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About the dating site

I have registered my profile on your site. But for a personal reason I no longer want my profile. Can I delete my profile, including my photos, and how do I do this?
Some relationship websites allow users to make a personal video for their profile, but how does this help? How do I go about making a good video?
After I signed up, I purchased some Credits using my credit card. Now that I know I can earn Credits, can I cancel the purchase and get my money back?
After spending time on the website, I have earned a lot of Credits. I see from the Credit Purchase page that they have value. Can I exchange my Credits into money?
I cannot remember the password I entered when I signed up, and I think I may have mis-typed it. Now I cannot log in. What can I do to retrieve my password?
I would like to know if I can use the dating site for free, or if there are hidden costs that will appear after I register.
I keep seeing the word "Credits" on the site. What are they and what are they used for?
So far, I've only earned Credits. Are there any benefits in purchasing Credits?
I received an email saying I have new messages, but I cannot find them. Where are they?
Members have the possibility to add private text and photos that do not show in public or to all members. You can share them only with members you choose.
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