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How to make women run after you

Dating Advices

Tips on how to make women chase after you, not the other way around.

Girl power, baby!

Dating Advices

There are women who are remarkable. They're maybe not even the prettiest ones, but what makes these women so different? How did they become so powerful?

How to deal with online jealousy?

Dating Advices

Desperate calls on the phone, fights at random, public cheers and a headache that never goes away: yes, jealousy is really a living hell!

What NOT to say to a guy when having sex

Dating Advices

I know that nowadays, with the Internet, things happen faster, but be careful not to say the wrong thing.

January 18, 2018

Getting ready for a new love

Dating Advices

Ending a relationship is not easy. But you can’t cry forever. How to let things behind to start dating again?

November 18, 2017

Is this guy into me?

Dating Advices

We women are complicated, but we also need to understand men and their body language better. After all, what is behind the attraction?

November 16, 2017

Lesbian inspiration

Dating Advices

What sex between two women can teach you to improve your current heterosexual relationship?

50 shades of naughtiness

Dating Advices

Have you ever been curious about experiencing sadomasochism? What do you think about this form of sex? Do you know the opinion of your partner?

September 19, 2017

Do you know how to do oral sex?

Dating Advices

It's already proven that lesbians have more orgasms than heterosexual women. Why? Because a woman knows the body of another woman and knows how to satisfy her partner!

New sexual experiences you have to check

Dating Advices

The sexual life of all of us, humans, is basically divided into two phases: one before being in a serious relationship and the other after it.

July 28, 2017

It's not your fault if he cheated on you

Dating Advices

We have a bad habit of blaming ourselves for things that are not our fault. Get rid of this!

Do you live or just survive?

Dating Advices

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.” ― Albert Einstein.

How to schedule dates online and how to behave

Dating Advices

It is becoming more common to meet people online. But it's complicated to go out with someone you only talked to virtually. What if she isn't like you imagined?

Expectations X Reality about Brazil

Dating Advices

I'm going to Brazil at Carnival. This made me create many expectations. We often have high expectations regarding Brazil and Brazilian women, but are these expectations real?

I'm a man to marry

Dating Advices

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of people. This can be tempting. But even with so many women and possibilities, I'm a man to marry.

December 28, 2016

I want to meet new people, but I'm shy

Dating Advices

Are you a shy person? If yes, you know that sometimes it can be a tremendous difficulty to make new friends. No need to worry! I'm going to help you.

Chivalry is not chauvinism

Dating Advices

This is a controversial topic. Incredible as it may seem. Many women and men are identifying chivalry as chauvinism when, in fact, it is a matter of kindness.

September 24, 2016

Worst Dating Blunders You should Steer Clear Of

Dating Advices

Whether you are in the pickup-at-the-bar dating game, or the online dating game, there are major blunders that we all make that have the potential to throw everything off, wishing that somebody had have warned us not do this. That somebody is us today. Read on!

September 20, 2016

Your Safety Line for Dating On the Net

Dating Advices

I am not trying to scare anyone here. Internet dating is everything like dating in real life, and just like you would be careful in real life, you must apply the same instincts online.

How NOT to conquer someone

Dating Advices

You are single? You are looking for a partner? Check these tips out so you don’t waste your time doing the wrong thing.

September 05, 2016

Tips To Get Through a Date with Your Online Match

Dating Advices

Meeting your online match can either be a win or a total disappointment. Here is how you can turn the tables around on a date with your online match (figuratively speaking of course, or are we?).

Are you truly ready for a new relationship?

Dating Advices

Are you single and planning to get back to the dating world? Then you should look at this post first.

Peter Pan can be damaging your relationship

Dating Advices

Sounds weird? Read this post understand what the “Peter Pan syndrome” is all about...

Challenges when dating foreign women

Dating Advices

The road to “happily ever after” is simple but it has some bumps. Check out the common challenges everybody faces when dating someone from another country.

August 12, 2016

Top Online Dating Tips

Dating Advices

I have seen that a lot of people complain that they don’t understand online dating or just don’t get enough responses, which is why they have opted out of meeting potential partners via the web. Read on to discover the top online dating tips.