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Bia Patricio
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February 25, 2018

Online Dating

Does he like me or just wants sex?

One golden rule is that if you’re feeling used, it’s because you’re probably being used. The woman, by having her nature of perception sharper than men in the matter of feelings, has this very real and clear. I know that what was said here somebody may disagree or agree, but the fact is that it is all a matter of observation and knowing where you are stepping and always seeking to be yourself and not change your moral conduct because the person you just met seems amazing.
Men just want sex. This is one of the most widespread phrases by women who believe that all men are the same. In reality it isn’t so. There are men and men. And there are women and women. Some of them really want to get involved in a romance, others just want sex and then disappear from the map.
It's not easy. Women are beings who must have a lot of patience, since when men are aroused, they have a tendency to behave like animals. However, they are not always that way, only when they are very horny.
So, in 98% of the time, of course, if they are not lying with you without any clothes, you can expect them to behave as adult human beings.
There are some signs that indicate when men (and even some women) have ulterior motives solely and exclusively.

Late night messages

If the guy just calls you late at night, that might be a bad sign. If he contacts you after midnight or 1am saying that he wants to see you, that he misses you, or by responding to all the messages you have sent throughout the day, this can also be a bad sign.
If he always calls you to do things alone like watching a movie in your house, a dinner party and things like that, it may reveal that he wants only sex, or he's really a super homely guy who prefers more intimate dates. You’ll only discover this with time. But if he never invites you to go out with his friends or family, that means he doesn’t intend to establish anything serious with you.
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Omitting information

If everything you ask about his life, such as work, family, friends, he tries to change the subject or doesn’t go too deep, or if you feel that he may be inventing stories, that means he doesn’t want to commit to you, since he doesn’t seek to include you in his life.

Lack of Personal Involvement

Just as he never talks about his own personal life, he also doesn’t open up for you to vent on a problem at work, a discussion about your best friend or a sick relative. If he doesn’t want emotional involvement, he won’t give you the slightest attention.

Let's go to your place?

When he never invites you to go to his house with a thousand apologies, it may sound strange too. This behavior may indicate that he doesn’t want you to know details of his life or his address so he can disappear more easily.

He doesn’t introduce you to anyone

You don’t know his family, you don’t know his friends, he doesn’t want to go out with you, he doesn’t take you to walk in public places and maybe never introduced you to absolutely anyone. Tell me why a guy would do this to you, since every man wants to go out and parade with the woman they love? Only if he's cheating on you or doesn’t want to have a relationship with you. If the guy tries to keep you a secret, in the dark, he only invites you to go to his house or the motel, so you can be sure that you're being used by this guy.

Sexual Connotation

You made a big presentation at work and he says, “I bet you were super sexy pointing that laser pointer”. You switched the lamp of your room and he says, “Wow, I can’t wait to see you naked with that light”. You've created an app that charges cell phones through the static electricity in the air and he makes a pelvic gesture in your direction and says" I have something you can pull from the air too!”. It looks like this guy may be missing the opportunity to congratulate you, right?
If everything you say or write via message is taken to a sexual content, this may also mean that he wants only sex. As much as he is attracted to you and finds you an irresistible woman, no man talks about sex all the time. If he really likes you, he'll want to talk about other things and not just slutty talk.
Be careful of guys who always divert attention when they're with you for sex and malice topics. This form of insinuation is often overlooked and confused with a strong attraction and connection between you two. "Gee, we have such a great chemistry that I already feel body and soul with him!".
No, he’s not into you or into your life. He just wants to have sex with you. If he does a lot of innuendo, always diverting the conversation to other purposes, looking significantly at your breasts and genital parts, it’s highly likely that he has something obscene in his mind and he’s not calling you to know you better. He just wants to get into your pants.
If you didn’t know him before, or you just met, but there’s a lot of intimate conversation, be certain of his sexual pretensions.

Impatience during dates

If every time you go out in public for a bar, a restaurant, a movie, he wants to rush the date for you to leave soon, that may be an overt sign that he wants to see you naked right away. If, in addition, he keeps distracted during the whole date, disinterested in the things you have to say or answering calls, exchanging messages with other people all the time, you'd better run away.

He always plans a way for you two to be alone without you knowing

Always distrust when he plans a way to be alone to try something else. If your dating for a short time and he always have this type of behavior, this is a fact that he doesn’t respect your time together and wants only to have sex with you. Anyway, open your eyes!

Sex all the time

Any new couple usually does a lot of sex. This is because the desire arises and both are obsessed with the body of each other. So far so good. A lot of sex at the beginning of a relationships is quite common, but if time goes by and you don’t get out of it, spending more time having sex than doing other things, it's probably that his intention are just to have sex and nothing else.

Next day call

If after you guys have sex he never calls, and if ever since you had sex for the first time he changed a lot and only appears when he wants more sex, that may indicate that he wants sex only from the start. He created a character just to take you to bed and, after he got what he wanted, the mask fell off. Watch out!

He keeps disappearing

The guy is always disappearing, lives without battery in his cell, is always busy, forgets to call and you can never find him. If you notice that he does this often, it may be that he’s even married or has a girlfriend. You have to be smart, because if the guy is doing it now, imagine what would happen if he married you. You would live like his second option, my friend. If the guy gives these signs, that's another way to know how he's cheating on you.

Wild sex

If you always talk dirty or act more brutally within sex, it can mean a lot. Making a hotter sex is normal and even good, especially if you like it. But if you never get deeper sex, with subtle touches, it may show that you lack feeling. If after sex he doesn’t give you any affection by lying on the bed or he gets up too soon, this is also a bad sign.

He doesn’t make you breakfast or doesn’t take you to breakfast

There’s a lot of intimacy in having breakfast together (especially with puffy eyes, blurred makeup and unkempt hair). If he really is interested in you, none of this will matter. If not, you’ll probably have coffee at the bakery while you go back to your own home.

Girlfriend or friends with benefits?

See if he claims he doesn’t want a relationship. This tip may seem obvious, but many women refuse to see what is right under their noses, even when they hear the statement. If he tells you that he wants only casual encounters, that he doesn’t have time for serious things or that he doesn’t like relationships, then he probably doesn’t want any of that. You might get a little annoyed, you may think that he’s playing hard to get, or you are convinced you can change him. Well, if he told you that he is essentially not interested in things other than sex, then it may be necessary to rethink your relationship.

Once a hunter, always a hunter

Many guys see the woman as a hunting animal and sex a trophy. They are the ones that, when the woman is not easy, they soon give up, and there are others that pursue the woman until they get what they want. These ones are more cunning, so watch out! They are astute enough to play the game to avoid creating a possible suspicion, but that doesn’t change the fact that he just wants sex ... and in the end whoever gets hurt is the woman.