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Your match

You get a "one-of-a-kind" matching algorithm

Sounds complicated? It is! Our world-leading matching technique is working for you in the background. Its task is to always find the best match for you. Of course, you first need to set up your criteria and tell the system who you are looking for. After that, the site helps you and find the best possible match with amazing accuracy and sophistication. No other dating site beats it.

You set up your criteria for your dream partner. Our algorithm calculates match scores that represent how well the other person matches your criteria and, additionally, how well you match the other person´s criteria. By combining these two-directional criteria to calculate matches, the computer calculates a number that sums up how well you fit with the other person. A matching number is presented as a percentage where 0% means that you don´t match each other at all, and 100% represents a perfect match for both of you.


Your match

Your internal message system is like a quality email system - and without spam.

We use an internal message system to which all members have access. This has several advantages:
- No problem with spam from the outside world
- Easy to use
- Custom-made for dating
- Works all the time
- You get notified if you forget to read or reply to a message


Your match

We contact and interview our members

Nothing says more than a video - except meeting the person face-to-face, of course. We´ve interviewed some of our members and you can see the videos here.

When we contact our members on Skype, we talk a little, ask some questions, and if it all goes well, we ask if we can publish the conversation. Members who have personal videos on this dating site have a great advantage. They receive more attention and a lot more messages than members without videos. More attention really increases your chances of finding a soulmate and starting a relationship.


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Looking for true, quality photos? - We guarantee you will find them here

We approve every single uploaded photo before you can see them. We also contact many of our members on Skype to see if they really are who they say they are and that they look like their uploaded photos.

We have very few studio photos because that type of photo is often a poor indication of a person´s true look. We encourage our members to show their natural beauty and look. Posting false photos will just hurt others. We do our best to ensure the quality of the photos. That way, you can be certain of meeting and dating real and honest people here and not wasting your precious time on cheaters.

Mobile Friendly

Your match

This website can actually be used on a mobile phone - hassle free

As a one-of-a-kind true dating site, this site is fully adapted to be used on mobiles. That means that you see exactly the same page on a PC as on a mobile. The only difference on a small screen is that some of the content is moved, compressed and adapted to the mobile.

You find exactly the same great features for dating on the mobile as if you open the site on a large computer screen. Everything is there, just with a slightly different look and structure. So no more frustration about an App that has fewer features than the website. Here you get it all.