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A pig in a poke

A few weeks ago I received a message from a Brazilian woman here on the site. She sent pictures. She was SO sexy! She was older than me, but very beautiful and interesting. We talked about many things and talked to each other almost every day. She lives in my town and said that she found me because she was looking for people right where she lived.
We agreed to meet. We went out for dinner. I'm a gentleman, so I offered to pay, but she wanted to split the bill. It was a very pleasant evening. We talked, we laughed and we drank a lot. When we were saying goodbye, she suggested, in a very provocative way, that we should go to a hotel. I wouldn’t suggest that. My opinion is that the woman should always feel free to suggest something, even if it is only with body language. But you must know that she didn’t use body language. She used all the necessary words, whispering in my ear, with words that I can’t repeat here.
Anyway, we went to the bedroom and had a very good and wild night. We stayed up almost all night. The next day, we said goodbye and continued to chat over the internet. She wanted to meet more often. Not two days had passed since our meeting. We met again and she always suggested going to a hotel, regardless of the time of day. We didn’t walk or did anything else. We only met for sex.
I wanted to talk about this with her. Everything was very good. She was incredible. But I wanted to suggest that we did other things together. She suggested for me to go to her house. I agreed. She lived in a large and very beautiful house in the noble area of my town. I barely entered and she was already taking off my clothes. I asked her to be calm, but she insisted. I had sex with her right there in the living room. Then I asked to use the bathroom. And that's when things started to get weird. In the bathroom cabinet I found products for men. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed picture frames that were on dressers in the hallway, and I saw pictures of her with a man. Although all this could be explained in some way, I felt a bad feeling.
I decided to confront her and the truth came out: she was married. Her husband was traveling. When I said I was leaving, she cried, begged me to stay, said she and her husband hadn’t had sex for months. But I am very firm on that. I don’t go out with married women. And I'll tell you why.
One thing I always try to make clear to my readers is that I never encourage them to invest in married or engaged women, or women in any kind of relationship. With so much women available out there, why bother with someone who is already commitment to someone? In addition to this not being nice to the other person, this is an unnecessary complication and a waste of time for everyone involved.
I think every relationship should be based on transparency and honesty. Do you just want to have fun and have sex? Great, make that clear. Do you want something more serious? Great, make that clear. Do you want only to date single people? Great, MAKE THAT CLEAR! I am very specific about this in my profile, but even so this woman approached me and tried to deceive me, deliberately. When I found out, I had to hold on to what I had made clear that I wanted. So on online dating sites, be clear about what you want, otherwise you will be a pig in a poke