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November 28, 2016

Online Dating

An unexpected conversation

I know I've said here several times that I'm loving this new experience of writing a blog on an online dating site aimed at Brazilians. I said it and I'll repeat it again. I'm loving it! Some people have already questioned me about my love for Brazil and I even had a bit of fear of talking about it. But I don’t have this fear here. People here understand my love for this wonderful country. Here I am free to speak whatever you want!
But it seems that my previous post defending Brazilian women drew some attention. I reiterate what I said: they are women that I truly I admire and they must be respected!
But I won’t talk about it again. This subject has already been discussed. I came to talk about something that surprised me. After entering this site, A BRAZILIAN PERSON CAME TO TALK TO ME!!! I'll tell you how it was.

A pleasant surprise

This morning I entered my profile and realized that there was a new message. When I opened it, to my surprise, it was a Brazilian girl. Her name is Camila (beautiful name, isn’t it?) and she is very nice. She spoke in English and the message read as follows:
"Hello. My name is Camila. I signed up for this site a short time ago and I soon met your blog. I found it very interesting for a foreigner to be so in love for Brazil. First, I liked your post that talks about the betrayal you have suffered in the past. I was sad for you. My eyes were filled with tears and I wanted to be by your side to comfort you. I know it happened in the past, but I imagine it's still something that hurts you. You have my solidarity. All of us have suffered some treachery in our lives, so I know how you feel. But I must say that the post that caught my attention was the one in which you defend Brazilian women. Although I am Brazilian, I live in the United States because I am doing university exchange. I've heard the things you wrote and things much worse. People (especially men) know how to be very unpleasant and prejudiced. So your post surprised me (in a positive way). I'd like to get to know you better and keep talking to you through this site, if you want. And who knows, one day we can meet. Best Regards, Camila."

Excited about the future

This message surprised me. Before anything, I need to make it clear that I asked her permission to put the message here on the blog. She liked the idea very much. I was very surprised and moved by what she said. I'm happy that my blog is reaching so many people. I know this is a relationship site more focused on finding love partners, but I'm looking forward to a good friendship with Camila. I will keep you updated. She’s very pretty. Maybe she’ll teach me how to be as sexy as her :)
Meanwhile, I must say that I am already very excited about the feedback I received from my posts. Brazilians, you are wonderful!