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Why do some members have private text and photos - and how can I see them?


Members have the possibility to add private text and photos that do not show in public or to all members. You can share them only with members you choose.

We all have small secrets, wants and lusts that we do not eager to share in full public - or you just want to protect some of your privacy and identity. This is how you can do it.
After messaging for a while, and you feel that there is time to share some more text and photos, you can easily do that from the message page. But first you need to write the text and upload the photos and get them approved by administrator.
You write your private text at the page "My Profile" in the member menu, just below where your other text is located. This text will be showing only to members who you choose to share with. When sharing, each of you will see the private text and photos of the other part. You can stop sharing anytime you want.
You upload your private photos at the same place as your other photos, at "My Photos" in the member main menu. The only difference is that you tick the checkbox "Private Photo" in the upload page. You can easily delete any private photos.
You cannot change a public photo to a private or a private to public. When earning Credits, only the public photos counts.
WHAT IS LEGAL AND NOT: We allow almost anything. Exception if it the text or photo is against our terms and conditions, or if it is a violation of any laws. Regarding NUDE PHOTOS - we permit almost anything - BUT it must be of yourself. If we are in doubt that a photo is of you, it will be deleted. If you make photos where your face is not showing, add a note with "AMO" on some of them, or write it on your skin, so we know this is you.
HOW TO SHARE: When you have written a private text, and your private photos are approved, you can invite other members to share with them. Do this by using the "Photo Sharing" button in the message page. You must wait for the other member to accept your invitation for sharing. If the other member accepts, you will see any private text and photos of the other member. If your "Photo Sharing" button is not visible, that means you either have not written private text or uploaded private photos, - or your private photos are not approved yet.
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