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September 19, 2017

Dating Advices

Do you know how to do oral sex?

Every woman is unique and each has its own likes and dislikes. So try to understand what she likes, what kind of things she likes and what bothers her. To find out how to please her, it's worth a frank conversation or even non-verbal communication during sex. You should also show your preferences, guiding the partner's hands to guide their movements and rhythms, especially the first few times you have sex.
If this topic bothers you, please don’t read this article because, although it’s not an erotic tale or anything, it contains hints of sexual positions and things like that. So be warned.
Since I started dating Camila, I started to think a lot about oral sex. Of course, making oral sex in a woman is completely different from making oral sex in a man. And I confess that wondering if I would do the right thing or not made me a little nervous. And now, after receiving oral sex from a woman, it's impossible not to compare. It’s normal for a woman to know, of course, to make oral sex on another woman because she knows exactly where to stimulate, but that doesn’t change the fact that we all need tips in this area.
Initially, it’s important to recognize the territory. The female body is a large erogenous zone. Because of this, sex among girls is more exploratory. The woman's skin is thin, soft – and therefore highly sensitive. From head to toe, many are the parts that, if stimulated, provoke sexual pleasure.
But regardless of whether you are a woman who wants to give your girlfriend more pleasure, or a guy who wants to learn more about giving a great oral sex, if you want to have and give even more pleasure to your partner, be sure to read this post to the end. I separated some tips to warm things up.

The preliminaries: the G spot is... in your ear (listen to your partner)

It's okay to take that hottie to bed. All you want to do is go directly to business. But calm down, boy. Just arrive, kiss and already want to penetrate her is not a good thing. Probably the girl won’t get excited enough and the sex won’t be as good.
Do you know what lesbians do? They rub or even squeeze their breasts against one another, rubbing skin on skin, sliding the clitoris on the partner's body. This drives each other crazy. So you can do something similar, feeling skin to skin.
Women spend more time on their breasts and their possibilities: massage their curves, suck and bite the beak, slide the lip in contact with the ends. There is no rush. There are people that can enjoy only stimulation of the nipples; which acts on the same region of the brain that is activated by touching the clitoris, vagina and nape. This type of orgasm is rare and requires a high degree of arousal.
Also, be aware if something bothered her and listen if she didn’t like something you proposed, and vice-versa, so you are aware of the preferences and limits of each other.
  • Enjoy touches and caresses
When you don’t know how to start, a tip is to start with each one masturbating in front of the other to show how you like to be touched. When masturbating your partner, stimulate the clitoris area with circular motions, lubricate the fingers and, as you insert them into the vagina, experiment a scissors movement, opening and closing inside to caress the area of the G-spot until she reaches a deep orgasm.
Another trick is to massage the area between her breasts using the back of your hand up and down before touching them. This helps you relax and creates intimacy.
  • Women also have initiative
Not always the touch of a girl is delicate. They can be incisive and brutal like men; which doesn’t mean that they are masculinized. A girl of attitude has that way of someone who knows what she wants, and also can be passive at the right time. Between girls, changing roles in bed occurs naturally.

Have tongue domain: they understand about oral sex better than anyone else

To bring a woman to heaven, present her with quality oral sex. This requires knowledge and practice. Here are some tips.
  • Begin slow
 Take the time to make her very excited before you get to the point. Unleash her whole body before heading south. I think it's cool to pretend to go, stop, go back… It drives her crazy.
  • Create some suspense
Before taking off her panties, kiss the area around it, which includes her thighs and belly. The secret is to start by touching and licking the region over the panties and only then make a direct approach to the clitoris.
  • Use your fingers
We use our hands as our most sensitive part. In oral sex, fingers and mouth can work together. Raise your hands and caress her nipples, for example, or insert one of your fingers into the vagina or anus.
  • Know when to continue
If you realize that she is nearing orgasm, do whatever she wants you to do. That is, it doesn’t matter if you are already cramped in the neck or if your arm is tingling, continue what you are doing until she reaches climax.
  • Know when to stop
The clitoris may become too tender to touch after it has an orgasm, so it's best to take it lighter. Maybe she'd rather not be touched there for a while. At that time, devote yourself to any other part of her body.

The kama sutra of oral sex

There isn’t just one kind of oral sex. As with penetration, this part may become more interesting when the position is changed. There are three variations:
  • Legs up high
Have her lie on her back, with a pillow under her lower back, and place her legs over your shoulders. In this position, you have a full range of the vagina, down to the clitoris.
  • All four
With her supported on her elbows and knees, position herself at an angle a little below her body (she may be on the edge of the bed and you on the floor, for example). So your hands are free to caress her butt and her back.
  • With her on top
Lie on your back and ask her to kneel with one leg on either side of your head. So she can move her hip to the intensity she wants as you go along with your tongue.

Me, you, it: don’t be jealous of the vibrator

No, that friend of yours isn’t right: lesbians don’t use a vibrator because they really miss a penis.
For some, the equipment is totally expendable. However, those who use the vibrator know how to do it wisely to, for example, not be jealous of it.
Believe me, my friend, as you carry a toy that goes to bed with your girlfriend, you're not belittling your own penis. The vibrator doesn’t exist to replace the guy's penis. It's something for them to play together. One possibility is to use the accessory to stimulate the girl's clitoris during penetration. And taking her to the sex shop with you to choose a toy together can be quite exciting.
Not all women like it, but why not try some erotic toys to spice up sex? It's worth everything you want, from massage oil to vibrators. If you already use some of these, you can try other ideas, like putting an erotic ring around the vibrator or penis to stimulate the clitoris.
But remember, while it's always good to surprise your partner, you need to take it easy and see if she's into it.

Please don’t do any weirdness. Don’t try any "trick"

The worst thing is when someone starts saying "I'm going to make you completely crazy right now" and buries his face in the middle of her legs and starts to mess with his pubic hair.
My most shared sex stories of when I dated guys begin with "this guy did the funniest thing with my vagina".
Don’t do funny things with the other people’s vagina. Don’t try any "revolutionary movement". Be careful and calm. I'd say, until you can tell by the groans and murmurs of what the she likes best (which I hope you can, because she may be one of these girls who make no noise, which sucks), start leaving your tongue as wide and soft as possible, flatten it on her pussy and then proceed with slow, steady laps, as if you were taking the best cone ice cream in the world. Do this very slowly, but very slowly, while hugging the girl's thighs. Wait until she begins to squirm and then kill that clitoris like a spider in the tub. If you're doing some crazy down there and hearing "come here I want to kiss you" means you've screwed up. Don’t even try to insist or go back downstairs soon after trying to "win". You missed the game, but think about what you did wrong after the girl leaves and try again at a next opportunity. Everyone needs to train, and there's nothing wrong with asking the person what she likes.
Basically, the trick to creating a really cool and layered cake of oral sex is to start with the slow and rhythmic turns mentioned earlier and then do a bit of a clitoris attack (focus the tip of the tongue on the clitoris and push it forward and backwards as if you were trying to balance an M&M on your sides) and then slow down again. When you move from clitoral attack to deceleration, the girl will probably make a "no-stop" noise, then you will put three fingers in her vagina halfway, fold them toward you, holding the tips on the edge of the vagina while continuing with the circular motions. I know there must be a medical term for that bone on her vagina, but I don’t know what it is. If you want to put your other hand to work, grasp the palm and press the lower part of the stomach/upper part of the pelvic bone while doing all other things at the same time. I don’t know what it does exactly, but women love it (including myself)!

Make eye contact

The woman likes to look and to be admired. So show that you are liking what you see. A great stimulant is to maintain eye contact during sex, so look for new angles to see and be seen by your partner, especially during oral sex – that changes everything. And to be seen, a good strip-tease or a VIP pole-dance session will make your partner really horny.

They don’t stop before coming

In lesbian sex, attention is focused on the partner's orgasm. While the hetero thing usually ends in ejaculation of the man – regardless of whether or not the girl already came, sex between women is less selfish. The female orgasm demands a lot of time and dedication. Besides, commitment and concentration to make each other come is really important.
Another tip is: if you have a well-resolved relationship and is willing to call someone else to the party, maybe it's time to make that fantasy come true. Choose a person you both find attractive and allow yourself to experience this.
After everything I've written, I hope your questions are answered. Remember, whether you are male or female, your partner's pleasure is as important as yours. Give her an unforgettable oral sex and you won’t regret it!