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Chivalry is not chauvinism

Don’t crucify me. This is my blog, so it’s my opinion. I decided to write about it because I came across some online discussions on the subject. Conventional feminism has long regarded the term "chivalry" as something threatening. I have read somewhere that chivalry is a "varnished chauvinism." The man is seen as a disguised devil, who does all this because he only wants to get in the woman’s pants. And because of the women who complain about this, the men get angry and end up doing the opposite, creating a big mess.
A great misconception in this whole story, apart from the obvious inhumanity of bothering the guys for nothing, is that chivalry gestures may be just an attempt to put into practice the best of the education that this man in question has received from his family. The families of many boys may just be trying to educate them to treat the women in a politely manner. And this is so beautiful! Disdaining or wanting to teach sociology in a situation where a man tries to be a gentleman is of a sickly pedantry.
And, on the other hand, in the face of the angry speech of some women that say that chivalry is a chauvinism in disguise, many men make a tantrum, kick their feet and say they won’t do anything either. SHAME ON YOU! Are we children by any chance? Maybe that woman is saying that because she's actually been cheated or hurt by someone else. Are you going to give up your good education and treat a woman badly just because you're angry?
Let us be adults. Adult men and women do whatever they want. Men should be educated and correct with women just as the women should be educated and correct with men. This talk that says that "I'm not going to do anything else" is ridiculous and childish.
In a simple research for the meaning of "chivalry" I found only adjectives that - excuse that affectionate teddy bear phrase - could make this a better world: nobility, courtesy, gentleness. There is no way to go wrong with a chivalry gesture that, mind you, nowhere in the history of our civilization is written that should come only from men. Have you ever stopped to think that women can demonstrate chivalry too? Yes, the noun goes for both genders.
And that chivalry of both sexes needs to happen online as well. Just because you are not seeing the other person does not mean that she/he is a piece of meat that you can eat at any moment. DON’T BE A JERK! (mind my language, but I’m very angry).
I don’t care. I WILL treat my woman well. And she will ALSO treat me well. Because this is basic respect and gentleness. If I want to please her, I WILL. My parents and my life taught me how to be a gentleman with PEOPLE, not just with women, and there is nothing wrong with that.