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Oxente Regina
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Love and Romance

Daydreams about the perfect woman

I had a dream today. I dreamed of a beautiful woman waiting for me. In the dream, I felt my love for her and was happy to be with her. I woke up missing this woman I never knew. I spent the whole day thinking about this imaginary woman and it reminded me of previous relationships I had and how they affected my expectations for the future.
I want to make something clear. I'm not a womanizer. Of course many guys will say this. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful women in my life. I learned a lot from them. With none of them I started something that I intended to end from the beginning. I've always wanted something to last. I believe that all people have something to teach us, even if they pass through our lives momentarily.
I learned this in my travels. I travel a lot. I like to pack my things in a backpack and just go out into the world. I can even write about some of my adventures here. And when I'm not physically traveling, I visit every corner of the world online. I like meeting people from all over the world. I like this exchange of cultures and experiences.
Of the women I met around the world, online or in person, the ones that left me most admired and amazed were the Brazilians. All women are wonderful, but Brazilians have a special something about them. They are beautiful women. Of course, not all of them have stunning beauty, but they all have an inner beauty that seems to overflow to the outside. And they are very confident. Even the most insecure Brazilian women have a way of demonstrating that they know what they want and that they will succeed in achieving it. And when they do... I shudder just to think about it.
They walk on the streets and are aware that they are beautiful and desirable. The most beautiful smiles I received were from Brazilians. And forget about the stereotypes. Thighs, buttocks and big breasts. Chocolate-colored and wonderful skin. Of course there are women like that. But there are also the thin ones, so white that the skin can’t see a ray of sun without getting hurt. Tattooed, chubby, tall, short... I love them all! All of them have Brazil stamped on their faces and a wonderful way of walking and talking.
And the Portuguese? What a wonderful language! It looks like it was made to seduce. My mother is Brazilian, so I know a little Portuguese (but not enough to venture to write in Portuguese here in this blog). But maybe to whisper some words of love to the ear of some wonderful Brazilian woman. My father is from the UK and couldn’t resist the heat of a Brazilian woman. My mother is cheerful, funny and beautiful! She taught me a lot of what I know about Brazilian culture.
I often meet many women online, but I'm at this site because I really love Brazilian women. I'm romantic, I admit. I want to meet my love online and she will be a wonderful Brazilian woman! I'm sure of it. Meanwhile, I will record here all my adventures and attempts. Who knows? Maybe I’ll talk a little about my past. I'm a guy with lots of stories. If you're curious, keep reading. And if you're a curious Brazilian woman, come and talk to me. I will love to meet you!