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November 16, 2017

Dating Advices

Lesbian inspiration

Today we’re going to explore a little of this hidden desire of most women, but mainly how to bring that desire to spice up the sex life with your boyfriend or husband. So now let's explore the sexual appeal of the relationship between two women and what you can take from that knowledge to your current heterosexual relationship.
If this topic bothers you, please don’t read this article because, although it’s not an erotic tale or anything, it contains hints of sexual positions and things like that. So be warned.
Sex among women is taboo for most of us and is very sexy for most men. Most men have watched porn videos of two or more women having sex and they get very excited about it. Some others go further and think about what it would be like to have sex with two women or see everything more closely. You may find it absurd to think that this only occurs among lesbians, but this isn’t true.
In fact, women are curious by nature and like to experiment. Most women (80%) may already have had the urge to kiss or even have sex with another woman at some point in their lives. Usually this sensation may appear in adolescence, when the hormones are bursting and everything is very new, a world of discoveries. Sometimes this phase passes and sometimes it doesn’t, accompanying the woman in all her relationships as a shadow.
For the women who abhor or disagree with this, that’s fine, but those who have this desire must be respected as well. It’s not because some woman has this desire that she is is a "slut" or something like that, as a lot of people talk. Learning from sex between two women can be even good for your heterosexual relationship.
Sex between two women can be much more pleasurable to them than with men, do you know why? Women tend to be more delicate, that is, less abrupt, and this occurs even in sex. This doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to be rough, on the contrary. However, they know how to give and receive pleasure to the same extent.

Talk to your partner

If you have a relationship with a man, you can be honest with him about your desire, and if sex with another woman is something he also finds interesting, he can understand you and even get something out of it. With his support it will be much easier for you, because you can even choose the other girl together and he can see everything up close. Other boyfriends may even watch videos like these, but they would never accept that their girlfriend or wife do such things; in this case, the best thing is to forget this idea or try to change his mind.
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Use the method in your favor

If you don’t really want to do it with a woman, you can also learn to use some sex tips from sex between two women to improve your heterosexual relationship. When two women are having sex, they usually make more of a position, seeking to achieve the maximum of pleasure. Positions vary with anal sex, oral sex, penetration and other variants. You can risk this with your partner rather than staying in a single position from start to finish.

A good oral

Make a perfect oral. Women have orgasms more easily in oral sex than with penetration. For obvious reasons, sex between women revolves around oral sex. So you have a lot to learn from them!
Don’t be an ogre stuffing your mouth into her vagina and doing the service in a hurry. Start slowly by kissing various body parts such as her breasts, belly, legs and groin, until you reach her sex. Explore the area of the lips before you start licking. It’s important that at the beginning of the oral she’s already completely wet, so do a lot of preliminaries. Remember to make slow, circular movements, keep your tongue soft and stay in a single rhythm. You can stick a finger while sucking or give little bites. Everything will depend on the woman's taste.

Constant kiss

One of the mistakes most men make when it comes to sex is to pause their kisses. Kissing is not only part of the preliminaries but must be constant during sex. While penetrating your partner, continue with rhythmic kissing. This is one of the differentials of sex between women and makes all the difference to increase pleasure.
Only penetration doesn’t bring as much pleasure to the woman as it brings to the man, so it’s essential to explore other areas during sex by kissing her and squeezing other regions of her body like her butt and legs. Remember to kiss her slowly and steadily, without stopping and placing your tongue, following what your penis is doing down there.

Explore more

The sex between women explores more the body of each other, because they have diverse erogenous zones. Explore more your partner's zones. When performing straight sex, the positions usually begin to repeat themselves, the preliminaries decrease, etc. Don’t let that happen. Use the preliminaries to discover the body of the other person with licks, kisses, massages and hickeys.

Explore her breasts

The breasts are part of the female body and are erogenous zones. Certain women, when well stimulated in this region, may even have orgasms even without oral sex or penetration. Although it’s very common to reach that peak, one thing is for sure, you can give her a lot of pleasure. Press, lick and bite her beaks and press them against your body as if rubbing.
One tip is: while performing oral on her, touch her breasts or the region between her breasts. Massaging the area between them helps produce the hormone oxytocin, which enhances the pleasure and connectivity between the two of you. Do this with the back of your hands in a more delicate and engaging way.

Rubbing your bodies

One of the techniques that women do most often is to rub one body against the other.
One of the classic positions among girls, which is pure scrub-scrub, is known as scissor sisters. It’s the moment when both clitoris come in contact, usually with one girl lying down and another on top, a little inclined to the side, so that they can rub against each another.
This can be much more pleasurable for women than penetration, for example, and may surprise the man as well. Often the slow, circular movements that stimulate the clitoris are much more effective. Ask your partner to be more sensitive in this area, he may feel much more horny when he sees you moaning more and turning your eyes in pleasure, and so it will be pleasant for both of you.

Forget porn

So, do you know that porn that you see where all women are bisexual and know exactly how to give pleasure to each other, even if it's their first time? Forget it. Really forget that, darling. That doesn’t happen in real life. Don’t go with that kind of expectation in your head because you run the risk of being disappointed. Not because it won’t be good, but because the lesbian sex in pornography is meant to please the man, not the woman.

Sex and coming

To have sex and not come is practically a crime, be it for the man or the woman. That story that sex ends when the man ejaculates is pure selfishness and insensitivity, and women often take longer to reach the apex. Establish rules that sex only ends when you both enjoy it. If your partner is unable to hold it and therefore maintain the erection, ask him to use his tongue or finger to achieve a woman's orgasm. The same for you, when enjoying an oral sex, don’t discourage the partner in the time of penetration.
And is it possible to come through your mind? You've probably never heard that expression, but you've experienced something like that. Every woman comes first through their minds or sometimes only through it. While men are more physical, a woman can be both physical and sensorial, and have a fertile imagination that can lead her to a particular world that she creates in her head, full of fantasies, fetishes, and things that can lead to orgasm.

Understanding the female orgasm

The female orgasm is a mystery to many people, especially men and scientists. For some time we have been trying to know how and why a woman comes. If it’s a natural reaction of the body through penetration, whether it’s a stimulus in other parts of the body and erogenous zones, or if everything happens in their minds, what is the correct answer? Researchers are intrigued by the assertion of some women that orgasm can only be achieved with the imagination, without any physical contact.
Some researches have already been done in the area, where they put sensors in the woman's brain to understand what's going on in her head at the time of sex, and also in those who only imagine scenes during orgasm.
It has been found that the orgasm in both women are exactly the same. Women like to anticipate pleasure, and because of that the preliminaries are so important to them. The longer and slower the pleasure, the better. Just as foreplay is a treat for women, so is mental orgasm.

So what we should think?

The woman first comes in her mind, because she often thinks of different things that stimulate her sexually. In fact, this is very subjective and only each person will know what gives her pleasure. Some women report imagining erotic scenes, other abstract sexual scenes and some even romantic scenes, such as a man whispering in his ear, a bath for two. In short, may be completely different things for each woman. Each person must know each other well to know what excites and stimulates her so that she can get there in advance, contributing to the real orgasm through sex.

Less is more

Of course, some women can think a thousand things, but those who are experienced in the subject guarantee that less is more. Some report that remembering a very good sex that you have had with your partner may be the basic and essential thing to come. Mentalizing and remembering the details, smells, whispers, sighs, groans, touches can be very strong for some women, especially the more sensitive ones.
So by remembering those moments, it seems like they are transposed back to that day and they can feel it all over again.
Men can’t reach this level of concentration as women. Usually they remember the penetration or any pornographic image they have seen to aid in masturbation. But the woman can satisfy herself sexually with intensity scenes of the past. The woman just needs to be very relaxed and focused on what she wants, in the case, to reach orgasm.

Benefits of orgasm

If everyone could reach this level of orgasm through imagination it would be ideal, because sex with orgasm improves blood flow, reduces sensitivity to pain, is a natural anesthetic for the body, reduces stress, improves brain function, promotes more joy and wellbeing, being a potent natural antidepressant.
The woman comes for much longer than the man. Perhaps this is explained due to the use of the imagination that can be prolonged before, during and even after the orgasm. The ecstasy provided when a woman comes has a lot to do with what she thinks about herself, about her own body, and the trust she places in her partner.