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Is age difference a problem?

A happy and stimulating relationship between a man and a woman can last a long time and be a very positive thing. Nevertheless, it depends on a continuous dedication and a special attention in conquering each day the person chose to be our lover: who we date, with whom we marry or with whom we spend some special moments.
In my adventures on dating sites, I received a message from a very interesting Brazilian woman. I will not say her name. I looked at her profile and she's beautiful... and 10 years older than me. Although I have some experience in dating, I have never dated an older woman. We both exchanged many interesting and spicy messages, and I confess that she is different from all the women I talked to. I confess that I feel bewitched. However, commenting about her to a friend of mine, he was surprised that I was interested in an older woman. It was then that I began to notice a certain prejudice in relation to the subject. So I decided to create a post about it.
Opinions seem to divide. There are men who would never date an older women and others who worship them. I, honestly, can understand why some men prefer older women.
Many guys have always dated older women. They guarantee that there is something in them that is extremely attractive, but they ‘t decide if the secret is in the maturity, intelligence or charm that only come with time, like a good wine.
Men love mature women because they know how to control their emotions much better. They are more adult and their behavior is more sensible. They don’t have as many emotional and irrational peaks as the younger girls, and this is a trait that is very interesting to men, as it removes the pressure of relationships. An older woman is more responsible for her feelings and knows how to face them better. Men like to surround themselves with much less complicated women with a great sense of humor. That’s why they find mature women very attractive.
Older women also make men crazy by their experience. It is a great advantage because they have lived longer and know perfectly what they want. There is no room for doubt or confusion. They know well what to expect and what they seek out of life. They are experienced in sex and have no problem saying what they like. An older woman knows how to satisfy and drive a man crazy. In fact, there are many guys who fantasize about having sex with women older than them. In addition to their experience, they have a curved body and don’t have so many complexes. They accept and love their body, which is very sensual for any man. Mature women are aware of their faults, but this doesn’t stop them from living the life they desire, so they make the most of it.
Below I will list the many advantages of dating an older woman.

They can hold a high level conversation

God, this is so true! A mature and intelligent woman has often had many experiences, so she will be able to bring more interesting information to the conversation than any younger girl. Over the years, intelligent people are becoming more knowledgeable and wise. Why go out with a girl at her 20s if she's even more interesting at 30?

They are objective and REALLY know what they want

With age, women - like men - understand themselves better. They understand their emotions and what they expect from a relationship. Because of this, the more experienced they are, more likely they will be to compromise and set things straight. And the best: when things get tough, they don’t run back to mom and daddy. :)

They are more passionate

More experienced women have a better understanding of life. They are more passionate, they do what they love and love deeply. They can connect themselves with you in ways a younger girl still can’t understand. Age offers new ways to love. There are several shades of love, and as these shades overlap with time, they become an ever deeper color.

They are better in bed

Sex is not like riding a bicycle. You can practice riding a lot and still not notice any developments on top of the bike. Sex, on the other hand, is something that you can improve upon with experience.
Sex is not just sex. It even involves the moments of waiting, because even the tension we accumulate causes your sexuality to intensify - and you learn more about yourself.

You can learn more from them

The most important thing in life is learning. Without learning, you are not really living. Having a smart, fascinating, slightly mysterious and incredibly impressive woman at your side, defending your cause, to experience things and grow up with you, is all a man can ask for.
If, like me, you are young, there is even more reasons to invest in a relationship with an older woman.
Women these days have been able to live their sexuality more freely and suffer less prejudice for it. This freedom means being able to feel sexual attraction for someone, and if it is reciprocated, to be able to advance to her limits. Before this, women had to deny that they felt desire and wanted to have sex, especially after they became mothers, after they entered their 40s, after menopause... In fact, there was very little time left to express themselves sexually, only when they were young and single.
Today, both men and women can choose who they want. Medicine, research in aesthetics, nutrition and health, has been providing good looks and a healthy body in all ages, and the willingness to do daily activities depends much more on good habits and regular exercise than on the age. Sex is included, as well as the attraction of some women to younger men. This preference is not something new, as well as the desire to live their sexuality, but only now can these women express themselves openly and fulfill these desires.
One of the things that can encourage them to want younger men is what they hope they can offer compared to older men. Besides, this preference may not be exactly just for younger men. Many men the same age as women, or older than them, are interested in the younger ones, and therefore are not available. So the way is to look for an alternative, which, by the way, is not bad at all.

But, being more objective, how attractive would an older woman look to a younger man?

  • More disposition for sex, since they are at the peak of their physical performance. The older woman, as long as she likes sex, still has the same disposition as when she was younger. If she has already entered the menopause, she will have to take special care to ensure good performance, but she will need to have sex more often to ensure better lubrication. What’s better than that?
  • Less stress to interfere with the desire, allowing to live more creative and stimulating situations. The older woman has overcome many prejudices and may be available to live new situations in a much looser and more engaging way. And the young man is very curious and full of initiative. A perfect match!
  • The younger man admires the older woman for her sensuality, for the confidence she has in herself, for characteristics that make her desirable. And a younger girl doesn’t know these things yet. The older woman who knows these things, doesn’t try to be a young woman and wear clothes or have attitudes that make her look like a girl of 20 in a body of more than 40. She simply dresses in a sensual way, according to her style. She is desirable and hot, just by being herself. And so, she is really desirable and delicious. And the man realizes that there is someone who can give him not only the form, but content;
  • Another important factor is that younger women often prioritize the search for safety in a man older than them, and pleasure is in the background. The older woman is looking for pleasure in the foreground. Great sex guaranteed!
  • The younger man will feel safer to know that this older woman knows he has someone he should value. She knows that this man can give her very good things. She knows that they can live many stimulating moments together, and therefore she will endeavor to seduce you, to conquer you every day. She cares more, is more attentive, not only to look good, which is also a personal gain for her. In addition, this relationship can be very interesting, full of a lot of movement and new things, such as travels, going to new places, discovering interesting activities for both. Ideal setting for stimulating self-knowledge and sex.
Anyway, there are many good points in this type of relationship. But, of course, we must not forget that there are challenges due to age differences. Different interests, different rhythmic life plans, young bodies and activities that only younger people can achieve, knowledge and interests that only those who have lived longer can experience. But if the two of you are aware of these differences and have tolerance and understanding, you can live a very stimulating relationship.
Beautiful, sensual and mature women can really arouse passion in younger men. And the fifty-year-olds who have tried on the bed or on the floor the wild vigor of a young man at his peak, fully understand the enthusiasm of an older friend who is suddenly caught by the physical and mental freshness of a girl. Even if the abandonment comes later. And they don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Now I’m going to talk about something delicate

Men may not think so, but women talk about penis. Big, small, thick, thin, straight, crooked. They talk about penis that don’t need handling or any special care. Neither alcohol, nor a special attention nor Viagra. They talk about men who get aroused just to talk to them on the phone, just by them saying hello, just to be in front of them, even if both of them are fully clothed. Frankly, excuse me the old men, but they are not able to do or feel these things. Especially with older husbands in long marriages.
Can I tell you a secret? Men who feel the urge to take a mature woman to bed are not the oldest ones. They are the youngest ones. The handsome and the smart feel proud of it. But unfortunately, out of modesty or self-criticism, many women don’t even dare to think about this. But there are also those who try and recommend. Not to marry. But to discover something new, amazing. Even if it's a long-term thing. Even if she deludes herself into thinking she can maintain control over feelings when both of them are not even realizing that they are falling in love with each other. And this is, honestly, beautiful!
But be careful. To conquer an older woman, many men end up changing their behavior according to what they think will arouse the woman's interest. But this kind of attitude, as well as unsustainable - do you really want to get into a relationship by pretending to be someone else? – it’s also very immature.
Ironically, you may want to appear mature when creating a character, but the effect is the opposite and this is noticeable. Of course, her interests may be very different from the interests of girls your age: music, movies, series and books, for example, may follow a completely different line from the ones you follow with your friends. But you can use this generation difference for both of you to have fun.
Of course, you need to have good sense and it is obvious that you need to read her reactions to understand whether or not she wants to learn about a new game you are playing. For example. But if you are already in a relationship, this can all be discussed in a light and balanced way for the two to learn new things. When you're already together, everything will be as natural as it is - or should be - in any courtship.
Also, jokes and good humor are part of any relationship, but don’t be the boring guy who makes too much jokes about the age difference and don’t make her embarrassed in front of her friends. I should not even be giving this tip because this is kind of obvious if you want to be a nice guy but, anyway, it's worth remembering, right? Don’t be an asshole.