested in them. You never know when a future friend can appear out of nowhere.

Don’t be shameless or too shy

Knowing the perfect way to moderate the situation allow him to see that you are sensual, but that you also has that sweet way of girl woman. Men love this game between woman and girl, as long as this mixture of sensations doesn’t cause them confusion in their minds and hearts.
There isn’t a list of hints to conquer someone that you can choose and use specific with the man you want to conquer, for they are quite generic and vary greatly by the moment. However, it’s possible to give some examples that may inspire you to create your own indirect ways to conquer a man.
If you're a college student, for example, and it's approaching the day of the test that everyone finds difficult and requires a lot of study, you can reach the guy you like and that you want to seduce and say something like "let's study in my house?"
It’s possible to say that the indirect ones are the invitations with ulterior intentions. Another example that applies to this situation is when you are walking and he is hot, in case he says it is hot, you can take advantage of this and say "then take off your shirt, I don’t care". This and another little fag will even sound like a direct one, but if you want to be bold, that's a good tip.
If you work in the same company and meet sporadically in the corridors, in the coffee room or near the kitchen or something like that, you can take advantage of these moments to invest in the indirect approaches to conquer a man. A rather bold suggestion is when you approach him and he’s holding a cup of coffee or water and you say, "Ah, how I wanted to be this cup".

Naive questions

You can give hints to men with seemingly naïve questions like, "What are you going to do today?" or "What's the schedule for this weekend?", so he’ll tell you what he’ll do and may even invite you to come along. If he invites, you can be sure that it won’t just be by cordiality or politeness.
Most likely, if he’s being polite, he will also ask what you’re going to do. You can answer by saying that you had nothing programmed and already accept his invitation or mention another schedule and invite him to attend. Never ask what he's going to do if you don’t have the intention to go with it. Always have a card up your sleeve, if your curiosity sounds strange.

Chat with him

Men like women with subject matter, content, so if you're a good conversationalist, they're going to like being close to you, even for a change of heart. It all starts with a good chat, so don’t pass up certain opportunities for conversations. Staying without keeping in touch for too long can cool things between you two.
Give time to time, but whenever a subject in common that you remember comes up for some reason, send an uncommitted message. He’ll love to know that you remembered him and that you came to pull subject. This is subtle, but it can be very effective. Showing that you are nice and interesting can encourage you to call him out, even for a few beers and a chat. This is already half way to the conquest.


Men usually enjoy a good challenge, whether they are challenges posed by men or women. With women, they may feel biased to accept to show how powerful and superior they are. It’s a genetic and instinctive matter. So you can make use of it in your favor.
Say something like that in an informal conversation, "I bet you don’t go to such a bar", "I bet you can’t drink 5 doses of tequila" or "I'm sure you don’t know how to behave in a first date". In the end, this kind of thing will instigate him and he’ll want to do everything to prove otherwise by inviting and accepting the challenge.
He’ll think that he is mastering the situation, when, in fact, he’s only a part of your little game.
Along with the use of the indirect clues and the nuances involved described in the above tips, try to be sexier. It’s obvious that it is very difficult for any woman to feel sexy all the time. Sometimes it seems even impossible to women that are shy. But there are many sexy women who can’t see this side of them, and often hide it. Others try to be sexy all the time and end up exaggerating and becoming vulgar.
The fact is that often men consider sexy things that women can’t even imagine and this can work even more in an indirect way.
Without a doubt, the most powerful thing you can do at this very moment to instantly increase your sex appeal is to slow down, go slow. Of course this doesn’t refer to your thinking.
Instead of running, slow down and enhance, accentuate your movements, practically as if you were parading, or as if it were those shampoo advertising models that walk with your hair down and move around on slow motion.
It's something very easy and simple to do, and it can make all women sexy.
Another example is when you are talking to someone and using your arms to express yourself. Making quick and swift movements with them can help you make your point, but it's not sexy at all. The ideal is to move gently.
The same goes for the way you talk. The faster and higher, the less sexy. Speaking lower, with that famous "velvet voice" and slowly will transform you into a sure sexy woman.
Of course this doesn’t mean that you should walk very slowly, talk extremely low and slow. There is a fine line that you should judge of how sexy it is.

There is a fine line between being sexy and vulgar

It’s common for some people to find that sexy women need to wear the shortest dress, the longest neckline, or any type of extremely vulgar clothing.
This is sure to attract men, however they will be attracted for the wrong reasons. Unless you are looking for someone for a one night stand, this isn’t something that should be done.
At the same time, it’s important to wear clothes that show and highlight the best parts of your body. This will help improve your overall look and attractiveness, but you need to strike a balance between the two. The same goes for arranging your hair, make-up and choose the appropriate shoes and accessories.
A basic rule of fashion is that if you wear a deeper neckline, opt for the not so short underside, and vice versa.

Do not be afraid to look eye to eye

If you want to learn to be sexier, you shouldn’t have to lose your dignity and self-esteem for him or anyone, ever.
That's why learning to make eye contact is a fantastic and, at the same time, powerful way to be sexy.
The next time you're talking to a guy, try making eye contact with him. It's a great way to say, "Hey, I'm confident and I know what I like." This is incredibly powerful and appealing to men.
But just like in the tip above, there's a fine line between sexy eye contact and what might be weird, making him think you're chasing him. If you keep staring at the man, he may feel weird and even think you're stalking him.
A much better and sexier way is to look away, then look again, but stay for at least 5 minutes without looking again so as not to scare him.

Learn to create sexual tension

The last tip that leaves women sexy is to learn how to effectively build sexual tension.
It is, in fact, far more powerful than any of the other techniques, since it’s what will make him think of you even when you’re not around.
The easiest way to build up sexual tension is by provoking the man. Often, the best way to do this is with jokes, letting things be understood, making him think you said something more provocative, some soft hints, etc.
I hope these tips helped you and that you’re able to touch the heart of the man you like.