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How to make women run after you

Well today is your lucky day, since you’ve stumbled on this article. You'll learn how you can attract beautiful women and make them interested in you.
But know this: This is not going to be an article of ready-to-use pickup lines for you to start using right away. Instead, it will help you attract the most beautiful women you can find out there, like those gym hotties, models, personal trainers or who knows, beautiful and famous bloggers.
But man, I must warn you that, in order to attract this type of woman, you have to be at your best! With solid beliefs, self-confidence and assertiveness.
I will describe some of the best tips for you to raise your standards when you're looking for a woman and really attract her.
First and foremost, align your behavior with your personality and do what you can to connect them with the following tips:

"You consider  me interesting" mindset

This mindset is directly connected to confidence. If you’re confident, you believe things will work out. Confidence is the opposite of uncertainty or insecurity.
The "You find me interesting" mindset is the confidence that the person will like you, regardless of how you’re going to speak or respond to their expectations. This is especially useful when approaching and meeting new people.
Having confidence is believing that in the end everything will be fine and you will deal with any unforeseen, discomfort or embarrassment that arise along the way. And women are naturally attracted to this behavior.
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"She Likes Me" mindset

This one looks very much like the first. The difference is that the first mindset makes you confident and everyone realizes this self-confidence coming from you. In other hand,  the "She Likes Me" mindset is actually on the side of sexual confidence and women get it in the air and feel totally attracted to it.
So when you set that mentality in your head and walk around with that belief of "She likes me" and believe that every beautiful woman you meet is at least a little interested in you as a man, this will really reflect on them and women will approach and give you more openness because of it.
This may sound like a cheap trick for a lot of people, but you can test this with nothing to lose. Use this mindset and begin to realize the signs of interest that women will start to send out to you.

“I consider myself interesting” mindset 

This mindset is a kind of self-acceptance. It’s you being nice with yourself and accepting the way you are. It’s the belief that you will be okay, no matter what happens and a decision you make to like yourself.
This is connected with self-esteem.
Self-acceptance is a mindset in which you believe that, regardless of how things will unfold, successfully or fail, you will continue to enjoy and admire yourself.
And just like confidence, women find this extremely appealing.
It seems like something silly and simple, but that makes all the difference in your results with women.
Start testing these weapons and watch what happens both around you and in conversations on online dating sites.
Observe the signs of interest women emit and realize the full impact these mindsets can have on you even if you’re not rich or handsome.
Talking about dating sites, this brings us to the first tip of the compiled summary that I have separated for you:

The approach

Approaching is the initial step to begin an interaction. Be it a cool or a warm approach.
Cold approach: when you don’t know the woman and approach her to start a conversation. The most frequent initial contact online and offline.
Warm approach: when you’re already acquaintances and you approach to try something more. In the context of online dating services, this approach is already implicit in all subsequent contacts.
The approach can start with a simple "Hi" or with something more elaborate, like a comment, a direct or indirect opening.
Nowadays, with the online dating services, social networks and all the ease that they bring, many men are lacking the person to person approach. This can be an advantage as it is possible to use the cold approach to develop conversations with more than one woman at the same time and raise the chances of getting a success from the warm approach.
Just be sure that you keep the topics of conversations organized in your head. If by chance you confuse yourself, it will only become a major disaster if you confuse the names of the women or something specific about one or another. Example: profession, dreams, university course, etc.

Direct Opening

This opening is best suited for guys who are more confident and positive.
By taking a direct approach, you convey confidence, it shows that you are a dominant male and that you are convinced of what you want. Even though many women still deny it, most find it extremely attractive.
Just go straight to the girl (either in a hot or cold approach) and say something like: "So, I came here to say hi and say that I see that youre full of style and I'm sure you're extremely nice.

Indirect Opening

An indirect approach is great for those who are timid or more cautious in approaching.
If you don’t want to use the direct opening, you can use the indirect strategy to start interacting with a woman.
Depending on the situation, the indirect opening may be a little less efficient than the direct one, but it’s less risky and is great for breaking the ice and starting the conversation.
In online chats, you can use what the person wrote in the profile or about some photo taken somewhere interesting, for example.


Pre-selection is when you show up as a potential partner for the woman. Also known as a mental trigger, it’s a strategy that works great and helps mainly to get the most beautiful women.
For example, if you post pictures with women on your social networks, where you are smiling and having fun, this activates a mental trigger and creates a high perception of value in you. So you can use this to your advantage.
Design your social circle so you have more beautiful women around you. Take photos with them and post. Also walk with other high status guys to help you boost your status. Many women will see you as more attractive (even without them knowing why).

The Charming Chat

 Take a conversation that goes beyond the superficial and trivial. No way of relying on job interviews types of questions, like:
  1. What's your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Where do you work ?
  5. Do you always come here?
Try to engage in a deeper, more intimate conversation until you reach a more intense level of conversation.
When you're meeting a girl, try to talk less about yourself and keep the conversation focused on knowing more about her: her hopes, her dreams, her past experiences, what she wants for her future.
Instead of asking where she came from and what she’s doing in a new city, for example, ask her WHY she moved to this new city and what her expectations are in this new place she lives. Or ask her if she could choose anywhere in the world to live, where it would be and why.
Explore her dreams and aspirations, the things that make her feel good, the changes she has made or are making in her life, how she wants to be in 5 years and why love matters to her.
This level of conversation makes you end up knowing the woman better and connecting with her much more quickly. You can mix this with well-made compliments based on her responses.

Compliment and intention

Complimenting a woman can be a good weapon to help you in your conquest and, at the same time an ill-done compliment can ruin everything.
The key is to focus on things that are not so obvious or that she’s not used to hearing every day. Being an observer and detailing guy can help a lot in that.
Compliments like "You’re beautiful" or "I think you’re very hot" are very common, and beautiful women listen this all the time, so depending on the way this compliment is done, may sound cliché and may not help you at all.

“You’re hilarious” or "You're so funny”

There is a myth that women aren’t funny.
Gradually, this is proving to be a lie, and every day we see more women comedians. We see, for example, many standup comedians doing shows out there.
Also, when joining a group of women, only they are usually fun and funny. As a man, you know it's cool to be admired for your humor. And why would that be different for women?
Let her know that she is funny and express it with words (you’re too funny, you laugh at me or you have a lot of sense of humor). She will love it, will respond well to your compliment and this will also leave her in a good mood to laugh at your jokes.

“I learn a lot from you”

Everyone likes to feel that they have added value or taught something valuable to someone. So, try to express this to the girl you want to compliment. Let her know that you appreciate her opinion and that you learn from her.
Everyone has something to add in terms of knowledge or experience.
So, to make this compliment even stronger, be more specific, and when you say you learn a lot from her, cite some example, so your compliment will seem even more genuine.
One way to make this kind of compliment even more personal is to relate it to a woman's taste. For example: "You have good taste for films/series /books".
Or you can do it in a subtler way: "Can you recommend a good movie (or series, or music, or book)? I really do trust your taste”.

“You're good at what you do” 

No matter what the woman does, what her profession is or what she does as a hobby, she wants to be noticed by her abilities and talent.
Observe the things she most cares about and do with more pleasure, be it art, sport, dance, or any other activity she likes, whether it be work or fun.
The compliment will be very well received and she will feel that you care about the things she really values and likes to spend time doing.
Most people secretly seek to be recognized for their talents and abilities, so a compliment like this will make them feel alive and recognized.
Making a compliment is a simple way to connect and build empathy with someone. The key is to make specific compliments, which demonstrate that you care and observe beyond the obvious in a woman.
If you’re being authentic and thorough, then the chances of getting her attention are very high. Your intention must be clear, that the compliment is not being used as an inexpensive gimmick like an awful pickup line.


Many call this skill a technique. This is not a term I usually use, but practice is what matters. The qualification serves to show that you’re not there just to please her or to be her friend. And it shows that you’re a man of your own opinion, who has personality and is unpredictable.
To qualify, you just have to disagree with her at some points in the conversation and continue to stick with the contrary opinion. If you agree with everything she says, you may sound very predictable and boring.
Women like men who show themselves as challenging, unpredictable, and with a strong personality.


This one is to encourage you to go out with her as soon as possible, to create more intimacy, connection and end everything with sex.
Ask her to go out to eat in a restaurant or have a beer or wine in a bar. Or you can just ask for her to set a date.


Train, practice, test everything and continue improving until you get sharp.
More important than learning a great number of techniques is to put each one into practice and adapt them to your style. Try one thing at a time and observe the result.
Whatever works for you, continue to do it, and what doesn’t work, you change and improve. Then you’ll be able to create your own strategy and will have your repertoire of what works best for you with each type of woman.