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Romantic ideas to surprise your girl

Surprising your girl can be quite simple if you dedicate yourself to it and take into account the small details. In a relationship, gifts and displays of affection are really important to show that special girl she’s special to you. To help you winning those extras points, I put together some easy and effective ideas. 

Do something different with her

Very few people like monotony, so you can find a new activity to carry out on a date that goes beyond the common things coupes usually do together. For example, you could take her to an amusement park and get on one of those super risky and full thrill rides. Or maybe take classes together or go climbing or ice-skating. 
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Prepare a special dinner

You don’t need to be a chef to prepare a simple meal you can both enjoy. Look for simple recipes in cookbooks or online or watch a video tutorial showing you how to do it step by step. The important thing is to show her the effort you put in making that meal and that you did it just for her. You can also invite her to prepare this meal with you, this will be a different activity and in which you both will share a lot and will surely have fun.

Hide a note in the book she is reading

Not all surprises have to involve money. You can also surprise her by showing your love through a simple note or letter with a romantic message with your trademark and phide it so that she does not know it's there until she opens her book or folder and find it by surprise. 

Create a mural with memories

Photos of both of you have a very special and beautiful meaning and also represent all those moments you shared together. You can collect old and new photos, print them and make a mural that can be hanged on a special place to surprise her. You can also place short romantic messages between photos, remembering special dates and times spent together.

Surprise! Surprise!

Finally, surprising your girl is not as difficult as you think, if you really love and know her, you just have to think about those things that make her happy and use them to show how valuable and important she is to you.
Got any nice ideas to surprise your girl? Share it with us!