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New sexual experiences you have to check

The most important tip, above all, is: have sex with love. Everyone at least once in their lives should experience a sweet sex between four walls. That unhurried, stuffed with kisses, hugs and caresses, with words of affection and an eye to eye. Sometimes the desire to innovate is such that we forget the basics: love leaves everything incomparably more delicious.
Me and my girlfriend are starting to have new... experiences. She is a very creative woman, to say the least. So we are starting to innovate in sex. Many of the things we're experiencing I've never thought of before or had not the courage to do it. This made me wonder if other people thought the same way, so I decided to write about this in the blog.
If this topic bothers you, please don’t read this article because, although it’s not an erotic tale or anything, it contains hints of sexual positions and things like that. So be warned.
Sex in any way or form is a delight, but if it can be improved, all the better. Often from fear or from previous judgments we end up being limited to the common place between four walls, when there is an entire unexplored universe waiting only our first step.
As in any unusual experience, the charms of living new things under the sheets lie in discovering yourself and discovering the other.
This is path full of possibilities and certainly surrounded by lots of fun. Are you ready to feel life and sex in a different way? "Out of the box"?
I'll give you some tips of some sexual experiences that you must experience:

Having sex in the car may sound cliché, but few have actually tried it

Sex in the car is not as easy as it sounds. Having sex in the car can be a fun and exciting sexual fantasy (an awesome way to spice up your sex life), but getting comfortable and performing well afterwards (without any pain) may require a bit of you.
  • Select a good song
The soundtrack makes all the difference at the moment and encourages the couple to enjoy sex better. Prepare a playlist with songs that you enjoy and also songs that instigate the act. This will lead to sex on another level.
  • A little bit of oral
If you've never had sex in the car, you can start with that experience, which is sure to be very enjoyable. Have you ever tried blowing your partner while he drives? It's a great, bold and sexy way to turn a boring journey into an interesting trip.
But of course, safety is the key to this sexual fantasy, because your partner is driving and obviously can’t lose control of the direction. For this, you should pay attention at the best time for this. Try to do this on a deserted road, preferably with no curves or in a path that he already know and is driving slowly.
  • The back seat
The back seat of the car, of course, is the most popular place to perform this sexual fantasy. In it you can make the most varied positions: Daddy and mommy, puppy, sitting and even a 69.
You can always use the front seats to lean on while having fun in the back seat.
  • The front seat
The driver's seat will not work for sex (unless, of course, in the case of oral sex), but the passenger seat can allow you to get very fun sex positions.
If you want to do oral sex in the front seat, tilt the seat all the way back as far as you can, and ask your partner to lie down. After that, mount on top of him/her and climb up until your mouth is on his/her genitals.
You can also lie down, tummy down, and he lay on top of you, for a sex from behind.
  • Safety for sex in the car
Safety is, of course, the most important factor when it comes to having sex in the car. If you are parked in an isolated area, it is quite safe.
You should also avoid having sex with cars that are on the move. Yes, it may seem like an exaggeration to some, but it's still a long way from the days when, after a party at the ballad with friends, a couple decides to have sex - especially after drinking - in a car when the back seats are being occupied only by this couple (usually in the position where he sits and she sits on top).
If the occasion is not propitious to reach the "ends", it’s super valid to use and abuse of the “silly hand” to leave an air of desire to go beyond at the end of the night.

Explore other places beyond the bed

People's houses often have several places that can be used, but which are literally forgotten every day.
Many people like to restrict sex to bed, but there are still couples who prefer to innovate with different environments of the house. The benefits are many when this change is tested. New sexual positions may emerge, as well as inciting the couple to think of new forms of seduction within the chosen environment.
  • Living room
The couch can be a good spot for an unexpected treat. During a movie, teasing can be the start of a delicious sex on the couch. For those who want to innovate and make the moment more unusual, the floor may be a seemingly uncomfortable place, but the many sexual positions that can be made in it contribute to the couple's harmony.
  • Kitchen
Here is one of the places beyond the bed where many innovations can occur. The sink is a great place for you to support your partner, whether for a delicious oral sex or even for penetration. Enjoy that you are in the kitchen and innovate with food, either with fruits or sweets that will make sex even more tasty.
  • Shower
The bathroom is able to provide various sensations. The possibility of changing the temperature of the shower makes things even better. Abuse of the showerhead for clitoral stimulation as long as it is penetrated or caressed by the loved one.
  • Garage
There are those who innovate in sex to choose environments that few venture to do something more romantic. This is the case of the garage, which may represent for many couples the fantasy of a more "rustic" place. For the hurried ones, it is a good request for the successful arrival at home after some event in which both are together.

Strolling through a swing house

Contrary to what everyone thinks, swing houses are frequented by all types of public, including by many curious couples. You just do what you want and that can be a great opportunity for the couple to have sex in a place with a different energy.
With this understood and willing to new adventures, the first step is to understand how the environment works. A swing house, contrary to what many may think, is not a space where people have sex anywhere.
On the dance floor, for example, no sexual relationship is permitted, just make out. Sex happens in other diverse environments that were created for it.
This is the case of labyrinths, where you can be touched by those who are passing by, in the so-called darkrooms, where darkness doesn’t allow faces to be seen, or even in rooms for couples who want to show themselves to others.
  • Confidence and conversation before the swing house
Getting into a swing house also means being aware the woman will be the most desired. It is therefore important that the couple is well resolved and accepted by agreement to participate in a swing. Self-confidence and trust in each other is vital if the experience is to benefit both.
It is usually the woman who decides whether to participate in the sex or not. It should be clear to regulars that when someone says no, it should be respected.
The use of condoms is always advisable, after all, it prevents pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but there are couples who can accept having sex without the use of condoms. If so, think hard about whether it's worth it.
  • How to face the next day?
This is a question many couples can ask even before attempting a swing house experience. There are some rules among regulars that should be followed to the core.
The first one is not talking about the people you had sex with. After all, they were only important at the time, so they should not be important the next day. Don’t talk about the size of a man's penis or a woman's breasts.
And never, under any circumstances, talk to third parties about known people you've seen in the swing house. Just like you, they also deserve secrecy.
You can talk to your partner about the feelings you had during sex, about what you felt when you saw him with another person, or how you ended up having sex  another guy with him knowing that. The tip is to talk about the breakthroughs made in the swing house and never about people, okay?

Phone Sex

Having sex over the phone is even more challenging than virtual sex, because of the vision barrier. When you don’t see what is happening, your pleasure depends basically on the ability to arouse horniness from speech.
You may have never had sex over the phone or Skype, but you sure know someone who's already done it – and deep down you're in the mood for it as well. Although the idea seems lukewarm and dull, there are many couples who live far away and join services like video calls to ease the tension and have a good time.
Sex on the phone is nothing more than a personalized masturbation, after all, you are doing the "service", but with the help of the person on the other side of the line. If you feel like experimenting, what are you waiting for?
  • Be shameless
This is the most important step. Let the shame go or don’t go to the next step. And of course, it’s essential that you have some intimacy with the person that you are about to have sex over the phone.
  • Know what the person on the other end of the line likes
When you know the person – and vice versa – things flow better. Nothing like knowing what pleases the other, right?
  • Excite yourself
To make things easier, how about watching a porn movie before you start? Nothing like you get the horny phone sex with a taste of wanting more.
  • No exaggeration
Do not overdo it, please: don’t start screaming or moaning like there's no tomorrow just to try to give your partner more pleasure – act naturally.
  • Close your eyes
Well, since the person is not by your side, closing your eyes to put the imagination to work is the best thing. After all, it won’t be looking at your ceiling that you will get excited, right?
  • Put the imagination to work
If personally unimaginative sex is boring, imagine when you are alone and everything depends on your words? So lose the fear and imagine what you would like to be doing with the person at the time and so on, and of course, always sharing with the other person.
  • Silence: never
This is one of the most important tips of all: don’t let silence take over, because it cuts out all the mood. If you notice that it’s appearing, take action and ask questions to your partner on the other end of the line. For example: "What are you doing?" "Guess where my hand is" and so on.
  • Make sure the connection is good
Imagine at the peak of action your connection decides to fall? It cuts the whole mood; so make sure everything is working normally and that the batteries, either from the phone or computer, are charged.
  • Prepare the environment
Leave the environment prepared, and most important, make sure nothing and no one will interrupt your moment. Lock the door, leave the intercom off the hook and close social networks. Of course, leave the bed tidy and the lights comfortable.
So, what are you waiting for? You no longer have excuses to say that your sex life is boring and the same. Take the reins of it and change that.
And if you're wondering which of these suggestions my girlfriend and I already tried... it's a secret. :)