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Dating Advices

Are you truly ready for a new relationship?

How many times has it occurred to you to go out with someone only to find out that you are not ready to start again? What happens very often is that some people are really afraid of the possibility of spending some time alone and jump into dating world again although it is not the right time. If you have broken up with your partner recently and you are not sure whether or not you should start dating someone new, there are some signs that might help you figuring that out.
If remembering that person still feels painful, if you cry too easily or if you feel resentment and insecurity, then you're not yet ready to return to the dating world. Everything has its own healing process and you must be in peace with your past to start off with a blank sheet without being dishonest with your new partner.

You fear to meet your ex?

If you started seeing someone new but you feel a lot of anxiety at the prospect of finding your ex, and if you avoid going places you both used to go, it is not time to start a new relationship if that person still have such a powerful effect on you. If you feel that what happened with your former partner has been in the past, if have forgiven and understood and if you have healed your wounds, you wouldn’t mind bumping into your ex and greeting him or her.
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Still cannot really let her go?

If you still get into your ex’s Facebook profile to spy on her or his movements, if any photo or comment of a mutual friend disturbs you, then you should consider overcoming these feelings before going out with someone else. 
If you think about a new relationship because you want to find someone like your ex, you're not remotely ready for something new. People are not replaceable and this attitude is harmful to you and the people you meet.
If your self-esteem and security are low and if you haven’t overcome what happened, the one thing to do is taking your time and not chain someone else in your suffering. This is not only unfair but also it won’t help you overcome your problems.


Learn to enjoying solitude is one of the best ways to overcome a breakup and prepare your heart for a future relationship.
You may now feel confused and sad but eventually you'll get over it and without the slightest doubt, you will know you are ready to start again.
Are you single and wondering whether or not you should start dating again? Share you history with us!