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Online Dating

Can we find a girl to marry on the internet?

There are many chances of lasting marriages being formed through the internet. If both are willing to engage in the relationship, even if initially from a distance, everything can go well. Remember to follow all possible precautions right at the beginning and, as you know and perceive attunement, it creates more intimacy, getting to know your partner better and proposing something more serious. I know it's something that can be arduous, but if you don’t go after your happiness, who will do it for you? Good luck and congratulations!
The Internet has become, in recent years, the main search tool of the vast majority of people, whether for professional or personal matters. Nowadays, most people turn to the Internet in the first place to find something other than through traditional means. When it comes to finding women, the Internet is also the preferred tool of the vast majority of men, since it’s easy, simple and extremely secure.
Well, my friend, are you tired of this life of parties and women and now you want emotional stability, to marry a beautiful, intelligent woman and start a family? As much as you are frightened by this desire, don’t worry, because all men fell that way, when the guy really wants to have a different life, to venture into marriage and live happily ever after.
For that, however, you will have to look for your future wife in different places from where you sought quick achievements and played seduction games. The girls who are good to marry may even be present in the bars you usually go to, but they do so sporadically, because if they are really in the mood for a stable relationship, they know that it isn’t in any bar that the right guy for them is.
The Internet is a place where you can easily find women willing to get married. In addition to chat and social networking sites, there are sites that offer just that service: finding a woman to marry you. There are many of them and they work in different ways. This site is one example of a place where you can find beautiful women that want a serious relationship, specially Brazilian women who wants to date foreign men.
In this site you can put a lot of information about yourself, so that the site itself, automatically, through searching its database, can find women who have a profile that fits into yours. So if you write that you are looking for women interested in a serious relationship, the website will give you several options of women seeking the same.
This will provide a number of dates, as you will start chatting online with these women and, as you find some of them interesting, you can schedule a date. It’s normal for you to delay finding a girl that you are really interested in, since many of them may theoretically match you, but she isn’t always going to have the chemistry that is essential to starting a relationship.

The prejudice of creating a profile

There is still a bit of prejudice when someone schedules a date through the internet. But the practice is very common around the world and most single people have a dating site profile.
So don’t think others will find you a loser because you have an account on a relationship website. Many people do the same, but they don’t admit it. It's like farting in public: everyone does it, but nobody confesses.
I can’t guarantee you, obviously, that you’ll find the love of your life on the internet, but why not try it? Maybe that the girl you're interested in has a profile there!
And don’t think people will tell you about having an account on a relationship site. Most sites work privately and you can only see other signups if you’re already a member.
In fact, finding women on the internet requires some special techniques and strategies for success to be the end result. There are now hundreds of websites and portals on the Internet that have the main purpose of encouraging people to meet, but if they aren’t well used, all you’ll see are profiles of super interesting women and not how to approach them.
So let's move on, because I hope you have finally learned that it’s something perfectly normal to have a profile on a relationship site, right?
When choosing the site to do your registration, keep in mind what you are looking for. Then you tell me: “Come on, man, of course I want to find a girlfriend. How come you haven’t figured that out yet?
Of course I know you want to find love on the internet, but there are some things that you should look into before you get to know people. For example, what if the woman is older than you intended? Are women with children a problem for you? Or divorced women?
Put all the restrictions already in your description, leaving no margin for misunderstandings. If you intend to date only women younger than you, for example, make that clear. That way, you will attract the candidates that best fit with you.
It turns out that not being too open can restrict your possibilities too much. That is, if you are looking for women between the ages of 35 and 40 who don’t have children, you’ll probably be able to get just a few results. So I recommend not to be extremely picky, if possible.

Be honest

Don’t lie in your profile description. Some guys, to increase their chances of having a date, omit (or lie) some information. Calm down, you don’t have to say certain things right away, but I recommend that you be as honest as possible.
Think with me: would you like to meet someone you talked to for days and then find out that she was not like you thought? The girl may be obese, for example, but she lied this information and edited all her photos to look different. Nothing against those who are overweight. I’m just saying you should that starting this with lies can undermine your future relationship.

A good profile

Besides finding a good dating portal, it’s essential that you have a good profile. The profile of a man who wants to meet women should have not only some interesting photographs that enhance his qualities, but also a detailed description of himself physically and emotionally. You don’t need to report all your life, but rather highlight some important points, such as your profession, your goals for the future or the enumeration and description of some of your greatest and most evident qualities.

Good conversation themes

If you are looking for single women, one of the most important things is to have good conversation themes. Online dating portals allow users to interact with each other, so it’s advisable to have good conversations, interesting topics and to know a little more about the person.
It’s important that you choose conversational themes that are not contradictory or simply those themes that can cause discord between two people, since it won’t be the ultimate goal and may well eliminate your chances altogether.

Don’t create illusions in your head

Can the internet help you find a girlfriend? Of course! Will it be easy? I don’t know, because it will depend on you. Therefore, I recommend that you don’t create delusions in your head. And I also ask you to take seriously the people that you meet on this platform, because it will help you find your love on the internet.
It may take time and months to find someone interesting, but it's best to be prepared for everything, including spending some more time alone.
So spend some time on your profile, thinking about your conversation topics and keep your feet on the ground. Your girlfriend may be waiting for you on a dating site. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Don’t be afraid to schedule dates

Most men who want to meet women online just want casual encounters and, in some cases, only get themselves through virtual relationships. However, women are much more emotional, and in most cases want to move to real-life dates as soon as possible, to know who they are talking to, and whether there is any feeling the moment they first meet.
On the other hand, it’s the men who are afraid to advance to the actual encounters, due to their enormous insecurity and lack of self-esteem. You shouldn’t be afraid. If you want to find interesting women with whom you can have a good relationship, don’t be afraid of a possible encounter, especially if this shows interest.

How to find the ideal woman to date and, who knows, to marry?

There was a time when I believed that there were women for one night only and nothing more Others to be friends, others for dating…
It was with experience and maturity that I discovered that things are not like this: there isn’t an ideal woman for what we need, but the IDEAL MOMENT combined with the attraction and involvement between you and the woman of your life... or of your night, be whatever your intention is.
Just as you today may be focused on getting as many women as possible, there will come a time (if it has not already come) that the will to live something special will start to show.

And there begins the dilemma: how to find the ideal woman to date?

I'll tell you how to do this, because you can’t pass up this experience. After all, this has undoubtedly happened a few times and I'll tell you why:
  • You already kissed a girl thinking of another girl;
  • You've felt alone even with someone;
  • You went to a bar or party when you actually wanted to be on a more intimate place with someone.
Certainly some – if not all – of the statements above made part of your life at some point and so I'll give you some tips to find out who the ideal woman is.

Tips for knowing when you can go from dating to thinking about marriage

  • You spent hours talking on the first date and discovered around twenty things in common.
  • Sex was crazy and when it was over you didn’t feel like sending her away.
  • She has already did some things with you during the day, such as a walk in the park, watch the sun go down, pedaling, lunch in the middle of the day, etc.
  • When you remember your conversation, you feel like laughing.
  • When you see her number calling on your cell phone, you automatically remember her face and not her body.
  • She gives importance to the same values as you.

Good communication

Communication is the priority for women. They look for men who answer questions honestly and have opinions of their own. Women want husbands who can defend themselves and who speak as they really are.

No manipulation

Good women don’t want to be manipulated and usually have little tolerance for the games. They don’t want to have to read the mind of their partners or have to interpret the signals they create. Don’t they hide your true feelings or pretend to be interested in other women to have your partner beg for your love.

Emotional Stability

Good women want a man who can walk with his own feet. It’s important to know how to deal with emotions responsibly and to know when they are getting the best of each situation.

True commitment

Faithfulness and loyalty are absolute needs for both men women. Most women think that the man just want sex and looks for a woman who doesn’t compromise his heart. Most women think men aren’t trustworthy, faithful and that everything will end when the relationship isn’t good... Prove them wrong.

What you should NEVER do

Finally, I need to give you some advice that will be useful for your whole life: if you are needy, adopt a dog, don’t get a girlfriend. Do you know why?
This need is like a dark cloth over your eyes. It completely takes away your sense of choice and you end up seeing love where there is nothing. The result can be a frustration, a bad relationship and experiences you want to forget.
Listen to me, brother. You need to be well alone to really be ready to date.
For you who are a woman, know what men look for in a woman to marry.