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November 25, 2016

Online Dating

Breaking Myths and Taboos

We are on an online dating we site. Although it’s a virtual environment, we still need to have basic etiquette and education. Because we’re on a site aimed at Brazilians and people who love Brazil (like me!), we need to be even more careful of the myths and taboos that revolve around Brazilian culture, especially Brazilian women.

The beginning of the myth

I want to be fair to my gender. Many Brazilian women suffer terrible prejudices from foreign men and women. I believe many of them have gone through the same situation: on a trip abroad, the girl says that she is Brazilian and her interlocutor soon opens a smile. Then this girl needs to hear the most unpleasant conversation in the world. The guy offers himself blatantly and the girl, somewhat bewildered, tries to correct the misunderstanding. When the man finally realizes that he will not have what he wants, he is perplexed and says: "But I thought Brazilians liked sex ...".
I don’t know how this idea that Brazilian are easy women got so famous, but it isn’t difficult to imagine the influences of this myth. During the carnival, TVs everywhere display dazzling women wearing almost nothing. People with common sense know the context of this whole exhibition. We know that many of these women are artists and that this is part of their job. But the ones who doesn’t understand the context of all this, imagine all kinds of things. They may think that Brazilians walk naked and smiling on the streets. This is an absurd, of course. It's a dumb generalization, but there are dumb people everywhere.

Let's no be stupid!!!

Let's not be that kind of dumb and rude foreigners. We can’t go talk to a Brazilian here on the site and treat her as an object. Let’s be reasonable. The Brazilians are incredible and hardworking women, who can inspire many other women around the world. They are, in fact, sexually freer than others, and this is not a matter of shame, but of admiration. The female libido among Brazilian women is strong. There is an eroticism in the Brazilian feminine culture similar to the eroticism of men, and perhaps this is the greatest virtue and achievement of the Brazilians: whereas in other cultures there is an abyss between the sexual behavior of women and men, in Brazil the difference seems to be smaller, although it is still remarkable.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Brazilians will want to have sex with everyone. Not all Brazilians, from the sex point of view, behave in an equal way. But it seems clear to me, inside or outside of Brazil, that Brazilian women enjoy of an inner freedom to have sex when and with whom they think it’s best. And that's really good and admirable.

Embrace sex and sexuality

We have a lot to learn from the Brazilian women, so let's break the myths and taboos that surround them. I hope that, in the future, the sexual freedom of Brazilian culture will be perceived throughout the world as part of a better, happier and more liberating way of life. People who celebrate their own body and are not ashamed of their sensuality are certainly better and happier people.