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April 28, 2017

Love and Romance

Am I truly in love?

We can’t live without love and affection. It doesn’t matter if you decide to fall in love in real or virtual life, you will have a fascinating experience in both of them. Of course, it is impossible to predict when you will fall in love or plan this in advance, since in most cases these things happen suddenly. An online dating can be the first step in that direction.
I’m in love. I can say it to the four winds and not get tired of it. I’m in love with an amazing girl I met online. But how did I found out that I was in love? How do you know when love starts to blossom?
We all seek someone special with whom we can share our love. If we have problems in our private life in reality, we often end up seeking more serious relationships in the virtual world. Everyone knows that online dating sites have gained immense popularity nowadays with people of all ages. And this is because it is very important for us to know that we have soul mates, which will constitute a large part of our lives. That's why online dating is the perfect solution for people who can’t find their match in our troubled world.
The feeling you have when talking online is unforgettable. When you have just met a person on the internet, you are faced with many issues, such as what her personality is, her character, what her preferences are, and what kind of relationship that person is seeking. As time goes by, you will find out whether or not you like this person and if you want to meet her in real life.
Although online dating is fashionable nowadays, some people, however, find it almost impossible to find their soul mates on the internet. Despite this, nothing is impossible. If you sincerely believe that you have a chance to meet a person who will become close to you, then you can really benefit from using online dating services. In fact, there are many people who met their loved ones in the virtual world.
Online communication has both positive and negative aspects. One of the most common problems encountered by most people searching for a partner is how to differentiate between a real relationship and a virtual affection, which is usually temporary. The point is that when you date someone in real life, you can tell for sure if he or she is taking the relationship seriously. The same can’t be said for sure when you communicate online. Not that people are unable to love online. It's just that it's harder to spot this from a distance.

To like, to fall in love or to be truly in love?

To like is very relative
To like someone is to feel butterflies in your stomach, but to keep your feet on the ground. To like is to want to be together, but not to discard other opportunities. To like is to kiss, but from time to time, open your eyes discreetly to check the environment. To like is to hold strong, but not for too long. To like is to dedicate, but with limits imposed. To like is to have, but not to be yours. To like to want to sleep together, but wake up early the next day for other appointments.
To like is to go out, but go back to work on time. To like is to admire the qualities, but still notice the few or small defects. To like is walk hand in hand, but not feel safe. To like is to share your favorite chocolate, but still, stick with the big share.
To like is to spend Sunday together, but make crazy plans on Monday. To like is to take it seriously, but with the purpose of testing the weakness of the other. To like to go to go to each other’s house, but with the status of still knowing each other. To like is to make plans, but not to exceed more than three days. To like is to travel, but to miss what has not yet ended.
When you fall in love, you go crazy
After getting to know this person a little, attitudes and desires end up being completely uncontrollable. Passion is a feeling that disconcerts any rationality. Explicit emotions are the main hallmark of this sensation.
Falling in love with someone is synonymous of absolute surrender. “Wrongs” become “rights”, the distance becomes closeness, the afternoon becomes early, the night becomes day, poverty becomes wealth, the cold becomes heat, the bad becomes good, hunger becomes homesickness, sleep becomes thoughts.
Falling in love with someone is getting yourself lost, or meeting yourself, in someone.
To fall in love is to feel the blood flowing in your veins and to feel shivers with simple touches. To fall in love is to discover any kind of joy in pain, it is to express through the eyes what words can’t translate. Falling in love means losing important deadlines, schedules and tasks. To fall in love is to give yourself, to run against time, to allow yourself and without restrictions, to make the best you can be.
To fall in love is to go blind. And only after burning all the flames, try to calm down and do everything to keep all the flames burning.
To truly love someone is to have all the certainties at once
To truly love someone is to live the present, to absorb the best of the past and to plan for the future. To truly love someone is to make dreams come true. To truly love someone is to care for that person, watch over her and protect her. To truly love someone is to have no doubts. To truly  love someone is to turn a fight into a teaching. To truly love someone is to bond, have children, grow old side by side. To truly love someone is to resist all temptations, disagreements, crises, jealousies and selfishness. To truly love someone is to surprise, to give. To truly  love someone is to make it clear how essential that person is, to say how much everything has changed. It is not to be ashamed of showing any affection.
To truly love someone is to be free. To truly love someone is to offer all our baggage of experiences, to know and to understand the other. To truly love someone is to make that person happy, to provide quiet nights of sleep, and to meet all her needs. To truly love someone is to reach out, support, counteract, but never give up.
To truly love someone is to let that person go, and still do everything for them to come back. To truly love someone is to be silent when you see that this love is no longer yours. To truly love someone is to be repetitive, both in tears that insist on running as and in recurring matters. To truly love someone is to forgive and give in.
To love is to give up, to lose all strength, but to keep on insisting.
The most notorious question, however, remains: Is it possible to truly love someone you met on the internet? It depends on you. First make this question to yourself. Do you love who the person really is, or do you love who you think she might be?
If you love her for what you think she is, this is absurd, which makes you confuse feelings, for you "love" a person you have designed and imagined to be, that is, what is not true reality. Now if you love who she really is, congratulations! You truly love her!
But how can you love that person with whom you have never had contact with? It’s hard, but not impossible.
On the internet, everything will always be beautiful and wonderful... at first. People say they love each other really fast, without even thinking straight. I’m not saying that love someone online isn’t possible, but is not instantaneous.
True love is born from the moment that defects and qualities are put together at the table, from which one can choose: "I know your faults and your qualities and I am willing to live the challenge of making it work".
Many people, trying not to lose that person, say to themselves: "I'm making an effort to make myself what she wants me to be".
So think about it. She doesn’t love you for what you are. She "loves" someone she wants you to be, which comes out of reality and becomes a real illusion. A projection of what you want a person a person to be. A person that you are creating in your own expectations.
From the moment you have no contact with the person and forget to see the inner part of your intimacy and don’t know that person personally, you don’t know her smell, her touch, her kiss, her faults, it’s harder to love that person for who she really is. It’s easier to fool yourself and to love someone for what you think she is, moving away from reality and making it an illusion. You love a person who doesn’t exist, because it is a projection of what you want.
I'm not saying that it isn’t possible to truly love someone you met online. I’m just saying is a lot harder. So ask yourself these questions. Do you "love" her for what you think she is, or for what she really is?
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Don’t be too worried

If you are worried about the problems mentioned above, it is expected that you will pay attention to the following signs. It is believed that honesty creates strong foundations for the development of a relationship. Consequently, if you don’t hide anything from your online dating partner, then you can expect the same from her. Of course, you must understand that there are no ideal people and that everyone has positive and negative traits in each personality. This is very natural and you should appreciate the fact that your partner is not afraid to confess them. Obviously, you should do the same. It is perfectly understandable that there are no people looking for dishonest relationships. Remember this.
As society changes and intra and interpersonal relationships accompany this change, paradigms can be altered. The thought that it is not possible to fall in love or truly love online is within common sense, but every rule has an exception. This exception may tend to break the rule as time passes.
If the online relationship is built on the basis of honesty and empathy, it has all aspects enough to turn out to be a great love. Of course, physical contact is necessary. Keep in mind the personal encounter as a goal in the relationship. Meanwhile, the relationship has every possibility to be developed virtually, leaving no loopholes for bad feelings like jealousy and possessiveness.