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Create a Profile

Create a Profile

Start filling in the info in the 4 steps and upload an avatar photo of yourself. It takes only a few minutes.

Step 4: If you prefer to finish the profile details later, you can skip over most of the details in Step 4.

When you look at other profiles, you want them to be complete, right? And the other members also want to know more about you when they browse your profile. So take your time and do it completely and with accuracy.

Most important, besides of having good images, is to write a good description of yourself.

Browse Profiles

Browse Profiles

Immediately after you have finished your profile, you can browse other membersĀ“ profiles.

Until your new profile is approved by our administrator, you can browse a limited number of profiles, you cannot contact any yet, and you are invisible to other members. You will see your approval status in the header of the page.

As soon as your profile is approved, you will have all features available:
- Easy search feature with the results showing on a map
- Browse as many profiles as you want
- Contact other members
- Make your own blog

Connect with Members

Connect with Members

The built-in message system keeps you in touch with any of the other members. It is custom made for dating. You get a well organized overview of anyone who have sent you messages.

To send a message to a member you have not send or received messages from before will cost you Credits. These Credits are internal credits that you can either earn or buy. If the other member sends the first message, you reply back for free, and any messages after that will be free. Usually it costs one Credit to open a dialogue. If someone is very popular, we increase the cost to open new dialogues with that member. This is to prevent the member from getting too many messages and the feeling of being spammed.

In many other dating services you get a LOT of messages, either fake from the system, or from members. Here that problem does not exist. Because we base the payment for using the dating service on spending Credits opening new message dialogues.

In the message system you receive messages in your inbox. From there you can delete them, put them into the Junk folder, or block further messages from a member by moving his or her message into the Blocked folder. Messages in the Junk folder tells us that the sending member is spamming. That is less likely as every new message dialogue between two members will cost one or more Credits.

Membership and Credits

You spend internal Credits when you start communication with another member, or when buying gifts for other members. You can either earn or buy the Credits.

Membership is a voluntary subscription that gives you VIP membership and more features at the site.

How the Credits Works


To be able to quickly pay for the services this community offers, we have introduced Credits. For your convenience, these Credits are available to you whenever and wherever you are. So you have no need to pay by card each time you need a service.

You can earn Credits. That really makes it fully possible to use this social community absolutely for free, which is a unique feature compared to most other dating services. Of course you can also wait for other members to contact you first, and then you spend no Credits.

You will need Credits when you want to open a dialogue with another member of this social community. The spending is to open the dialogue, and when it is open, all further messages are free, in both directions. If the other member starts the dialogue with you, you spend no Credits.

You can earn or buy Credits. These are the ways you can earn Credits:

Earn Credits

  • Be active on the member pages
  • Complete your profile and include images
  • Upload more photos or a video clip

Buy Credits

You can buy Credits whenever you want. If you buy a large batch of Credits, each Credit will cost less than if you buy a few.

VIP Membership


As a VIP member, you have extended features available on your search for a date.
VIP Membership features are:
- You get notified first when new members sign up and they match your criteria well. You can be the first to contact them, which is a huge advantage.
- You have more accurate and detailed matching functions.
- You can zoom in closer on the map to be able to see where the other member lives.

You can start the VIP membership whenever you like, and end it when you like. The subscription is monthly or quarterly (3 months).

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