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Dating Advices

How NOT to conquer someone

Do you ever get the feeling that the more you look for someone; the less you seem to find her? It is very common, and it makes sense to be so, because sometimes when men and women want, without success to find a partner, they jump into a loop of frustration and fear of being alone...
They end up repelling the opposite sex.
To avoid this undesirable result, in this article we'll talk about common mistakes people make in the first few dates. If you have been with someone you want to conquer, be attentive and do not make these mistakes!

Invading her personal space 

Be patient and respect the distance as long as necessary. However, a brief physical contact, such as a touch on her shoulder, can be magnetic. 
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Forcing the conversation

Don’t avoid silence breaks by constantly talking or asking things. It is preferable that conversation runs naturally and spontaneously, albeit on a banal subject.
When you speak, listen carefully. Occasional moments of silence don’t have to be uncomfortable... it can even be sexy if you fill it with nonverbal communication.

Bragging about yourself

Don’t brag about how awesome you are (even if it’s the truth!) because you run the risk of looking pedantic. Humility is very attractive. Subtle actions are more effective in showing the best of you.

Buying her love

You’re don’t have to pay her everything and bring her expensive gifts every time you two meet. If it becomes a routine, it’ll lose its magic. Small details like something related to a previous conversation or a moment together would be much more appreciated than some pricey gift. 

Criticizing your former partner

Avoid talking about your previous relationships, but if the subject comes up on the first date, try to act neutral. We often show despise towards a former partner to show that we’ve already moved on. However, these criticisms don’t make a good impression on a first date.
Are you all ready to play the game of love? And to win? Go and get her!