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When three is not too much

Ponder. Think about what you want. If you really want it, find the partner or the ideal partners, the ideal place, the ideal moment. The worst that can happen is that you won’t like it and won’t want to do it again. No drama.
If this topic bothers you, please don’t read this article because, although it’s not an erotic tale or anything, it contains hints of sexual positions and things like that. So be warned.
I decided to write about this because, in addition to receiving many questions about the subject (from both men and women), my girlfriend and I are trying new things, so I think it’s interesting to share my observations.

Many men want, but few talk about it

Having sex with two women is one of the most famous fantasies that hangs around men's heads when it comes to sex. Most of them may not admit it to their partners, for fear of what they will think or if they’ll be upset, thinking that they don’t provide the pleasure their man needs. But the truth is that, even if you satisfy your partner sexually and are a wild woman in bed, he will still think of a ménage at the trois.
Every man has thought about it in his life. If he hasn’t thought about it, he’ll do it at a certain moment. This fantasy has nothing to do with whether you have a hot sex with your partner or not, but with a consuming dream, a fetish that won’t be sated until it becomes dormant in the mind of any man.
If the man is single, it will be necessary to find two girls that also want to participate in it in order to put this fetish into practice. Presenting your sex friend to a more uninhibited girl can start a beautiful friendship between all of you.
If you are in a relationship and your partner shares the willingness to join a threesome is already half way to fulfilling your fantasy. You just need one more member for fun to happen. You can go out together, watching the girls – the flirtation with your partner is also something very exciting.

When the time to talk about it comes

Whatever time you spend in a relationship, you certainly feel when the threesome suggestion is about to happen. This situation can happen early during courtship, when you're in a serious relationship or even when you're married. The suggestion seems inevitable and some women will have many questions about how to act.
Everyone likes to be wilder from time to time, especially regarding sex. And if you're comfortable with the idea, congratulations, that's great news. But if you're confused – just like most women are – and you have with a lot of questions, it's worth pondering calmly over a few points before giving your partner an answer.
Some women may be disappointed to hear this proposal from their partner's mouth and the following questions arise: What’s wrong with me? Is sex boring? Am I not that beautiful or exciting?
In our culture, extremely obsessed with sex, wanting a monogamous relationship makes one person almost bizarre in comparison to the others. It seems like today enjoying life fully is about getting out and fucking with as many people as possible without worrying about tomorrow.
But sex is not everything. Certainly it isn’t. If you’re not in the mood to do something, just don’t do it. If your boyfriend pushes you to make a threesome or makes you feel like a demure prude, maybe he's not such a good partner after all.

Create the mood

Regardless of who the three members of the threesome are, it’s important that they are in a reserved place, so that the game can roll without restrictions. Preferably between four walls – a house, a motel, a swing club. And when there’s a comfortable environment and everyone is at ease, don’t wait. Take initiative. You’re all adults, and I suppose if you're about to have a threesome, it's because you've been able to create the opportunity. It's more than clear why you’re there, right?

Ladies first

Don’t be in such a hurry right away. If they have the initiative, let the girls kiss first. This should help them feel more comfortable with the situation. Admire the moment, tell them how it turns you on. Watch them take off each other's clothes. Enjoy to slide your fingers over every part of their bodies that is exposed. Gradually include yourself in the middle of them. A good way to start a fun threesome is with a triple kiss, allowing the three tongues to curl together before sliding the mouth over other parts of the body.
This, of course, depends entirely on the personalities of the people involved. If the girls are more timid, they will probably wait for the man to take all the action. In that case, you can ask to see them kissing. Or turn the mouth of one to the other, trying to get them closer.
And there are those who don’t like women. If that's the case, be prepared. It will be hard.

Organize the mess

If you’re a lucky boy and have two naked girls in bed, try to pleasure them simultaneously. It’s exciting to see that the man, even if only for a while, having the girls under his control, but without the worry of being the provider of the whole situation. Then allow them to seek their own pleasure. Remember that you only have one tongue, two hands and one penis.

Cooperative work

By doubling the number of tongues involved in each gesture, you double the pleasure of who is the target of the action. Remember that the functions in a trio are different. That is, there is another person to help you with each task. No one will ever be without something to do.

Wait for your turn

Not always every moment of a situation of group sex will involve directly all participants. Sometimes two members come into their own rhythm, even if they are attentive to person number 3, for example. At that time, the third person can deal with it other ways. It’s necessary to know how to turn attention, so that everyone has the opportunity to be fully satisfied.

No crisis

If you feel jealous, avoid feeding this feeling in the middle of the sex. It’s inelegant to turn sex into a relationship discussion, especially if you have to involve a third person in marital problems. Creating codes that allow communication between the couple can allow one to know what goes on in the other's head without making a fuss. It’s a moment of pleasure, so enjoy it.

Fulfill her fantasy

Guys, pay attention right now. Sorry about the language I’ll use, but this is almost a plea for all the female gender, so I’ll talk in a way that all guys will understand.
Do you have the fantasy of feeling a girl siting on your face while another girl rides your dick? Can you imagine kissing a girl's breasts while another beautiful girl sucks your balls? So it may be that your wife also fantasizes that one guy fucks her from behind while she blows another guy.
Many women have the fantasy of having sex with two men while they satisfy her, but not all of them experience it. The problem seems to be that most women interested in man-woman-man sex don’t know much about how to make it happen and what actually happens in those situations.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex with two men

Many people think that two men who are willing to split a woman sexually are bi or gay – THIS IS FALSE!
Watching a woman having sex with another guy is a common sexual fantasy of many heterosexual men. A man-woman-man ménage is a matter of two men interested/willing to please the same woman at once. Yes, two men will be very close to each other while having sex with her, but being naked in the same room with someone of the same sex doesn’t qualify you as bisexual or homosexual. This is stupid.

And if I already have a fixed partner and he doesn’t want a threesome with another man, what do I do?

There are many options. There are women who give up on the fantasy. Others try to convince the partner. Some choose to perform the hidden fantasy without the husband knowing.
You should weigh the pros and cons of each situation and decide what is best and how far to realize this fantasy is important to you, how much you are horny about it. We know it’s the dream of most women.
Remember that betrayal is not well seen, even with swingers. The motto is "Yes swing, No betrayal”.
Despite this, we know that there are always people who are ready to do it, and I’m not here to make judgments about anyone's relationship.

Is it possible to know if he doesn’t want this because of chauvinism or because he really doesn’t feel like it?

A good conversation with your partner can help you figure this out. The great test is before offering the threesome with a man, offer your partner a threesome with a girl. If it's chauvinism, he'll get all excited about the women's threesome (smarty, huh?), and when you talk about the threesome with a man, he's going to take it back and will be irritated.
But there is the case where the guy is not liberal and doesn’t want any kind of liberal relationship.
What are the things that a woman who’d like to be in a men's threesome have to know?
She needs to choose the right person, so she does not risk turning the dream into a nightmare. If she’s single, this is very simple and easy. If she’s married or has a boyfriend, she has to remember that she has a relationship at stake.
She has to know how to impose herself to make everything run the way she wants. After all, in a men's threesome she must be the star.
And don’t be afraid of nonsenses like: "Am I going to be able to satisfy both?" They have to satisfy her!

And there's something you HAVE to do?

What she will or won’t do, she’ll decide! Everything is allowed, nothing is obligatory.
And what protection is the most practical in the middle of this "whole mess"?
Let's face it, today, those who don’t want to take risks can’t even have sex with their own partners. The number of women who get diseases from their partners is pretty high. Unfortunately, today sex is an act of risk. Everything can transmit diseases, including oral sex, if you don’t use a condom.
I always say jokingly, but with an amount of truth: you don’t want to take risks? Have some orange juice instead!
But seriously: CONDOMS ALWAYS! If you want to be radical, don’t do oral sex or just use a condom. Choose your partners well. Even if appearance doesn’t guarantee anything, a clean, well-cared, hygienic person is always better.
Water, lubricant and condoms are mandatory items in the room while you play.
You have to make sure everyone is hydrated, because you're definitely going to work out a lot, so why not leave a bottle of water nearby?
Lubricant, because having sex with two men is a marathon. Lubricant will help you to lend a hand to men or even prepare yourself in places you’re maybe not used to.
Condoms are a must! Do I really need to explain why? No. You women know all the benefits of safe sex. You should provide the guys with condoms just in case they come with apologies or if they try to say "I don’t have more condoms".
These obligations are common sense items, but will ensure that everyone is not only safe, but comfortable and clean.
Don’t cling to social conventions. If you want, find the means to fulfill your desire. Fulfilling fantasies is great, and if it can be done with someone we like, even better.